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Remember how a few Fascinate devs teased that they had an official Froyo ROM, and, no, you couldn't have it? Well, now you can. The DL30 update has been packaged into a handy flashing zip file. But be warned: The devs aren't supporting this one at all -- so you're on your own. But all you have to do is get your download on, take a swig of your favorite beverage, cross your fingers and see how it goes.

If you're one of the brave ones, let us know how it works, m'kay? [XDA Developers] Thanks, mib12890! Update: the forum link below now includes full update instructions and a list of features found in the update.  

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Leaked Froyo ROM for the Fascinate now available for us peasants to try


Hooray! But honestly since I still consider myself a noob when it comes to flashing roms and kernels I think I'm gonna let the more skilled fascinate users test this out; Or maybe I'll just wait until a stable clean version. Thank you devs!

Froyo + Fascinate = NO WAY!

At this point I'd rather wait for the official version which may have some of the bugs ironed out (maybe?) or wait for a AOSP version or a Cyanogen mod (maybe? Please?). Still, I would like to hear how it goes for others.

Can someone show us a link to getting it flashed, and a video please would be nice. can't wait on VZW anymore.

Thank you so much for that link. I've been doing some research piece meal and it can get confusing knowing what to follow/believe and what is up-to our out-of date.

I just opened that link in my Chrome browser and was about to email myself the link and then I remembered there was something I heard about called Chrome to Phone - "HEY" sez I "This would be a perfect opportunity to try that" I sez. So I head over to the Appbrain and ...

Latest version: 2.2.0 (for Android version 2.2 and higher)

*sad trombone*

Lol, I'm srry to hear that bro, hopefully 2.2 apps wont be able to hide from you much longer. Glad I could help, or at least point you in the right direction.

This is great news. I will have to try this out. Might wait for other more seasoned people test it out first though.

So happy that I don't have a Samsung phone. I was wondering how long it would be til something like this got instituted in factory kernels.

and what does this have to do with Samsung? Do you really think they would have spent extra time and effort on a "feature" that benefits them in no way. This one is all VZW.

When someone gets this done let me know how it goes. Not sure I'm even going to try it, so tired of Samsung and lack of updates. Android in general is so crazy with these updates and so many phones... I'm getting an iPhone on the 10th so done with this.

Installed beautiful appears to run great and all prior setup was there: Launcher Pro, Contacts, Email etc., All apps in place and rooted as prior. Nicely done! and no torture.

Installed. Love froyo. Runs beautifully. Using touchwiz and there is no lag. Make sure you backup and then wipe all settings in cwm before installing.

I'll wait til there is a workaround for the wireless tether, use it so often wouldn't be able to function without it and im sure as hell not paying for it

I love how people are just trying it now that the first people have taken the plunge... And oh yeah, it runs great. I've noticed the GPS doesn't work (galaxy s gps problem? where have I heard that before...) and it jitters every now and then, but it is definitely better now that I put ADW EX on.

Installed it as soon as I could yesterday. There's a noticeable difference in everything I've tried out. My iFan co-worker blew a gasket when I started running some flash apps on my phone. Please release this Verizon tomorrow!

The instructions were spot on and as long as you paid attention to them, things went fine. I did have a bit of a scare after I got to the home screen. The scare was I couldn't move any icons, though I could click on them. I couldn't go to any other screen on the phone and my thought was "Where will I put all my icons!" Anyway, I hit the home button and everything came back, whew!!!
Seems to be working fine now, I need to get back all my apps but that's not a biggie, just glad to finally have the software.
Thanks bunches!!!

I have never done anything like this before on a phone. The instructions were crystal clear and even I could follow them very easily. Thank you for everything!

One stupid question. I'm used to powering off my Fascinate at night before I charge it. But now, when I plug it in it automatically turns on. When I power if off again, it automatically turns back on. It this a normal function of the update?

Thank you again,