It's time for the monthly platform version number report from the folks at big G, and we don't see any surprises. KitKat is still on the rise, climbing from 5.3-percent a month ago to 8.5-percent. Froyo drops down to 1-percent, and the general shift of later versions seeing more traffic and older versions seeing less continues. As more phones are released with current software, and popular older models are being updated, we expect things to continue just as they are.

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Latest platform numbers are in: KitKat climbs to 8.5%


You can thank devices like the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet Player for that. They still work fine but apparently WILL NEVER BE UPDATED!

I'm not ashamed to admit that my old galaxy tab 10.1 is still on honeycomb. Granted I use a nexus 10 now, but the tab 10.1 still works pretty well for it's age.
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Honeycomb is having the longest, smallest last stand in software history.

My device went through hell to send this message.

Wasn't the Xoom updated to 4.1?

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oh how I hate having a phone that has no custom rom options.. then your stuck waiting around for these carriers & all their million reasons why you don't have software that's up to date.

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I wish KitKat was higher.. Currently trying to port an app from iOS where printing and PDF creation is a core feature. Trivial on KitKat.. Nightmare on anything else.

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I'm sure the KitKat numbers will take off now that the final of the big 4 US carriers started rolling out KitKat for the Galaxy S4's. Also saw that the S3's were getting updated to KitKat. The month of May should bring a nice boost.

Glad to contribute to the 0.1 Honeycomb with my (now my father in law's) HTC Flyer. :-)

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I have no idea why sites like Android Central don't give us Note 3 Verizon customers more of a voice, and help us let Verizon know how sick and tired we are of the BS wait times for updates? I had the s3 and that was a disaster. .......All that time waiting and the update was still screwed up! There's been a leaked build already for the Note 3 on Verizon so they can't claim they haven't gotten it yet! Really hoping T-mobile puts tower/service in the Dakota's soon cause I'd leave Verizon in a heartbeat! Fed up with Verizon and there non-existant customer service, their high prices, and their lack of speedy updates!
Sorry for the rant......just have had enough of Verizon!!!!!!

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What would AC do? That is a serious question. You can rant in the forums, you can rant in the Verizon forums, you can send emails. Jerry, Phil and Alex cannot do much more than to provide a place to be heard.

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Dude, its a s/w update. Is your phone broken? Is it not working? My brother has a Note 3 & his phone is FINE on VZW. Jesus. You'd think KitKat is this giant upgrade. You, on 4.3 already have a 1/3 of of the back end framework it contains. Most people went from 4.2.2 to 4.4.

I gave my mother my old Samsung Galaxy Tab (the original 7") running Gingerbread, so she may be the one...This is why we can't have nice things.

it's good to see that so many people can experience the smoother android versions (KitKat and Jellybean) vs the pre-project butter versions.

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Us filthy peasants can't seem to avoid a good deal. Then again, Moto G did set the bar pretty high for cheapo phones.

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