Sprint Hero Android 2.1 update

Here we go again, folks, with another Sprint Hero Android 2.1 update. After at least one false start, Best Buy is now expecting the ROM to ship by May 21. Of course, that could be any time between now and then, so we'll just have to wait and see, and hope we guessed right in the office pool. Thanks to our anonymous Best Buy tipster, who claimed the May 21 square for himself.

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ziaodix says:

Just root and get it over with. To hell with the "official" update. :)

spectre13 says:

R u kidding me, a sprint rep email me and said early May, May21 is not early May. Sprint you people full of .I WILL LEAVE IT AT THAT

Escalade714 says:

Yeah i'mma go with june 4th. is it wrong that there is a betting pool in vegas about this. how long does it really take to update a phone?

Been rooted for weeks now. It's the best thing I ever did. We'll see what happens 'when' the update comes out.

a best buy mobile rep told me the same thing on friday the 7th, he got news from corporate that the Hero 2.1 update would roll on the 21st. after another missed date, i decided to take matters into my own hands and flash the RUU leaked ROM and i am happy i did! nobody said it would be so easy! all you need is your USB cable, a PC and about 30 minutes. nothing at all complicated and fully automated. see:

and don't let any of the commenters scare you, i've been running it hard for three days and no hiccups! much faster and more fun!!

p.s. i started from 100% stock Sprint Hero, so if you've already done tinkering, YMMV.

Jeremy79#AC says:

im a newbie to android. just left my blackberry behind(gladly) last week. so what will change from android 1.5 to 2.1?

bbrosen says:

i wish there was a root for the cellular south hero, good god i would have 2.1 already, we are being told end of june possibly july for us.

rufflez says:

There is... has been for a while. You need to load Cellular South specific ROMs

At this point sprint can piss off... im baffled that the Droid Eris would get updated first... i havent rooted yet because i cant get the phone to recognize MY DAMN HERO!

Crestus says:

The beauty of Android being open sourced is you don't have to wait for the Official Release, just my $0.02 here...

evil_ash says:

I'm sick of the supposed Best Buy leaks. I'm not going to believe anything unless it comes from Sprint.

spectre13 says:

I emailed sprint on May 7th they emailed me back May 8th saying that it was going to be released early May. May 21rt isn't early May.Get a rep on the phone and see what lie they give you.

lastdetailwd says:

Anyone notice in that image that the rating for that news article on best buy's internal site is -53? Haha

On another note, I heard this date of the 21st from 2 different sources...and my pockets are still filled with grains of salt.

onedeep#AC says:

This post is purely retribution for the usual behavior of Hero owners...


lucky4meman says:

Have you ever used the Hero?? I've owned both and have to say that the Hero is far better than the Moment. The battery life is better. Sense makes it look SO much nicer, it's a smaller better looking phone, and it has a great community backing it. I would suggest that you take your Moment questions to the Moment forums and leave the bashing out of the comments.

onedeep#AC says:

Which one is better is irrelevant. Hero owners feel free to litter all over Moment updates, but get all uppity when a Moment owner does it to them. Just remember, you reap what you sow.

lucky4meman says:

You realize I wasn't saying anything towards Moment owners. I was just responding to that one persons comment, giving my opinion of the phone. And directing him to to forum that is better suited for what he was looking for.

treyrey86 says:

(>_<) holding my breath..............

maddmatt02 says:

alright, Im rooting tonight, now which rom should I go with?

I want 2.1, and Id like to keep sense. Id settle for 1.6 though if it was much more stable with the things like VVM working...

ziaodix says:

Try them all out. See which you like best. Most of the SenseUI ROMs are very similiar, but some have custom status bars, and bottom bars(APPS/PHONE/ADD). You might run into something you really enjoy.

Or you can install the 2.1 RUU leaked in XDA and try your hand at cooking your own ROM. The guides and intructions make it fairly simple to follow, even for beginners.

maddmatt02 says:

2.1 lite option 4 is whats on there now. seems good so far, seems to run quicker. just gotta see why the apps2sd isnt working... the adb shell output the right text to show its working, I think I read somewhere a uninstall/reboot/wipe card/reboot/reinstall set of steps to get it to go.

IamTheCord says:

I just did the hero 2.1 ruu listed in the comment above and it works good no issues i can find as of now

Until we have an official tweet & post on Sprint's website, I don't believe it at all. My gut feeling tells me with the cancellation of the Nexus One & the push of the Evo, we won't see the Android update until Wed. June 30th. I could be wrong but I just have lost some faith in Sprint because of how poorly they've handled Android 2.1.

forget the Hero update at this point...I'm tired of waiting. Just give me the EVO at this point! At this rate the EVO will be out before the update anyway

jjprophet says:

who cares what best buy says..i need to hear it from sprint or htc. doesnt matter since i already rooted my phone. as for what rom to choose, i just flashed the newest damagecontrol rom and its perfect.

Bigggdaddy72 says:

Will the 2.1 update be available for every hero owner.I got my hero thru a local cellular store inland cellular in lewiston idaho.Every time i hear about sprint getting the update for the hero i think that its only for sprint customers,and everyone else is sol.

kyanru says:

now with 2.2, getting 2.1 does not sound as great, considering that its 400% faster then 2.1. thought are we really wanting to wait god knows how long to get 2.2? though maybe thats what they are doing? maybe it will be a big surprise? at this point i think its foolish to hope for surprises like that, thought i can always dream.

though i appreciate that they are working out all the bugs, and god help them if there are any if its taking them this long to roll it out, they really just need to work on communication, maybe there is a sprint blog or something i don't know about? but it would be nice to get updates and how its coming along rather then just having to sit here waiting and waiting and well waiting... they are going to start really pissing off even the most patient of customers soon, which is rather unfortunate. maybe the update will make for better roaming, it sucks not being able to use your phone where you live (even though you are in a coverage area supposedly...

either way, it will be nice to have something. i just wish they were better about telling us whats up. thats just good business.

tsutlick says:

I'm waiting to see if this actually happens. My personal thoughts are this: now that Verizon has started rolling out the Droid Eris update, Sprint should really get their ducks in a row.

Sprint's Twitter (@sprint) has always said 2.1 would be rolled out in either 1H2010 or 2Q2010 (at least one tweet said EARLY 2Q2010). In either case, we're still in that timeframe. We (myself included!) see these screenshots from Best Buy and go berserk thinking we're finally getting 2.1, only to be let down again, and again. Take this for what it's worth, but maybe we should consider waiting for Sprint's "official" word. Oh yeah, that's right... they haven't exactly kept us "in the loop", have they? A communications company that can't (or won't!) communicate with its customers? Not good.

Anyway, enough with the soapbox. If this update doesn't come to fruition, I'm rooting & going with a custom ROM. I'm tired of not being able to use a lot of the programs available in the Market.

One last thing... doesn anyone have any idea whether the Hero will even be capable of upgrading to FroYo (2.2)?

Am I the only person who noticed the line on the picture that shows "Due to changes made by H" then the next line says "again, the deployment was delayed."

Does H mean HTC?

If this is the case, Best Buy is not even pointing the finger at Sprint, but HTC. Bottom line all these hardware updates are not just Carrier dependent (Sprint), but also manufacturer dependent(HTC).

Enough is enough in my opinion. Coming from the BlackBerry camp, I could not see enough updates, but being that those depend on Sprint & RIM, these would take a while. Reading the forums at Crackberry, all carriers had the same issues when it came to hardware updates, all take too long to come out. And I'm sure this is more dependent on manufacturer than carrier.