There's a lot of Android phones out there, from a slew of manufacturers.  In the US alone there's over 70 different current models to choose from, and world-wide the number swells into the hundreds.  We all have our favorites, and we thought it would be fun to take a quick survey to find out which OEM is the most popular amongst us all.  Take a second, fill out our poll and we'll find out!  If you have more than one phone, pick your favorite.  And if you pick "other", be sure to let everyone know what you're rocking in the comments.  



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Late night poll: Your Android phone manufacturer


Gotta go HTC. I've owned the G1 EVO 4G and EVO 3D. Have enjoyed them all immensely, especially the flashing days on the G1. So many roms haha. Might get a Sprint Galaxy Nexus next if I run into some money

I too have had HTC and now Samsung. AC readers are as a rule high end phone buyers.

Now the race is for 4.5"-5.3" HD. Samsung already has the Galaxy S II HD, Skyrocket HD, Note, and Galaxy Nexus. More will be at MWC next month.

HTC was on top last year when they dominated the new 4.3" level. HTC just can't seem to get past it with the Rezound HD so far instead and more smaller low def models.

Sony finally is back with the Ion and it's kid brother, the S. But is one US HD phone on one carrier enough?

LG is still focused on reinventing the EVO 4G and 2010 DInc over and over. The Nitro HD is their one real flagship now.

Panteck and Huawei are locked in an epic battle to see who can reinvent the Dinc the most times.

Is Motorola even in the HD market?

See this is exactly why I crack up when Android users bloat about outselling iPhone.

Last I checked there was one current, new iPhone on the market. The 4S. It replaced the 4. If you want an iPhone, you have the choice between _maybe_ 3 if some places are still offering the 3GS.

Android on the other hand is available on like 60 handsets right now. OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO OUTSELL IPHONE.

Loving my DINC2, btw.

Right. Apple is like a glove maker who only sells extra small gloves. Apple dominates the extra small market selling 406,000 a day.

Android offers all the sizes and so sells 700,000 a day.

Nothing says "I have a little hands" like an iphone. Not something a guy wants to point out.

"Nothing says "I have a little hands" like an iphone. Not something a guy wants to point out."

Ha ha lol

No respectable guy should have an iphone. iphones are for children and women. MAN UP!

I don't think you two are following what I'm saying. I'm not saying anything in regards to the size of the actual iPhone. Honestly, a 4 inch screen is as big as they need to be, nothing more.

I actually see more chicks with 4.3 inch phones than dudes. They like the real estate and can toss it in their purses no problem. Dwight freaking Howard has an iPhone. Go tell him it's unmanly and report back.

LOL nice. Nothing says 'I have a lil winky' than someone who bases manhood with phone choice. Why do you need to constantly demonstrate how macho you are? You sound insecure.

I too had an HTC Evo 4G but was completely underwhelmed by the Evo 3D (I gave it the 30 trial period but despised its weird aspect ratio screen rendering apps all crazy and gimmicky 3D) so I got a Motorola Photon 4G and never looked back.

Motorola supports its devices as well as HTC and I couldn't be happier - I was really skeptical of Samsung after hearing how long Epic 4G owners waited for Gingerbread...

I'm using a Samsung but my next phone will be an HTC or Motorolla. LG could be my dark horse if they can get their act together.

I was an Android virgin until I got my LG Optimus V. Love the thing all over the place. But since it serves as my entry level phone, I wonder where I'll go next. I kind of like the looks of the Motorola Triumph, but I also hear nothing but good things about the EVO, the Nexus...

HTC all the way baby!!!!!:) Ever since the G1 I've been rocking one right noe I'm using the Sensation 4G with ics hehe They make the sexiest and sturdiest phones out!

I agree! After I left Blackberry I got the EVO, then had the Epic I was not pleased with the support on Samsung devices. I will never own another Samsung product. HTC is a proven company. I am a loyal supporter of HTC.

Just an idea... the poll should be colour coded with the additional location of voter's. I.e. North America, South America, Canada, Asia, Europe, Russia.

you do know that canada is in north america? or do you find it so awesome that it had to be mentioned on it's own?

I have owned the htc evo 4g and the htc evo 3d all on sprint and have been a well known supporter of htc they helped grow android in the early days i applaud that. Today i own the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and have also owned the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and Lg Revolution i love my stock Galaxy Nexus nothing out today is better.

Samsung all the way.

Actually, surprised to see all the Samsung owners with all the "Samsung sucks/is terrible/kills puppies" posts in the forums.

NONE! (yet)

I am the embarassed owner of a boring, basic LG flip phone. It's not smart. Its not even dumb. I'd call it intellectually challenged! (I won't get into why I've got such an inteligent phone). When my current contract is up (end of April) 98.9% chance I'll get an Android.


I hit up AC daily. Not sure which manufacturer I'll go with. Sammy seems to have better specs, but HTC seems to have more of a solid build. Sammy appears to be somewhat lazy with updates. HTC seems more on the ball.

Then there's touchwiz vs. sense. I haven't tried either, but from the sounds of it, sense is what I'd like.

So... Likely an HTC of some sort

But then again, there is that fancy new Nexus phone that seems pretty sweet....

Get the Nexus Series and your worry about sammy's lasy arse is solved. Vanilla Android give you the best smartphone experience. Who need those skins with nice design of ICS anyway?

Touchwiz is actually really nice on the SGS2. It's light in the sense that it doesn't feel in anyway like HTC sense although that could simply be the processor in the sgs2. There's no argument though that it will not get it's updates as fast as say the Galaxy Nexus but I think I'm ok with that so long as it's not forgotten about.

I gotta say that I'm an htc man, had the evo 4G and the 3d great phones and the developers are great lots of support (ics yeah I have ((beta)) but very nice and fast, as far as Samsung they nice but if are picking them due to the Nexus, and not fair I think Google need its own category due to the fack that all the phones they come out with at the time they come are the #@'!

Nexus is not the factor that Sammy is picking. It is Galaxy S series. HTC is somewhat stingy on internal memory.

I have played with many of the brands, the evo 4g is an awesome phone, epic 4g is nice for a samsung, but lg is my fave with all i put my optimus s through its still kicking.

I love my Evo 4G. At its release it was truly a game changer for both Android and Sprint. If there was such thing as the Android Hall of Fame then this phone should definitely be inducted. I have my upgrade in April and hopefully it’ll be good timing to get the next game changing Android for Sprint. That means for me at least dual core, industry standard resolution screen, above average ram, at least 16 gigs internal memory, with a sd card slot, same 8 MP camera, and most importantly LTE. Preferably wimax-lte but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be available. The full list of 22 markets for LTE in 2012 would be nice too. I live in the DC metro area and wonder if us having wimax will put us at the back of the line for LTE. The evo’s 1 gig internal memory, only 300ish meg usable, is by far its weakest link. Hopefully that won’t be an issue from now on.

Hmmmm... Started with the HTC incredible, moved to the droid x, and currently using the galaxy nexus... May try the RAZR, since I still have a week left to exchange.

Owned Moto Milestone 1 & 2 (American Moto Droid)..

Got bored with physical qwerty keypad ..
(not that being used regularly though)

Changed to Sgs II.. Could have bought Razr if it was launched with that Maxx battery.
Won't change now, as Sgs III is already in the pipeline.

LG & HTC need to do more to beat Sammy Exynos engine & Samoled+ screen

not a hater by any means (bought optimus black, sony walkman (android) & Sensation for siblings)

I'm not surprised that Samsung & HTC are putting up such high numbers, but what I am surprised about is that Motorola is only getting a measly 10%!

i wil not take anything othere than a htc phone or maybe a motorola i tried to stay away from samsung, lg and kyocera all of that is cheap crap

Lol, I love your sarcasim. Staying away from cheap quality phone coming from a htc owner. Now I've read it all. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.

Utterly dissatisfied with Verizon and my Pantech Breakout. After using this device for about 90 days now, it suffers from a veritable punchlist of problems. Ranging from Verizon's bloatware leaving precious little memory for apps (irregardless of moving them to the SD card), numerous force stops and now screen and graphics problems (loss of resolution - looks like a frigging RGB image). Of couse I am outside the 30 return window so I am stuck with this rock for the next 21 months. (sheesh)

I don't know about Verizon, but when I bought from AT&T I received a manufacturer's warranty, so I would suggest seeing if you can send it in to Pantech.

I love HTC phones. Their phones are solid as a rock and they have pretty much made good on their promise to unlock bootloaders. That and Cyanogenmod didn't have support for LG and Sammy phones until recently, I think it was the deciding factor when I got my Inspire.

Started my Android love affair on HTC and I'm still with her! I tried Samsung twice including the Galaxy Nexus. That should say enough!

I'm on A Samsung Captivate, son is on an LG Thrill. I am running CM7 on the Cappy. its the only thing that is keeping me happy with it. As soon as my contract expires in June, not sure who I will move too, just know, it wont be a Samsung. I won't even consider the Nexus. Even though it is suppose to be vanilla ICS, I am sure Samsung will find a way to make ICS update proprietary, such as having to use the gawd awful keis program. Just not worth the hassle. Plus after 6-8 months your phone will no longer be supported/developed by Samsung as they just release a newer version!

My son really likes his LG Thrill. I like it as well. i found it to be pretty snappy with LG's hog of a launcher. Battery doesn't seem to last as long as other in its class.

I'm rocking the EVO. HTC used to be my favorite company but they have become boring and stale IMHO. I'm moving towards Samsung once the GS3 comes out. It's going to be all Samsung from now on.

The wife and I are still loving our DINC2s. We got burned so bad with the Droid X that I doubt we'll ever buy another Moto phone. Between the two of us, we went through 9 Droid Xs before VZW finally traded them in for DINC2s. I'm up for an upgrade and I like the Galaxy Nexus, but I'm hesitant to leave my rock solid DINC2 for "something else". I like the looks of the RAZR MAXX, but again...not too keen on Moto.

You are very lucky that Verizon did that for you. I have a droid x that is ok after the 7th phone. I am due for an upgrade now, but I am just not too sure what to get.

Was a HTC fan until the half ass HTC bootloader unlock with the bonus "warranty void." I'm sticking with Samsung from now on.

SAMSUNG FTW!!!!! I started with a moto droid. I then switched to a moto cliq. Then to an hd2 flashed android. Then to HTC evo. Then i went to the captivate. Then to the Samsung infuse 4g. Then i went to the Motorola atrix. Then i went to the LG thrill 4g and now im back to Samsung galaxy s 2.

Sharp FX Plus. Seriously, it's the only QWERTY-equipped Android phone in AT&T with a keyboard worth using. The Crossover and DoubleTime feel pathetic and the Status is killed by that microscopic screen. If it wasn't for the crappy battery life, the FX Plus would be a near-perfect basic smartphone.

The Captivate Glide feels like Samsung put a touchscreen on each half of the slider with one displaying a keyboard 24/7. Really, there's no tactile feedback on that keyboard whatsoever so you always have to be looking at the keyboard to make sure you press the right key and not other adjacent keys. That's the main reason you would avoid touchscreen keyboards and go hardware-QWERTY in the first place! Honestly, if you can put up with the Captivate Glide's keyboard, you should rather go all-in and get the Galaxy S II Skyrocket instead.

My vote goes to Sony/SonyEricsson. They've come a long way since the Xperia X-10. Such a shame their NA presence is limited to only the PLAY. The ARC was such a nice device. Hopefully Sony will be more aggressive in getting marketshare with the
Xperia S and LTE Xperia ION.

I'm normally an iPhone owner, but my "sidearm" is an HSPA Galaxy Nexus. Samsung is at its best when it's making stock Android devices, so it can't delay updates by six months or do its solemn best to just copy the iPhone interface. Great phone apart from the camera.

Motorola Razr I love this phone you can access your files on your computer through it. Amazing and no real glitches with it and good battery life.

...SAMSUNG is the leading SMARTPHONE/TV manufacturer and will be for the for-seeable future...LG is my DARKHORSE.

I love my Xperia Arc S....absolutely beautiful. I like it much better than any other phone I've owned which includes such Android gems as the OG Droid, DInc, Evo, Captivate, Inspire, Atrix, Infuse, Xperia Arc...

If you actually use your smartphone as a phone, you can't beat Motorola. Their radios are best in the business, and I get reception on my Photon where no one else does. This also helps battery life as my phone spends alot more time with a signal than looking for one. And as far as the skin goes, the new Motoblur is just barely a skin at all, and doesn't get in the way like some others.

As far as the phones physically, I think they look great, and their build quality is as good or better than anyone else. Holding an SGSII feels like a toy after holding my Photon. Getting purchased by Google doesn't hurt at all, either.

My experience with Android Devices:

HTC Hero>Samsung Moment>LG Optimus V>(Recently was given an LG Optimus S) Motorola Droid X>Motorola Droid 2>HTC Droid Incredible 2>HTC ThunderBolt>Motorola Droid 3>LG Ally>Droid Incredible 2(Again! Loved it)>HTC Hero S

Currently enroute to my house HTC Status, Nexus S, Motorola Atrix 2, and a Sony Xperia Play.

Dream phone right now is a Galaxy Nexus but really don't care for Samsung at all nor do I appreciate Pentile displays. I really like my current Hero S (Evo Design 4G minus the 4G) and would have to say my absolute favorite phone was my Droid Incredible 2.

I know in a year there will be another slew of amazing devices and look forward to another year of being Android CRAZED!