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If you're currently making use of the popular Launcher Pro, you'll want to hit up the Android Market and check for updates. Version 0.8.3 is now available for download and while it's not a huge release, it does add some fancy new transitions. You'll be able to find the transitions through the settings: 

  • (Menu > Preferences > Homescreen Settings > Transition Effect)

If you've not grabbed the update already, download link is after the break. Thanks, El Jefe!



Reader comments

Launcher Pro rolls out v0.8.3 update to the Android Market, new transition effects


I do like the transitions. (Serve no real purpose other than the Wow factor, but they are cool) Love the cube.

But it always seems the screen shots of Launcher Pro show it in the most unflattering cluttered way.

LP can do so much to clean up your desktop by hiding so much clutter in the launcher bar.

I'm down to three home screens now, using folders for groups of tasks. Ive been to the iPhone and the endless scrolling. Didn't like it.

that's one of the bundled LP widgets.
only available on paid version afaik.
best substitute for htc sense widgets in terms of matching functionality, and they don't make you put up with the rest of sense's BS.

Sense is put together well. LauncerPro has kinda fallen off the grid for me. I've been using those transitions on AWLauncher for a while. I have LauncerPRO installed but they don't have much to offer me anymore. If You're looking for a wow factor check out AWLauncher. Better icon packs and themes to go with them.

I like LP+ better than ADW EX. it's a matter of opinion. The reason it seems like LP has fallen off the grid is because the dev is rewriting the entire launcher which will supposedly blow other launchers away.

Nice to see it's still alive. I switched to AWlauncher just as new features kept coming while LP+ looked abandon.

Nice find, LP updated itself and I didn't notice.
I'm using "Rotate" now, but they all look very good indeed.

I love sense because of the widgets it provides. I love LP for the effects which makes the phone feel more uniformed. I don't know. I'm so confused. Is it possible to love two launchers at the same time? I feel like I'm cheating on sense just because I'm gauking at LP. Someone, help!

I'm with you. Its difficult to stomach not using sense because I love the speed, widgets, and overall feel. But I like the customization of LP. I just have a weather widget & clock on LP launching the Sense clock/weather apps & use the LP widgets. Its a tad slower then sense on my Evo and thats what keeps me from being completely sold on LP. With a speed increase and a scrolling news widget, I'd be happy giving up on Sense

Flip is the one for me. The best thing about these transitions is it makes the rotation from one end to the other less noticable.

Using this on my Archos tablet. Best launcher for tablets that I've found so far, but it's not perfect.

New transitions are cool, but I wish the dev would have fixed the 3D app drawer bug some versions of Android experience before adding new features like this.

Ok, how do you get the clock/weather widget from htc on here? Or is that beautiful widgets shown on the pic above?

It probably IS the HTC widget.

Or it could be the old Fancy Widget v1.3.0 (the one HTC had the developer remove because it was an EXACT clone of their widget).

How would you use the HTC widget with LP+? I have the Incredible, use LP+, but don't have access to the sense widgets.

Really? That's strange. I don't have an HTC phone, I have a Droid X, but I can still put Blur widgets on top of LauncherPro (I don't because they don't work really well since they are resizable, but the option is there). I'm surprised that Motorola's widgets are still accessible but HTC's aren't.

It must be the Fancy Widget v1.3.0 then. It can't be found in the market anymore since HTC sent the developer a Cease & Desist, but I got it back before it was pulled, & absolutely love it.

I have both LP Plus and ADW Launcher EX and been switching between the two on each of their updates to see which I like more, so far I'm still sticking to LP as it feels smoother and doesn't redraw too often and its features are still better than what ADW EX has to offer. I recently flashed ReflextTSenseHD 1.5.1 for my Desire and ADW crawled on it while LP ran fine, widgets kept redrawing after closing an app in ADW that it got annoying. But I went back to Cyanogenmod 6.1.1.

Love the new transition effects! This is just a little taste of what is coming in the weeks ahead according to Fede. I look forward to the finished re-write!! Great job Fede!!

I'm loving it! I just can't get into ADW mainly because I can't do without the scrolling dock in LP. These new transitions are the bomb. Remind me of Beryl in linux.

LP is the best replacement out there. This last update was just enough for me to pay for the Pro version. I know they are cute, but they are so cool... Gata go show some coworkers now. :)

Loving the LP. Downloaded yesterday and have spent a good while messing around with new looks. I am a huge fan of the HTC sense clock and weather widget though but cannot find how to set that up. Do I need to use the paid for version to access this widget? I ask because I see it in the pictures provided in the middle row far left.

I noticed on the author's blog that another update (possibly next week) might bring new features to LP+ users. Does that mean we shouldn't apply THIS update to LP+? Hmmm?