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We now know it won't be at Mobile World Congress, but that hasn't stopped the steady trickle of rumors relating to the Samsung Galaxy S III. The latest round of unconfirmed, unverifiable info comes from Korean site ETNews, which cites its own "industry insiders."

According to these sources, the phone includes such previously-rumored specs as Android 4.0, a quad-core CPU and LTE support -- none of which is particularly unsurprising for a Samsung flagship product in 2012. However, the most interesting rumor concerns the device's dimensions -- it's said to measure just 7mm thick, thanks to the introduction of thinner internal components. At 7mm, the Galaxy S III would still be a hair thicker than Huawei's P1S, but considering its souped-up internals, it's still incredibly impressive. That figure would see Samsung shave almost a millimeter and a half off the girth of the Galaxy S II, which measured 8.49mm.

Other rumored specs for the Galaxy S III include a 2MP front-facing camera and 8MP rear-facing shooter, which apparently protrudes slightly from the back of the device.

Looking further ahead, ETNews suggests that Samsung, apparently undeterred by lukewarm uptake of other 3D phones, may be planning to launch its own 3D smartphone later in the year.

Today's rumors indicate a possible May 2012 launch for the Galaxy S III, which certainly wouldn't surprise us, and would fit within the Samsung's previously-announced timeframe. In any case, we're expecting to hear more about the Galaxy S III sometime after Mobile World Congress.

Source: ETNews; Thanks, Erich!

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yungtris says:

damn yo, stuff just got serious. if its tegra 3, that'll be good cause it should last all day with moderate use. if exynos, i hope samsung hav it up to scratch with the battery cause i know that exynos' performance is pretty good as is....

hmmm says:

I held a Razr this weekend and thinner isn't better as far as how it feels. My Nexus S 4G feels so much nicer. The thinness of the Razr almost digs into your hands uncomfortably. Plus they never count the chins and camera humps in these specs which makes the profile look kind of dumb.

The only thing that bums me out about this news is I want the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint but it may or may not even be released by May and is basically a GS2 with a better screen... I will feel like I am buying a last gen phone if the GS3 is available at the same time. I wish the Sprint Galaxy Nexus had GS3 internals or even a beefed up processor/gpu which has been rumored but I don't really believe they would change the specs from the Verizon/GSM variants.

My guess is the GS3 won't show up in the US until November or so though since the GS2 only showed up here in November of 2011... They would really cannibalize GS2 sales if they released the GS3 so early here.

Glerp says:

"thinner isn't better as far as how it feels" - That's what she said!

Sorry, had to do it.

Dirtman16 says:

Make it 11mm thick and give me a 2800 maH battery and I'm sold. Stop with the ridiculous thinness.

RAZR MAXX Begs to Differ... You can have BOTH

Dirtman16 says:

RAZR MAXX only has a qHD screen. Need 720p if I'm gonna pay $299.

ScottJ says:

The resolution of the screen doesn't impact thinness.

3mp3ror says:

You totally missed his point.

cguella says:


strick1226 says:

I hope it still has hardware buttons. I'm seriously considering opting for a GS2 this summer if it's the only decent phone that still has hw buttons.

slayerpsp says:

Samsung Galaxy S III with 3d screen that's what i want im one of the few that like the glasses free 3d displays

I got the EVO 3D, and while it's a neat gimmick when you first get the phone, there's no real-world applications for the glasses-free 3D yet. And it's not quite a mature technology, either. I'd opt for higher MP/better camera than 3D in any new phone I get.

And it's nausea-inducing if you watch videos for more than about seven seconds.

ScottJ says:

Just out of curiosity, how many pictures have you printed in the last six months? Also, how many have you significantly cropped?

More megapixels is only really useful for printing on a large format printer (larger than 8.5 x 11) or cropping an image. Even so, you can crop an 8MP image quite a bit and still have a picture that would fill 99.5% of all monitors sold. For example, my 1920x1200 Dell monitor has 2.3MP.

kenyee says:

"Released" in May 1 = "announced" like last year? ;-)

Wish manufacturers would stop pre-announcing stuff and just make it available on release. The noted by hmmm above...SGSII announced in May, but we couldn't get it in the US until November. Galaxy Note announced way back in October (?) and it's finally being released this month (Feb).
That's just bad scheduling...

tommydaniel says:

Blame US carriers.

WeGlobal says:

I don't see the SGSIII being released in the US before September, soooooo I guess that means I need to hop off of my wife's account and open up my own account and get the Galaxy Nexus,then add a line to my account to get the SGSIII when it is released.

The SGSII is still a hot commodity, so releasing the 3 before the fall seems unlikely (but you never know what to expect with these cell phones).

Epiksol says:

I'm more interested in a new Galaxy tab... My GN will hold me down for quite some time, or at least until the next Nexus comes along. :P

npo says:

Can't say I'm not unsurprised by any of that either.

tommydaniel says:

You're not unsurprised? Sooo you are surprised then?

ScottJ says:

Actually, it means he is unsurprised. The "can't" makes it a triple negative.

DavidJ726 says:

If the OP CAN'T say he's not unsurprised, doesn't that mean he CAN say he's not unsurprised, so if he's not unsurprised, that must mean he is surprised?

This is what they call fuzzy logic! :-)

tronthedon says:

Damn my head hurts now...

jordo_99 says:

I love my GNex but if this phone comes with the same screen nothing would be able to stop me from selling my phone and buying one of these.

ScottJ says:

Hopefully, it's a better screen than the GNex. Namely, they could go with a 720P RGB stripe Super AMOLED+.

thejke says:

This is great news. My upgrade is in April. This will be a big upgrade from a droid 2. Keep us posted on the latest news for this phone.

movielover76 says:

I'm sure it will be a great phone, samsung has come out with a lot of quality hardware, but at what point does the thickness war end, I think 7mm is thin enough and a lot of people myself included would rather you use the thinness of internals to allow you to throw in bigger batteries.

I think we've crossed the line where a phone doesn't have to be any thinner than the existing winners of the thinness war, I myself would love a normal sized phone with an incredible battery life, razr maxx or better.

I say we switch to the battery size war, higher numbers in a normal sized phone.

dmbrown81 says:

If this will be available in the US come may, then I'll wait. But I'm not waiting until November I'll just get the note

robotaholic says:

Samsung has screen tech down! They have processor speed down! They need a 10,000 Miliamp battery FTW! - 2 wks without charging! lmao

Gearu says:

"Other rumored specs for the Galaxy S III include a 2MP front-facing camera and 8MP rear-facing shooter, which apparently protrudes slightly from the back of the device."

.... Someone copy & pasted galaxy S2 rundown heh.

I think we'll be looking at August launch, July if we're real lucky.