After adding Android Wear support to a beta version of WhatsApp earlier this month, the non-beta version of the messaging app has now been updated to include full support for Google's wearable operating system.

Here's the brief change log for this week's app update:

  • add Android Wear support
  • improved message storage reliability
  • bug fixes and improvements

If you own an Android Wear device, will you be downloading the new version of WhatsApp to add that feature to your smartwatch?


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Latest WhatsApp update adds full support for Android Wear


So what, specifically, can you actually do through the watch?

Can you send a Whatsapp text message with the watch? Or does it just show you texts you get?

How frustrating is it to send a text on the face of a watch?

Yes, you can reply to WhatsApp text message right from the watch. Just touch reply and talk...Google will convert everything into text :)

Until I start seeing massive adoption of quality Wear Watches beyond US grounds, this app is useless. WhatsApp is primarily international.

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It works as well on wifi tablet only. Just google the anwer. You just cant have it simultaneously in tablet and phone with the same phone number.

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Posted via Android Central App

I recommend viber over whatsapp: multi device support, calls, free to use. Many of my friends use only whatsapp so have to use that too.

But good that whatsapp has now android wear support, thought would be good that would send messages without replying to message, that lacks for hangouts too :(

Can you initiate a whatsapp conversation from android wear? Or is it only reply if you receive one?

I can see hiw to reply but would be nice to be able to start a conversation from the watch.