Sense 3.0 on Desire HD

Well that didn't take long. The HTC Pyramid (Sensation) ROM that leaked yesterday has already been hastily ported to the Desire HD, thanks to XDA member capychimp. As you'd expect for a port of a leaked ROM less than 24 hours old, there are some pretty serious bugs to be found, and needless to say you won't be using this as your daily driver anytime soon.

Nevertheless, what it will let you do is try out some of the shiny new 3D features of the Sensation's Sense 3.0 UI on current-generation hardware. A few more screenshots can be found at the source link. Quick video of the ROM in action can be found after the break. [XDA] Thanks for the tip, Kristopher!


Reader comments

Leaked HTC Pyramid ROM ported to Desire HD, we go hands on!


The file size of this rom with Sense 3.0 is over 500mb. That is likely the main reason why 3.0 isn't going to some devices. They did say they will be trying to make some portions of it work..

Lets look at the specs taken from the htc website

Desire HD
CPU 1ghz (single core)
RAM 768mb

CPU 1.2ghz (duale core)
RAM 768mb

So based on your comment the ROM is going to be too big, infact the desire HD has a larger internal ROM than the Sensation, the same amount of RAM. The only thing that the desire hd has less of is CPU power, but I really doubt that the sense 3.0 is that power hungry it really needs dual 1.2ghz cpus, if it did then its going to chew up huge amounts of battery drain having the cpu working so hard all the time, means the battery life is crap!

HTC like all companies will say it won't run so you buy a new phone!

Just a few weeks ago it was all about LeeDroid and CoreDroid roms. Soon as I got my Inspire I flashed Capy's rom. And this one even works with the Inspire. Can't wait until the major bugs are worked out.