LG G3 UI leak

Update: As some commenters point out, looks like there's a bit of a mixup here. The existence of a QPair widget on a phone would be a bit odd, so something's not quite finalized here. The original post was taken down by @evleaks, so this one is a bit of a mystery.

Original story: We've seen the outside of the LG G3 pictured in multiple colors and angles, but until now not a whole lot has been known about the software side of things. This leak comes from @evleaks, and shows the LG G3's home screen in landscape mode with similar styling to what current LG device owners already know. Although the screenshot seems to be chopped off a bit on the top and bottom, we can see a transparent status bar with white icons, a standard array of flatter widgets and LG-style icons.

The big change here is for the on-screen navigation buttons, which at least in this screenshot seem to have dropped the on-screen menu button (thank heavens). We see a standard back, home and multitasking layout, along with the presumably-optional notification pull-down button.

This looks like a step in the right direction for LG's software on the G3, and something that looks like this paired with the stunning hardware of this device should be a real treat.

Source: @evleaks

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FutureKix says:

That looks awesome! The multitasking is particularly interesting.

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newboyx says:

The mystery icon is the notification pull down shortcut.
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vividrich says:

Yup! I use a Nova gesture to do the same thing, but that's a very good use of customizing onscreen buttons.

lauticol says:

That mysterious icon is part of LG's phones since the G2, I wonder how could Android Central possibly not know!

Ah ha! Knew it looked familiar, but with it being cut off I couldn't be sure. Good catch.

TomW093 says:

That actually doesn't look too bad. And isn't the G3 supposed to be getting multi window support? The fourth softkey may be a toggle for that.

Bryan Drago says:

The G2 has the "mystery icon". Comes in very handy.

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i think this is a tablet UI. look at this dpi. but lg g3 may have the same design.

I'm pretty sure this is not the G3. The screen ratio is wrong for the leaks. It looks like a tablet.

Got Nexus?

Zig261 says:

Looks like a strange mix of S5 TouchWiz and the Nexus UI.

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tylerjames09 says:

Seems to be a tablet. The widget on screen has qpair which was on the gpad 8.3 and I don't see why that would be on the g3 as an on screen app? Sorry if I'm wrong on that! Also the bottom dock of apps seems reminiscent of a tablet.

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NoNexus says:

Yeah I am gonna go with you. Looks more tablet

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Is it just me, or does LG's skin look like a touch wiz ripoff? (no shots) I hope it's a great device worth the purchase.

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Dizfunctions says:

I have the G2. The software is pretty similar to Touchwiz.

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Stephend33 says:

Its not the G3. Its the ui for the new G Pad line of tablets. The fourth onscreen button pulls down the notification bar. The app that is receiving the call is q pair witch is a g2 and g pad app. Its the tablet version. I know this because you can't pair your phone to your phone so you can see notifications and incoming calls, it would be pointless.

TobyLH says:

Evleaks fail

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leroybrute says:

A/C fail for not catching it

mstrblueskys says:

Um... is that a hangouts voice call?

Stephend33 says:

No, its LGs q-pair app. It allows you to link your phone with your tablet via Bluetooth so you can reply to texts or answer calls