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New APIs in Android 4.3 opens up 1080p streaming from Netflix, perfect for the new Nexus 7

Netflix was mentioned at several points throughout todays Google event in San Francisco, one of which was during the Android 4.3 presentation. A seemingly small update to the app pushed out into the Google Play Store that now it seems has more weight behind it.

The new DRM APIs in Android 4.3 will allow Netflix to finally start pushing 1080p content to our Android devices. OK, so it's reliant on Android 4.3, but you have to start somewhere. And it means when you fire it up on that new Nexus 7 you're going to treat yourself to, you're going to get some pretty awesome looking video. 

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Netflix now supports 1080p video streaming with Android 4.3


I remember getting that update last night while watching Netflix on my Nexus 7. This is 1080p streaming, will it look better on devices like Nexus 7 and 4 with 720p screens?

The bitrate will be a little higher, so fast sequences won't look as bit-starved, otherwise you'll likely not see a big difference on the 720p screen.

Now when you connect an HDMI cable to a big TV it should help. Assuming the device outputs the full 1080p stream.


The update is effective once the android 4.3 update is here otherwise netflix will look the same wait for 4.3 then up c even on nexus 4 which I have

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Keep waiting, unless you own a Nexus device that gets 4.3 any time soon.

I'm sure all us S4 and HTC One customers here in the US will enjoy 4.3 about 6 or so months from now.

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I'll be enjoying this on my phone in a year or so depending if Samsung doesn't make me buy a whole new phone just to get 4.3

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Great, Netflix and Hulu (Hulu especially) looked like garbage on my Galaxy Nexus. I ended up not using those services just because of the crap video quality.