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There's been rumors running rampant lately about the next Nexus phone, and just who might be making it. While it's a bit early to guess, we all have a preference, and it's always OK to wish -- just don't expect any predictions. OEMs showed us a lot to like during MWC 2012, and some of the new designs surely turned some heads (that HTC One S looks like a real winner to this blogger) and we can't help but wish for a Nexus phone with some of the style we've seen so far in 2012.

So what say you, savvy Android users that you are? Do you want a throwback to the original Nexus with a unibody design from HTC? Or want a Motorola unit with bulletproof cell radio and voice quality? Personally, I've always wanted to see some LG hardware with stock Android right from Google on-board, but I'd be just as happy to see another Super AMOLED model from Samsung -- I'm a sucker for a pretty face.

Tell us all who you would pick for the next Nexus partner -- someone has to be right!



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Late-night poll: Who should make the next Nexus phone?


If Google is doubling down on Tablets this year, then Asus is doing great stuff with those beasts at the moment. The Transformer Nexus.

(No harm in having two Nexii. A phone and a tablet)

Yes, but then again, so is Sony and unlike ASUS, Sony's tablets are available in most markets... Rather than a limited number of countries, such as North America.

Furthermore, Sony is and always has been a "premium" company when it comes to the build-quality of their devices... If Google want to offer a "Nexus Tablet", at least you know it'll be made to the highest standard if Sony is the manufacturer!

Sony have made some poor quality devices in their time. I remember a few old Sony phones being quite poorly made.

Motorola + Asus = 2 Nexus. Google has to bring the sexy back (although I doubt it based on previous hardware designs). I just want a good Nexus with WOW camera. They say the best camera isthe 1 you have handy, MUST match point-and-shoot camrras.

It didn't sound like he was saying they made a Nexus device.... at least to me it didn't.

I would maybe say Sony since they make good quality electronics..but if anything..I would rather go with HTC ....

I'm with gregmcph. ASUS!!!!!!!!!

They seem to be extremely involved with every part of the mobile atmosphere. They've taken a simple idea (keyboard dock) and made it an iconic figure for their business (just the tablet, smartphone side of them). Not only are their products built extremely well they are kept at an affordable price. AND! let's not forget, they have super speedy updates as well!

Asus cares a great deal about each and every product they release. I would love to see them create the next Nexus phone!! <3

Seriously, Asus. That is a joke.i am sure they are fine but I would not( in a million years) think Asus is on the level of Samsung or motorola. They are almost like a generic brand in my eyes.

I wouldn't sleep on ASUS just because they are fairly new to the mobile communications scene. They've been doing great things for the PC world forever. ODM to many of the big boys out there including Apple...

They were making tablet convetible pcs before the iphone was even a glimmer in Steve Jobs eyes. I've been purchasing ASUS products long before they became a household name with the invent of the netbook. I've plenty of faith in them.

Tho their Garmon/Asus phone did flop. I put that on Garmons shoulders with that horrible ui overlay. XD

Wasnt HTC just a 'generic' brand a few years ago? No one knew who they were despite them making loads of devices for others to rebrand.

I'd like to see a comeback by HTC. While I love my Galaxy Nexus, I'm still fond of my original Nexus One and would love to see what they could bring back to the Nexus line after seeing what they brought to MWC.

I don't care who makes it as long as a) it's not Samsung (they've done enough for now) and b) they get rid of this idiotic trend of removing the MicroSD slot.

I totally agree with you.

I am not a Samsung fanboy, & have never really been a fan of them since I had their Behold 2, & Vibrant, both stunk with update rollouts! And lately, they love to copy iPhone way too much, like removing the SD Card slot? That, is a bad move, a real deal breaker!

I was fond of my HTC Nexus One, it was a solid phone, & once rooted, I could throw a Sense ROM on it, no problem.

Also, if Motorola (now a Google company) does it next, they need to make the SD removable, & also the battery removable. Nothing worse than neither being removable, esp if you need a hard reboot (ie. battery pull).

Just FYI its Google not Samsung who eliminated the SD card on the Nexus line. Music, Picassa, YouTube, Docs... all cloud based and Google wants you to use their services. Every Galaxy S phone does come with a microsd slot if further proof is needed that it isn't Samsung who removed it from the Nexus phones. =)

yes, but google is a US based company, therefore the US market will always be their primary concern. You can't expect them to cater to foreign regions, just like I don't expect BMW to cater to the US.

Actually it may be based in the US but has put it's products into the global market, it is a global company and is not under just US laws. It does have to cater for other countries as they have put their products there, just not all of them yet. And BMW does cater for the US just doesn't change from the perfect gear stick. So Google will need to roll out their cloud services to other markets such as the UK as we for example have a huge uptake of android but to leave the cloud support lacking is a bad move. Even Apple (a US based company) roles out its cloud and software services to foreign markets as you say......and I very much dislike Apple so a compliment from me is impressive lol.

Yes, and that is exactly why all the American cell carriers got the Nexus Galaxy before any other country. No wait, even Verizon wasn't the first to release it...

I was going to come say something similar. My main use for the extra storage in the past was for music, but with Google Music as my main source of music, I have access to all 120 GB of my music at all times. The extra space is pointless to me. I don't even fill half the 32 GB that came built in.

And that is a serious design flaw. The Nexus line is designed to be a developer phone. Sure, non-developers will buy it, but it is The developer phone. How can a developer phone not have *ALL* the features the OS supports? It is one thing if manufacturers want to make stupid decisions (in my opinion) such as HTC's no SD and no removable battery, but they aren't selling them as dev phones. Until Google stops supporting SD cards in the OS the Nexus should have an SD card.

@AnonymousUser Really, put, too, many, commas, in, your, sentences, it's, extremely, unnecessary, to, have, that, many, commas, it, doesn't, make, sense, at, all ...

Now to comment on the topic at hand. I love my gnex, however, HTC or Asus is the way to go in my opinion. Sony would be another thought, but I reallyyyy like what Asus is doing these days! We shall have to wait patiently and see, I suppose.

I would like Motorola for their general hardware and radios, Samsung for their Super AMOLED screen, Sony for their camera, and Asus for their design. Make sure it has all the sesnors and NFC, removable battery, and a strong speaker for podcasts.

I'd love to see the Nexus line be a combination of the best hardware elements of all the OEMs. This would really make a dent in the marketshare.

Imagine an Asus/HTC built frame, with Samsungs chipset and screen, and Motorola's durability and Radios. The phone would sell like crazy, all the OEMs would make money so it wouldn't be as detrimental to them if the phone dominated the high end market.

I'd like to see top notch LG hardware with full support from google, personally.

I have the galaxy nexus and it's great but i'm more of an LG guy than samsung and the HTC desire i had was good for a while but was a little before the "good shit" started coming along.

I think LG/moto should be allowed their turn.

If it's not broke then don't fix it. I would prefer samsung to continue why not they are the leading android manufacturer of 2011. But i know google wants to give everyone a shot at it. This is my first stock nexus device regardless i am happy with samsung and my nexus.

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this. Huawei us a huge company with awesome products and amazing hardware. a nexus phone would finally make them a serious player in the us, and they are already huge everywhere elce, especially in Asia where android is more popular than the us.

They make junk out of junk. It takes more than specs to make a good phone. It takes quality name brand proven hardware. HTC gets my vote.

How is Moto in the lead? Terrible phones, terrible design etc.

HTC or Sony purely for the design and build quality please!

I think a lot of people like Moto's build quality and the bells and whistles they include. Both my original Droid and Atrix were very full-featured phones when they were released.

Right, how is Moto in the lead? Just because Google owns them now?

They just seem scatter-brained, the whole Bionic delay for almost a year and then when it comes out, guess what we're gonna release the Razr right after

Oh wait, you got the Razr, well we're gonna release the Razr Maxx just to screw over the people we missed before.

Coming soon, Motorola Nexus Maxx with non-removable battery and locked bootloader!

couldn't agree more. motorola phones may be made out of Kevlar, Teflon, carbon fiber, steel, gorilla glass 8, and titanium but they will forever be ugly. they just don't have the sexy look that samsung's and HTC's have. I don't care who makes it, I just want it to be as sexy as a samsung and as durable as a HTC.

Preferably HTC, but frankly, anything but another Samsung Galaxy variant.

Or LG, they need to not make phones.

I'm sick of Samsung neglecting the nexus though. The GSII has Super AMOLED+, Nexus has Super AMOLED pentile. The speaker is terrible and it doesn't use Exynos even though the GSII does.

I think it was Chris Ziegler or Nilay Patel who described Samsung's hardware as getting the absolute maximum quality from mediocre materials. I'm sorry, but my Galaxy Nexus simply does not feel all that great. I picked up a Radar 4G from HTC and didn't want to stop touching it. Unibody and high quality materials (and the new Super LCD2) from HTC woul make a killer Nexus!

I can't tell you how many articles I've read that say the pentile display on the nexus is so fine you can't even tell it's pentile. I'm surprised you notice it at all.

I think Samsung has made the greatest strides in the last year to bring the most feature-rich phones to the market. That said it only makes sense to have them continue with the next Nexus. They brought out the Galaxy SII six months before it even saw matched competition. That's a huge accomplishment among today's phone makers.

Since we are discussing this in who shall replace the current offerings from Samsung, I would say Motorola, simply because we haven't yet to experience what they are able to do with the Nexus.

Immediately I eliminate HTC & Samsung off this list, we've experienced both manufacturers approach to what they thought the Nexus should be, let's open it up a bit, shall we?

We first had HTC with the G1, although not a Nexus phone, we gleamed a lot on what a phone should _not_ to be, but with the Nexus One, we truly felt something would be different and to this day it's used as the benchmark. Even though Google used their poor judgement to NOT release 2.3 on the N1 prior to or immediately after the Samsung Nexus S phone, it demonstrated that they were willing to shift vendors and allow the market to determine their next phase of evolution.

I have always been impressed with Motorola's build quality, although their choice of their "bloated" additions leaves something to be desired, my thought that Moto could go pure with their version of the Nexus sends geek filled shivers down my spine.

I'd say all of the. Apart from LG. I haven't been inspired by anything they've done.

Motorala - shell/case
Samsung - screen (though I'm cooling on this idea)
Sony - cameras and image processing
HTC - 2nd choice for shell/case

On another note, I think Qualcomm will come back with one of the top SoC chipsets. The S4 is already hot stuff.

So that is my dream Nexus. :-)

motorola?????? ARE YOU ALL BRAIN DEAD?!?!?!?! I'd rather castrate myself than see motorola get a nexus!! They can't even figure out how to treat their development community properly by releasing a phone with an unencrypted bootloader. Let's not even mention their aptly naming their devices things like 'droid' after their butthurt in not winning the official device bid in the beginning. "hey, I have an idea....since we didn't get named the official android manufacturer, let's name our line something tricky so people will think we are the official manufacturer"

Asus makes the best budget pc parts available, IMHO...their hardware is amazingly stable and reliable, and I would expect no different from their mobile hardware.

Sony makes amazing hardware as well, and they are really starting to embrace the development community by allowing official bootloader unlocked on sim-free models. Their devices are seeing insanely fast updates, as well as official betas. The development team are making HUGE strides in their realm, as well. This is the new manufacturer to beat, IMHO. They deserve the next nexus device....and I think it should be the first nexus tablet. Samsung is doing well with their standard phone sized nexus line....leave them alone and let them do their magic ;)

I totally agree with you. I've been really happy with my Xperia arc, it's such an underrated device even though it's almost on par with certain dual core phones and the camera is brilliant.

Also, let's not forget to mention that Sony are one of the major contributors to AOSP.
And some of the ICS features like uninstalling apps directly from the drawer, creating folders by dragging and dropping an app over another etc. were already present in Sony's Gingerbread UI.

I would totally buy a Sony Nexus.

I know SonyEricsson had come a long way since the original X10 debacle.But Sony has a history of screwing things up when given total control.

You do know that moto didn't name their phones "Droid", that is all Verizon. The "Droid" name is licensed from Lucas for Verizon's line of phones.

Just wanted to put that out there and remind everyone

Not Samsung. They have had their turn. I have an SGS2 so would prefer a Nexus by someone else, rather than a cheaper slower Galaxy S3, which is exactly what it would be.

My #1 pick is Sammy. Imagine the Nexus Note:-). #2 Asus Nexus Padfone would be awesome imo. But if the rumors are true with them talking about the Gtab then that would take them out of the race for a phone.
Sony is, a great choice so there #3. #4 I would say LG.

Moto, Sony or ASUS (LG is acceptable maybe), as long as it's not Samsung (despite their great screens) and have removable batteries and microSD slots (or LOTS of internal storage), and most importantly, Google handles the updates, not anyone else (especially Samsung and LG or any carriers).

I would have said SonyEricsson last year( a Nexus ARC would have been sweet) but I'm not sold that giving Sony full control of SE was the smartest thing.We'll see. Google didn't spend all that money to buy Motorola Mobility for nothing,lets see what the new "Googlerola" can do left to it's own devices.

I wonder if Samsung even WANTS to make Nexus devices anymore. It certainly seems that they make sure all their TouchWiz high-end devices are giveen superior hardware compared to what they offered in their last two Nexus models.

I don't think they had a choice with the galaxy nexus. Samsung has never used ti before so their decision to use it seems to have come from Google.

As well, support for lte rested on a processor that could support it and the exynos does not. So it was either ti or qualcomm so I think they made the only choice they could (Google that is).

I would like to see a device from the new Google/Motorola partnership. They need to make an amazing device Looks like they have been doing good work with the Razr MAXX... Building a device with decent battery, screen, performance and a fantastic camera (and a microsd card slot) would make for a killer Google branded device.

All of those people knocking Asus, I have been using an eee Pad Transformer for over six months, I have to say that the build quality is top notch, the firmware revisions have been frequent and (compared to my HTC) have been problem free while improving performance and resolving bugs that I have never even hit.

I own a Optimus prime err... I mean transformer prime and use it heavy school, games, even used it to hack a few wii's and I can say I never tan into any of the problems I've read like random reboots and junk. Asus is proving to be one of the top tier tablet lines .

Motorola is in the lead at another site too.

I take it its from those of us that value decent reception and battery life in our phones, and like the build quality of Motorola.

I had a G Nex and I thought build quality was fine....reception was another story entirely.

But someone made a good point about ASUS...a leader in motherboards, with nice overclocking settings. They would be interesting.

Asus or HTC not Samsung or the nexus line will be considered deaf and the mid level galaxy phone with a bad camera and an all plastic build.

I like Motorola hardware. They always encrypt their bootloaders though so i have never considered one. Since the nexus have unlockable bootloaders i think I'd like a Motorola. HTC would be my second choice since they have made the best nexus to date.

I am on sprint cdma so it isn't like the nexus is really a "nexus" anyway. My ns4g still isn't on ics and other manufacturers are getting ready to release it on their phones even though they had to go to the trouble of adding their skins over the top. I think the gsm nexus s got ics in December.

Asus has poor QC so i would steer clear of them. I had 3 tf prime tablets with defects before i got a good one.

Because apple don't even make their own phones/hardware, they use a lot of samsung, lg and others, funnily enough android oem manufacturers haha

I really don't care WHO makes the next Nexus. All I care about is NO CARRIER EXCLUSIVES! Release it everywhere on all carriers on the SAME DAY. It is ridiculous that Verizon has been allowed to SIT ON THE NEXUS for months while promoting their other phones.


The carriers strong arm the manufacturers into such ridiculous deals. And if you are a Verizon customer and want to get a phone on their network, they have to want the phone which means stupid restrictions like carrier exclusivity.

There's no other way around it unfortunately. If Google or the next manufacturer want their phone on certain carriers, they have to play by their rules. And cdma makes it even worse since you can't just buy the phone yourself.

This is the best comment out of all of these. Give it to whoever wants it. I HATE carrier branding. which is why I've only owned nexus's. (not verizon nexus)

I would love a Sony Nexus, would be nice if they were open to doing it now that they are not Ericsson linked. Alas unlikely but a perfect concept of a perfect nexus device.

Haha I just thought, imagine a nexus device with playstation certification haha, tag line "the ultimate gaming nexus"

I think the Motorola Droid Nexus is due....think about it, the phone hardware and software made by the same owners....It's got potential.

God no, DEFINATELY NOT Samsung..

Nothing personal to all you fanboys of the Galaxy line.. but they have made Android phones into wannabe iPhones.. Look at the first in the galaxy line, to the latest.. High end, to low end.. they look almost all the same minus a few button placements or decals. I own a GNex, but would have preferred it to look like ANYTHING else..

People keep saying oh they are better because of this chipset, or cause they have this screen, or cause they sold sooo many phones.. Wake up. The Nexus line is for setting the standard of things to come.. Samsung hasnt changed shit.. They havent set any new benchmarks, and although I love my GNex, it's not gonna be a phone I say "Gee I wish my new phone was as kickass as my old Gnex". Not to mention, any company can purchase Samsung made parts if they want them in there phones.

Motorola and HTC have both made several phones that people still reference today, and wish they would remake. No one says, WOW I wish they would update and release that Sony Phone.. And dont even start about the debacle over the original X10 (which my wife owned) Still today, they are cutting support for there phones updates short (only devices in the last 6-8mos getting 4.0??)

Asus, while AMAZING in the PC market, are still too new, and need at least another year, imho, to feel out there spot in the market. They could dominate in a couple years, or they could screw the pooch so to speak, and not listen to the community.. it's too early to tell, and rely on them for a Nexus device.

I owned an HTC Desire and imho THAT would have made for a kickass nexus in it's day, and I have yet to see a phone that can handle such a wide range of thing, and take the beating it did. Hell it will still run AOKP ICS smoothly and it's years old. ( I saw someone else mention the Desire)

As I said, Nexus is about setting the benchmark for things to come, and while the Galaxy line is pretty, and functional.. it's definitely DOESNT live upto the Nexus family name.

I don't think it matters who makes it. Unless I am mistaken, Google makes the final hardware/spec decisions for the device.

IMHO however, Samsung has had the last couple, so they shouldn't get the next. There needs to be an effort on Google's part to share the wealth so to speak. As well I don't think Motorola should get it this time around, simply as a display of good faith to the others that Google won't be playing favorites with the acquisition.

Samsung's made the last two. Time for someone else to have a shot.

That being said, anyone could release an AOSP phone at any time and get really fast updates if they really wanted to.

I think the next Nexus should go to a smaller tier manufacturer, one that can really focus on making the Nexus their best phone and not worry about the Nexus cannibalizing sales of their flagship phone. Just look at how the Galaxy Nexus has inferior specs when compared to the Galaxy S II and you'll see what I mean.

I would love to see Huawei or Asus throw their hat into the Nexus ring. I personally loved those NEC prototypes and have always been a fan of NEC hardware. NEC has to get some actual phones in market first before worrying about the Nexus.

I love what Samsung has done for Android, but it's time for someone else to step up. Spread the Nexus love!

Moto is winning? Are you guys serious? If they made the next Nexus it would probably have a locked bootloader and a crappy screen.

I voted HTC.

But I had a thought. What about if Apple did the hardware? Yes,I'm serious (and no, it would never happen. I realize that)

Apple does have some pretty nice specs, and I think we all agree that the camera and processor of the 4s is no slouch. But it's never gonna happen (and I'll put on a flame suit just in case)

But yes, honestly I'd love to see HTC do the Nexus

I don't think Google can choose Motorola. It will scare a lot of OEMs that Motorola is getting favoritism. Remember Google is an advertising company they need more users not more sales of a specific phone.

I want a company that customizes and makes your phone the way you want it. One that gives us a choice of cpu - single, dual, quad core? Choice of ram 512MB or 1GB or 2GB or 4GB? Choice of built-in microSD size 8,16,32GB? Choice of camera's front or rear or both, size of each in megapixels 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, 12MP? Customized options for display size, resolution, color, radio bands, etc. All unlocked by default. All delivered after two weeks. Now this is something I'll pay big bucks for $500 (low end, with default features) to $800 (high end with tricked out options)...

31.73% for Motorolla are u kidding me? i dont want to live in this world anymore. i think i should just quit here and never come back. i bet theres alot of "droid" fanboys on here

HTC for unibody build quality, but in conjunction with Motorola so we can fit that RAZR MAXX battery in there. Qualcomm with their S4 Krait chip with integrated LTE, Samsung can supply the screen and Corning can bring in their new G2 glass.

And minimal branding this time. I don't wand to see anyone's name on the front of the device. Throw in that quad band GSM antenna and let me be able to use it on Simple Mobile or some other low cost mobile upstart and I will be content.

Frankly, I don't care who gets it as the Nexus line does nothing for me (just like the Droid branding). I'd wager that most of the smartphone buying public feel the same. They base their decisions on many, many other variables.

I say Moto,

But it really doesn't matter, the nexus line is over hyped. I know no one that owns one or wants one. But I have seen 3 new Galaxy note owners in the last few days.

The only thing nice about the new nexus is the screen and os. The CPU and camera is sub par, period.

I would love to see what Moto can think up for the Nexus, and go way over the top.

But I have to agree, some of those new LG phones do look nice.

Hey I love my Razr Maxx. The battery is the best I have every had. You guys bag on Motorola because of locked boot loaders? 98% of people don't give a damn about that. Plus if they make a Nexus it will be open. The Razr has a great build and its just a great phone. HTC batter not make it. Their battery life is the worst. My old EVO drained real quick.

One spec & all can build for it. I hate this exclusive crap. Android is supposed to be open source anyway. They should be HD screen, OMAP 5 processor, 32GB storage, pentaband world LTE, SD card dammit, 2500 mah REPLACEABLE battery, all previous are minimum. Google Nexus to be sold worldwide by everybody!

Why are people saying the Samsung phones look like apple iPhone. My epic 4g touch doesn't look anything like an iPhone. Except for the fact that the screen takes up the whole front of the phone. Galaxy nexus looks nothing like an iPhone. Has anyone noticed that all the phones they talked about and showed from MWC look like each other. No one is copying apple. Give it up fanboys.

I choose to vote NONE OF THE ABOVE...

Instead of making yet another Nexus this year, Google should redirect it's energy into keeping it's commitments and actually SUPPORTING previous Nexus phones already out there. By that I mean both updating ALL of them to the current Android OS and addressing concerns many of us have reported over and over again for the past few months regarding various shortcomings on the Nexus S.

So can you please add an option to your poll that reads, NONE, JUST SUPPORT THE ONES OUT THERE ALREADY...

You want them to stop making money so your phone will be supported for longer? good luck with that.what possession do you own that there isn't a newer better version of? sunglasses, tennis shoes, televisions, kitchen sink, watch, all have newer "better" versions available almost as fast as you can buy. Your phone will be obsolete soon, deal with it or get a new one.

Samsung has done good job with it but its time for Motorola to put their touch on it. If not back to HTC. I'm okay with that.