Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

Dramatically improved screen and a spec bump sum up this mild refresh

Mobile World Congress

Building on the success of its initial Yoga line of tablets, Lenovo has refreshed its Android offering with the announcement of the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+. Just like its predecessor, the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ offers three modes of operation for different uses — Hold, Tilt and Stand — depending on how you swivel it around. The new model offers some update specs, however.

You'll be greeted by a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 "20/20 Vision" display, a dramatic increase over the original. The display, while being extremely clear, also adjusts images and test on-screen to best fit the current lighting for an optimal viewing experience. The tablet also makes a bump to a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, adds USB OTG (On The Go) and optional keyboard accessory support. As for a camera, the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ moves to an 8MP rear-facing shooter.

On the software side the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ runs Android 4.3, sporting Lenovo's latest DOit suite of apps. SHAREit enables easy sharing of pictures, videos, music, documents and more with nearby devices even without an iternet connection. Security-focused SECUREit protects your data from viruses, spam and malware, as well as enables theft protection. Finally, SYNCit makes it simple to back up contacts, messages and other data to the cloud.

The Yoga 10 HD+ will go on sale in April from a variety of retailers and from its on website, with models starting at just $349.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+


Lenovo Perfects Multimode Tablet with New YOGA Tablet 10 HD+

Offers Premium Three Mode Mobile Experience

Equipped with top-of-the-line dazzling full HD screen, blazing-fast processor and extra sharp camera Same great 18 hours of battery life1 and Hold, Tilt and Stand modes as the original
Now comes with five Lenovo DOit apps for sharing, synching, protecting data and managing photos

BARCELONA February 23, 2014: PC+ leader Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) today at the 2014 Mobile World Congress announced the new YOGA Tablet 10 HD+, a multimode Android device that takes Lenovo’s original Yoga Tablet to new heights with a premium mobile experience. The YOGA Tablet 10 HD+ perfects the tablet’s unique design with Hold, Tilt and Stand Modes by infusing it with the finest technologies including a Full HD screen, Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM processor and sharp high resolution camera while maintaining its incredible up to 18 hours of battery life1.

New Features Advance Model for Multimode Tablet

While the original YOGA Tablet 10 shattered the mold on the “sea of sameness” tablet design, the YOGA Tablet 10 HD+ perfects this model for multimode tablets with new leading features. First, consumers will notice how the tablet’s 10.1-in 20/20 Vision display makes graphics seemingly pop off the screen framed in an attractive silver or gold body. With Full HD 1920x1200 resolution, movies and photos look crystal clear and more like real life. Thanks to the new Smart Display, the tablet automatically adjusts the images and text on the screen to the ambient light, making it gentler on users’ eyes in all its modes.

Built for accessing multimedia on the go, apps and files load quickly thanks to its new Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with quad core CPU and large storage. Running Android 4.3, the tablet features rich Dolby® audio, 10 point multitouch, a micro USB port supporting on-the-go technology and an optional keyboard. For capturing mobile memories in even sharper pictures, the YOGA Tablet 10 HD+ comes equipped with a new high definition 8MP rear camera, ideal for snapping photos of friends, family and life’s precious moments.

Three Modes In One Tablet

Packed with even more valuable features, the YOGA Tablet 10 HD+ retains the key design and technologies users love about the original YOGA Tablet 10, starting with its incredible up to 18 hours of battery life1. The tablet’s signature three modes – Hold, Tilt and Stand continue to give users a better way to use the tablet in nearly any situation. The tablet’s unique cylindrical battery allows them to hold it for reading or browsing the Internet, or they can place it in Tilt Mode for a better viewing angle on a desk or tablet. They can also deploy the new and improved kickstand that extends from the tablet’s battery cylinder to position it in Stand Mode. Stand Mode provides a more stable way to enjoy movies and photos without propping the tablet up with a cover and now stands upright from between 30 and 80 degrees.

Do More With DOit Apps

Lenovo’s three DOit apps make sharing, synching and protecting data on the YOGA Tablet 10 HD+ simple. With SHAREit, users can instantly share pictures, videos, music files, documents, contacts and even apps with up to five devices without an Internet connection. It wirelessly transfers information or even the app itself between devices at up to 40x faster than Bluetooth®. SECUREit optimizes and protects users’ mobile data with its menu of data-protection tools. With a single touch, it protects against viruses, spam and malware, and if the tablet becomes lost or stolen, anti-theft protection locks it down. SECUREit acts as a privacy guard to protect against unwarranted access to users’ private information and also makes the tablet operate faster by taking actions such as closing redundant background apps.

SYNCit serves as a personal backup assist by backing up contacts, text messages and call logs in the cloud. Users can reload the content to their tablet or another Android device. SNAPit Camera gives users unprecedented flexibility for shooting in specific modes (such as panorama or burst mode) for wide-angle shots, low-light situations and more. It also offers special filters and effects. Users can then edit photos right inside the app: They can remove unwanted objects and even create fun, animated GIF files.


People have told us they love the YOGA Tablet for its clever design that gives them a better way for all the different ways they use tablets,” said Jeff Meredith, vice president, marketing, Mobile Business Group, Lenovo. “Now we’ve created the new YOGA Tablet 10 HD+ to give consumers the ultimate multimode tablet experience, packing it with premium technologies from a gorgeous screen to faster processor to user-centric software.”

“We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Lenovo to deliver premium mobile experiences with superior battery life,” said Luis Pineda, senior vice president of business development, mobile computing, for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Coupled with the unique design of the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor enables a stunning multimedia experience with HD video capture and playback, HD multichannel audio and seamless connectivity.”


The YOGA Tablet 10 HD+ will be available starting in April via major retailers and www.lenovo.com. Models start at $349.

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Reader comments

Lenovo announces Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ with 1920 x 1200 display, 18 hours battery life


Snapdragon 400? Seems a bit low. Although the big battery life and better display are pretty good

Posted via Android Central App

Jelly Bean?? Why not just launch it with Kit Kat. Wonder how soon Lenovo is going to push an update? Might have a look at one just to see how the display is now.

Posted via Android Central App

When is Sony's MWC event?

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. (Defective) N7 2013


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Ikr! I'm excited

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. (Defective) N7 2013

Lol. But this tab is a budget tab.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. (Defective) N7 2013

If your looking for 2k go with the Tab Pro

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. (Defective) N7 2013

Yeah, the screen on their is absolutely gorgeous.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I think I'd rather get a chromebook. I have a tablet for videos and games on Android I barely use because I like my phone better. I just don't see how this will do enough with Android to justify the price. Get a good chromebook and your farther ahead I think for less money.

Posted via Android Central App


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Interesting. I think the design of the previous Yoga Tablets was actually quite clever, but the poor specs and lousy screens were killer. Worth watching for reviews of these once they release.

A month ago, I switched from the Note 8 ($400) to the Yoga 8 ($159) and I enjoy the Yoga so much more.. Even though it doesn't have the best specs, the battery life on the Lenovo is a legit game changer. I just got back from a three day trip and I never had to even worry about plugging it up, and that's with nonstop heavy use (Even when I was in my meetings my fiance was on it.). In my life, that type of battery endurance has taken precedence. When my group met up at pizza place(no outlets) to work on our presentation for next month and my laptop was running low, I sent my files to drop box and kept on with no worries. If they are talking about dropping a HD+ version, I might have to get it.

I like it. Sure, the specs could be better, but 18 hours of battery life is nothing to sneeze at.

If I didn't already have the iPad Mini 2, I'd seriously consider this. At that price point, I think, you're getting your money's worth.

Just my opinion.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I think that price could be 50$ lower but that's what you pay for a tablet capable of changing viewing angles. Good for some blue tooth controller emulator fun while working out

Posted via Android Central App

No KitKat?

I guess we now know how they will treat Motorola's future phone updates with this. This tablet with no optimized Kitkat is unacceptable in February.

Posted via Android Central App

Still no excuse. LG already proved that. Even NVIDIA proved it.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah its a budget device and the android version has nothing to do with the budget part. Whether jellybean or Kit Kat, it makes no difference in the cost of production, why do so many people have this misconception? What makes a device "budget" is the overall hardware specs. That being said... This "fuckin" budget device should be running Kit Kat!


Is no one else going to bring up the "20/20 Vision" display? I mean even someone with a detached retina could see that this is a horrible play at Apple.

Finally! A Apple fan boy... Frik Apple. This a great tablet for the price and for what it offers. Get over it.

Okay, so the specs could be better, but 18 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE?!

Dang, that already sealed the deal before I even used it. :P

349? That's not budget! Im better off getting something else like a Chromebook or a windaws 8.1 tablet

Posted via Android Central App with LG Google Nexus 4

An improvement but still underwhelming. Ashton needs to do some additional consulting for Lenovo!

Give me this thing in a Google Play Edition with a Snapdragon 800 and 32GB internal storage and then we'll be talking! A 2560 x 1600 screen would seal the deal!

I just don't have much use for a tablet, but I love the look of this Yoga line. If I ever decide to give tablets a try again, I'd definitely consider this Lenovo. It's beautiful!