For some of us, social apps are a load of fun and we love having the big selection of them on our Androids. Every time we write a post about one, fans seem to come out of the woodwork. But there's also plenty who seem to not care for them, and even think they are a waste of time. We hear ya, and as a matter of fact, they are a waste of time -- that's why they're so engaging! But seriously, everybody is different and no two Android fan's phones will be set up the same. We wouldn't want it any other way.

Myself, I love to play with them. I try them all, even the more obscure ones like Schemer. I usually give up on them after a week or so, but a select few keep me coming back. Holler at me on Google+ if you want.  What about you guys?  Do you find yourself checking in, or updating statuses or tweetering when you're bored? Let us know in the poll.


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gamepete64 says:

I just use Twitter and Tumblr. Not enough people on Google+ and everyone on Facebook annoys me so I don't even check that.

nipcarlover says:

Google+ and Twitter, occasionally Facebook.
Btw, your late-night polls are actually noon where I live.. (India)

Mostly Facebook and some Google + mostly just follow people on Twitter rarely post

rusty.gh23 says:

Have fb for a few close friends. 40-50.
I do not run the fb app. Its evil i just use browser
I like plume for twitter.
Just those for now. :)

JShafer91 says:

Facebook, although looking for an alternative app.
Twitter more than anything else.
Google+, but barley use it.

MACKSnare519 says:

I'm on Twitter and of course FaceBook.

I'm trying to find a use for Google+.

Who still checks their MySpace?

os8m says:

I use facebook, twitter for personal accounts, seesmic for work accounts, whatsapp and im+ pro for texting, skype when needed and i dont have any friends on google+ so i do not use it.

taran says:

Yes, Twitter only.

codemonkey85 says:

If nothing else, I find Google+ useful in conjunction with Instant Upload and "unlimited" photo storage for Google+ / Picasa web albums. I also sync my photo albums to my phone, which is awesome.

I also use Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to augment my contact info.

But actual social activity is pretty light, I have to admit.

os8m says:

you know what ! reading this post just made me consider removing all social apps like facebook and twitter cause they are actually websites ! why dont we try using them as websites with no apps it might save more battery as the browser is ONE app

davidwal83 says:

I use them but it kills my battery with the constant updating.

r00t says:


nory826 says:

Just Google+ and a little bit of Facebook, people on Facebook annoy me at times lol they always seem to be on.

Jayshmay says:

I mostly only use FB to keep in touch with people in my hometown, in Connecticut. I currently live in Las Vegas, and talking with people back home regularly helps me get my mind outta Las Vegas. So the past 6 months I have been using FB a lit more than in the past.

Does anyone see a trend here, I to have google+ but rarely use it... Facebook & twitter for me just like everyone else.. Sad but I don't think google + will actually ever be as big as Facebook..

jazzbassist1 says:

I have 3. Tweetdeck for twitter, Google+, and Path. I deleted my facebook account a few months ago and couldn't be happier. I wish more of my friends would get on Path, because it is easily the coolest social app out there.

chacalau says:

I don't get it... why is there a stigma about media tools which marketing departments have labelled 'social'...?

Why does it matter if nobody else you know uses google+?

I use google+ to share stuff with my network of contacts... and it doesn't matter if they use google+ or not, it is the tool I use to share things. I find it easy to use, and it integrates well with the other tools on my android phone and tablet.

I find twitter very effective for getting frequent. Notifications from some of the organisations I follow ... like Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team, who post regular 'tweets' from the pit garage during races... it feels like I'm getting inside information on race strategy and conditions.

Facebook is where most of my friends post pics and what-not, and it delivers them to me by email notifications.

Each serves a purpose.

kdrod95 says:

I stick to tweakdeck for twitter,, tumblr and google+. I refuse to go on facebook. All the family members I dislike are on there, and people are going to drive me insane with it.

khelek says:

I'm a Google+ addict, don't know anyone who uses Facebook or Twitter. OK I fibbed, I have all 3,but I love G+ and find it's where the stuff that interests me is. I think the ability for Hangouts is a great selling point for it.

Gekko says:

no i don't want to be checked in, followed, tracked, timed, watched, analyzed, counted, sliced, diced, stalked, bagged, tagged, and marketed to. and i don't want everyone knowing my business and my every move. F that. no interest. don't care about others either.

"The sheep won't even need a chip implanted--they'll carry it around like status symbol."

Sqube says:

I use the FB/G+/Twitter (TweetCaster for me) trifecta of apps.

I'm amused at how Facebook absolutely and categorically refuses to fix the error in their app where sometimes a picture will decide not to load, with absolutely no recourse.

vicw926a4 says:

I've never even opened Facebook. Maybe if it let me see something in it without being a member, I would consider it.

My main pathway is Google+

George West says:

I have all but quit Facebook and switched to G+. I have found that G+ even gives me my updates (for the most part) better then Twitter. I still find myself posting my pictures to Facebook only because of such a strong following for them. I'm trying to get everyone to switch over to G+... just makes sense as it will do it the way it (social) was intended.

prlundberg says:

I use Facebook to keep up with far away friends and family. I don't post what I'm having for dinner and other mundane everyday crap.

Starting to get tired of Facebook though, what a poorly written application. It gets worse with every release.

I am also on LinkedIn because it seems to be the thing to do for those in technical professions, but I have yet to find a use for it.

Cruiserdude says:

I use TweetDeck and Google+, I keep trying to use the Facebook app, but it AlWAYS gives me problems with spawning background processes, not staying inactive once killed, and eating battery, so I never keep it. FriendCaster is good to use to sync your contacts, and won't spawn processes if you don't start the app, but once you do you often have to Force Stop it, as it too will keep running and eating battery often.

I don't know what it is with these Facebook apps, I always turn off any notifications or auto-retrieve or w/e, but they misbehave worse than any other app. Now I just use a Dolphin bookmark on my homepage linking to their mobile site, which looks just like the app, and is just as fast if not faster since I have LTE.

SkinsFan1987 says:

I use Twitter (TweetCaster on one phone, SocialScope on the primary phone, and UberSocial on my Kindle Fire), Tumblr on both my primary phone and my Kindle Fire, Facebook (FriendCaster on one phone and the "official" Facebook app on my primary phone), and Google+ on my primary phone. Not too sure what to do with Google+, but everything else is cool.

MarkMcCoskey says:

I mostly use Facebook, although have cut way back. I use Google+ and Twitter as an RSS feed in that I follow selected people, groups.

Synycalwon says:

NO! I loathe social networking! If you want to get in touch with me; either call (if it’s urgent), otherwise e-mail or text. :D

LaFlamme says:

My option is not up there. I constantly download the "updated" apps, like Facebook and G+ and then uninstall them in disgust. Each of those is horribly bloated and buggy. I tend to keep G+ around, but only for the instant upload of photos.

LaFlamme says:

All that time we spent worrying about "Big Brother" and look at this. We did it to ourselves!

randyw says:

I have never used Facebook or Twiter and never will. I do have a Google+ account but just use it to keep up with the Android Developers. I put no personel info at all on it other than my name.

LadyDi says:

I keep trying to remove G+ because it became ineffective after the second to the last update. Other than that Twitter (TweetDeckDark) is quite enough but I do use GetGlue as well.