Samsung Galaxy S III

After reading through some of the comments on our very own Alex Dobie's post covering the hype and expectations surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S III, it seems some of you all out there have changed your opinion about the device as a whole. Many folks never liked the device from the get go while others loved it and now there seems to be a change of heart for some.

We apparently weren't the only ones to notice this shift as MOTH477 in the Android Central forums has posted a poll of his own asking how many people initially thought the Samsung Galaxy S III sucked but have now changed their minds. Were you in the love with the Samsung Galaxy S III from the start? Did you have no interest before but now you want it like you've never wanted a device before?

Rather than recreating the poll here on the blogs, we invite you all to sound off in the Android Central forums. Hit the link below to register for the forums or to log in and participate in the poll.

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Reader comments

Late night poll: Has your opinion of the Samsung Galaxy S III changed?


Screen looks great!! New feature and functions great!! The package Samsung put it in looks cheap. Plastic,plastic plastic. Design is also something consumers are looking for. It looks like a shiny Galaxy Nexus

Same. Features looked great on paper, but nothing revolutionary. Decided to go with the One X's sleek design and look instead. Also not a fan of TouchWiz

Nope hasnt changed. Love the specs. Hate the magic mouse/ soap bar design and Apple copying software features +Nature UX looks terrible compared to stock and sense.

Personally Samsung did a great job with the GS3. All they had to do was beat the GS2 mission accomplished. Technology and software alone this will be the BEST smartphone on the market when released later this summer. I already know they saved the best for the upcoming Galaxy Nexus this fall.

I wish the poll would have allowed for the possibility that we may have always liked the phone. In similar polls on other sites that gets about 45% of the vote.

In the past Samsung was always flamed for doing one black slab after another. Now Samsung has innovated and we are flaming them for that.

The real issue may be that it is not the biggest and the best. The Note still holds the crown.

The Galaxy S III is a mid-size flagship phone. That is a new concept.

I hate such articles justifying the mistakes that big companies make but it was a good article from Alex

I would buy the phone ONLY if I get a 100 % promise from samsung that they will push android 5.0 to my phone before the end of this year

Meh. I'm sure it is a great phone, it just doesn't do much to impress me. The HTC's look better, perform similar, have better build quality, and I prefer sense over Samsung's crap.

The one x looks better but doesn't perform like the S3. The S3 will blow it out of the water in terms of fluidity, performance and user experience. Don't get it twisted.

Because you've used the device already -_-, and a few benchmarks that show only a low amount of difference between the One X and GS3 really show that the GS3 is so much better...... We are talking about Quad core A9 and a over clocked summer, while around Q4 we will have 2GB ram, Quad Core A15 and a serious jump in GPU. My reason why i don't like the GS3 is because its not setting the benchmark like the GS2 had. The GS2 after almost a year was still not dethrown in cpu and gpu performance. While GS3 seems more like Ipad 2 to New Ipad. It has some nice specs but its not mind-blowing IMHO.

Yes I've already used the device if that's what you wanna hear. Ok now, forget benchmarks, everyone knows that the one x lags and stutters and sense crashes and reloads. Sense is known for that. You don't have the same issues with the galaxy series. So while someone with a one x is exiting an app and sense is reloading, I'm already browsing the web and making calls. It doesn't matter if they have same specs, HTC do not know anything about engineering and drivers and all that good stuff. Samsung does a better job so yes it will outperform the one x.

Sense is known for stutters and crashes and reloads? That is nonsense (pun intended). I have owned the OG evo and the Evo 3d. The OG was great and hardly ever crashed and the 3d, while gimmicky with the 3d, is a great phone that rarely ever gives me any lag, much less crashing. Both the SG3 and the Evo lte/One x are going to be great phones. There is no reason to play fanboy and over emphasize the other's weak point(s). I for one will be likely waiting to hear what will be available by years end. Now that Sprint has robbed me of being able to upgrade every year, I want a phone that I will be 100% satisfied with....if that is even possible :D

I have to disagree for a few reasons, one none of us have touched the phone yet. Two touch wiz is far more cumbersome then sense is, especially the new sense which is a lighter skin vs the heavy handed touch wiz. And three they are both likely to have the same processor the S4 chip due to LTE here in the US so there will be no real difference.

Hmm, not having any luck seeing the poll even though I'm logged in. The link seems to do nothing.

Anyway, I was somewhat conflicted initially. Amazing stuff, but I think the phone is a bit bigger than I want to pack on my hip. Not sure what to think about the plastic. They need to put solid hardware and the fancy software enhancements into a smaller phone so I can look at my GS2 in 6 months and have some serious buyer's remorse. As it stands, I think I'll be content not having a GS3.

I to am getting tired of the plastic and the larger sizes. I would prefer a phone that was more solid. I have a Galaxy Nexus from them and its just all plastic and it just doesn't feel like its worth the 299 price tag. Not only that but to damn big. Why can't we get a bada** phone that has a 4" screen or something. I will pass on this.

agreed, the iphone is just better for some people. although i won't be buying one i am really curious to see what apple brings to the table. they will need to release a killer device to compete with what all the other manufacturers are coming out with this year (i.e. the GS3, this thing is nice don't kid yourself!). i for one know they will, especially since they have used the same overall design for their last 2 iterations. bring the heat!

hmmm no, i hate that button at the bottom, it reminds me too much of the iDevice.
I was expecting software buttons. and the cheap-looking plastic and design, it reminds me of one of those Huwaeii phones from Criket. plus no black color choice :\
Looking at my SGSII, it feels like a step back in terms of design.

Agreed, by adding the menu button, they totally went against the direction that Google and ICS want to go into.

My Evo LTE should be here next week, and LTE in Dallas should be here by June, so even then I wont be looking at the GS3, to cheap of a looking phone for me.

Im not sure why but this seems like such a backwards move for samsung. this doesnt seem like the next big thing. I personally think that its ugly as hell. The screen look weird with the rounded design. And although it may be thin, it doesnt look like it from the pictures. Phones like the note and nexus seem so much more advanced. Im sure i dont know all of the specs and comparisons but thats my opinion so far

The GS3 was just a victim of it's own INCREDIBLY HUGE hype.
Samsung really nailed it with the GS3 software wise with a lot of standout features that shows why Samsung has one of the most popular smartphones out there.
design wise theres not much they can do with the slab form factor without dramatically changing something but it does look a bit stale compared to the HTC One series.
But regardless of what people say i think the GS3 will sell extremely well like it's predecessor.

The Galaxy S II was a phone that prompted me to spend several months out of contract from the announcement to its eventual arrival on AT&T. The first thing I thought when I saw the GSIII was that I wouldn't have to worry that I still have 18 months to go on the contract.

At first I wasn't sure if I liked it but it's growing on me. I would have preferred a Super AMOLED Plus screen but if the color rendition is better and the pixels are closer together like I read then that makes me feel a little better.

Also, the fact that it's plastic doesn't bother me because I'm sure it's strong and it makes it lighter which makes it less likely to get a cracked screen if you drop the phone. Gorilla Glass 2 will help with that as well.

Well just like everyone on here I was all over the hype for the s3 checking my phone daily for leaks. I've never had a galaxy phone and have had evos since launch which will continue next week. But... I am still very curious on the s3. Was I disappointed in what the s3 looked physically?? Yes I was just like the majority have on ac. I can go on about the screen tech plastic etc. The thing is now I've seen so many videos on the s3 that I've been looking past on what it looks like and paying attention on all the features its bringing software wise. At this point can't really judge because I don't have the phone and we all know it'll be different once it comes to the US. Sooo for now I'll be more than fine with my EVO LTE starting next week but no doubt I'll be watching closely at Sammy and the s3 when it launches for Sprint.

I expected a hardware bump with some of the latest bells & whistles for the SIII, so I wasn't let down or pumped up. I'm Still happy with my SII and not needing a upgrade.

I wouldn't even consider the One X due to it's non-removable battery. To me an extended battery is an absolute must, 3500mah battery for me!!!

The S3 is a great phone and Samsung made all the right moves but HTC makes a better phone and that's it. . As long as there is an HTC phone with similar specs and a better screen it's always going to be my first choice.

Eh, never been a huge Sammy fan. Coming from a OG Droid and a Droid X, im really missing the Moto build quality (say what you will about the DESIGN) the plastic Samsung build doesnt compare to the metal Moto uses. That stuff is durable. Got a GNex because of the stock experience, but it just feels like itll break easy (and it doesnt look like they changed much for the GS3)

Also, the back button on the RIGHT?! WTF are you doing Samsung?! Literally EVERY OTHER PHONE has it on the left now. I thought we had finally gotten the button layout standardized! Also, no multitask button? (unless the menu button also acts as that, but still)

Its still frustrating to see all these comments about the aesthetics and "so called" performance of this phone and how it compares to others. The fact of the matter is, that none of this crappy vendor fluff being pushed has anything to do with how this crap performs when I've loaded my apps. If it's anything like it's predecessor's (Vibrant, GS2, GS4G all have been majorly BAD performing devices for me when loaded with apps) all this cute plastic and vendor fluff you all are talking about is mute. Make it as smart as you want, but If the phone radio is crap, gps is lacking and demonstrates extreme lag when loaded, it's a paper weight. My 2 cents is all it's worth.

I liked the software features and the plastic was ok for not a fan of glass and metal because of what happens to a friends iPhone it just shattered into a million pieces when it hit the floor .. GS3anytime .. Design wise its ok by me too . Buttons .s don't other me had a galaxy ace and it worked fi r and speaking if the one x am never going to buy another HTC phone in a very long time because of what happening to my seven surround now it's really irritating my internal memory crashed just a few days after I bought the phone and my dada wildfire s too was lagging and unresponsive after sometime .. Sgs3 anytime count me in..

My mind hasn't changed.Still think the EVO 4G LTE will be the best device announced for the US so far. Waiting to hear more about Xperia ION.

I followed all the hype for this phone for 5 months, when I watched the live unboxing feed from London the first big disappointment right from the start was 8 mp camera and then when he started to talk about nature earth inspired, WTF it's an electronic device you can't mix them together. Then he pulled this fukn ugly piece of shit phone out of his pocket. I felt betrayed, WTF, now I'm trying to find a reason not to shut my laptop. Then he talks about rubbing the phone to the back of another to transfer files. That I will never do. I can just hear my fellow workers now. Yo Tom come rub your gay phone on my phone please I have a picture of a fag for you. Well my point is Samsung was smoking crack with this one I will not change my mind.

Easy tiger, its just a phone, and if its that much of a POS that you say it is you dont have to buy it. :)

Just curious whats your current mobile device? :)

And finally well done for having an opinion lol. Mine is the opposite to yours.

I have iPhone 4 but believe android finally has something better to offer. I was hoping that the gs3 would of had at least an 12 mp camera and a similar design to the gs2. I've been following all the big upcoming phones. I was considering the Htc one x but that is only 16mb, no sd, and 8mp, the Sony Xperia ion 12 mp camera may be my choice. I'll just have to play with all three phones. Thanks for the non harsh reply.

You could always import the international version (32 GB) I have the AT&T One X and can vouch for the camera quality. My Phone before this was the Atrix 4G, before that the iPhone 4 and before that the Nokia N8. If I had to rank from best to worst on camera quality alone it would go:
1.N8 Easily
2.One X
3.iPhone 4 (close to the x)
4.Atrix (freaking worthless)
You have the right idea of getting a hands on with all 3 devices but in my opinion the S3 is garbage hardware wise (externally). To me Android is all about the hardware as the software can easily be changed (especially with android), hardware is permanent.

Even though I have GSM galaxy nexus already , I really want and like the sgs3. But I want the international version with exynos four quad processor,and from what I've been reading it won't work on T-Mobiles hspa+.... what a downer.

My opinion still stands, it looks like your typical cheap plastic, flimsy looking Samsung phone...there's nothing premium about it.

@ supra_dupa: That's good!!! Never okay more than you have! Way, way too many consumers pay too much for a lot of things in this world!! Especially St carrier stores. Screw their prices! Go to Amazon!
These carriers need to realize there are alternative places for consumers to go get better deals.

Especially on accessories! $20 for a charger? I don't think so! I can get 3-5 chargers for that same $20 on Amazon.

i am less put off by plastic as I am of "been there, done that". I love my GNex, plastic, aluminum, whatever.... It is the best phone I've purchased and has taken me to new levels in my inner understanding of android. But, that said, I think the SGIII may be simply the next bar all phones are raised to.... So I'll wait and see what the next Gnex or HTC or Motorola device has in mind.

Samsung is infamous for horrible firmware bugs (see any galaxy s phone) and because of that I cannot subject myself to another horrible experience. I don't want to have to root my phone and run custom firmware just for it to be usable.

No matter how many times I looked at it. It's still cheap plastic to me; "hyper-glazed" just sounds like a doughnut to me - still cheap. And all the geometry combination just doesn't look right. Sorry. Still is the "worst flagship phone design of the year". New challengers like Huawei, ZTE are going to have a field day running over SGS3 on the design front. And the worst part comes from mocking iphone users as sheep while SGS3 just can't stop copying the features sheep are using.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", and Sammy just made a joke of itself as the official sheep follower.

I've logged out and back in and still can't see the poll. Oh well.

I've had an OG EVO since launch and was very tempted to exercise my upgrade on the GSII. It seemed like a nice upgrade over the EVO despite the plasticy build but with rumors of the GSIII and the next EVO on the horizon I waited. Now after seeing the two I'm going with the new EVO. Specs are comparable and most give the EVO screen the edge over the HD SuperAMOLED of the GSIII. Plus HTC build has historically build a little better IMO.

I like the GS3 and I will get it more than likely come November when you can grab it for a penny from Amazon during and around Black Friday. Of course, that may not happen but based on Amazon's past penny sales it will happen. The only thing that makes me hesitant is that it may come with the S4 processor. Another thing that will make me pass on it is if Sprint doesn't improve their network substantially come November. I may just pass on my upgrade entirely.

Evo is NOT even an option for me, no removable battery. I'd sooner buy a mid range phone with a removable battery for my work phone rather than the evo. *beats dead horse*

whats wrong with the s4 processor? oh right, the only reason you don't like it is cuz u cant brag your phone is a quad-core.

I love it especially if the US version comes with a Quad Core.

It's more then just an Apple incremental hardware bump.

Apple 4 to 4s
Faster Processor
Better Battery
Better Camera

Faster Processor (Quad Core in some regions).
Larger Screen
Significantly Higher Resolution
Better Battery
Better (Faster) Camera
Improved Flexible SD Card Support (up to 64g).
Notification Led

Nope hasn't changed. I still gotta go with the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Better screen and the reports of tr ONE X battery life. It's just a great time to e an Android user. Fun for all.

Everything is nice...

Quad-core Exynos processor,
The "video-while-you-web browse" feature (whatever it's called),
LED Notification light,
"Zero Shutter Lag" Camera...

Never mind the Love / Hate Drama that is with people and Samsung's insistence on PenTile tech for their HD Super AMOLED screens (Any screen that allows for a brilliant "computer-like" web experience is enough for me.)

But I have some reservations about the *plasticky* build quality of the Galaxy S III.

I own an HTC HD7 (WP) and a T-Mobile G2x (on 2.3.3), both have a soft-touch texturised back that feels really good to the touch and ensures me a solid grip with my phone. The Galaxy S II also has some texture to it.

The Galaxy S III is just this smooth, slippery, "Hyperglazed" plastic, that may slip off my hand (I just prefer to use my phones without a case.)

But I don't know. All that tech in the phone is tempting me to get one (and not a second-hand Galaxy S II)...

i feel that sammy made this phone all shiny like this to stand out in the store. smart idea, cuz they know most people are going to put a case on it anyways.

Hasn't changed at all. I thought it would be a solid device which it seems like it will. But nothing "game changing" that makes me want to wait for it.

My cheap plastic zx6r will smoke any tricked out and chromed harley on the road because of the drive train. It other words, it doesn't matter to me if something is the best looking if it doesn't have the b@!!s to back it up. therefore i choose GS3.

No thanks, this offers NOTHING to me over my current sexy white Galaxy Nexus. Quad-core processor you say? Ok, when I start compiling code on it, I'll see your point, However, for the 99.999% of apps I use (and games), I'd never see the slightest difference.

Only thing that bugs me is lack of LTE support for AT&T. Maybe next Nexus would have it.

thank you... people make it sound like they don't want a phone unless it can render their homemade cgi movies. it's like a nerd pissing contest. soooo many are complaining about the S4 cuz it isnt quad-core. who frikkin cares?! iv used the at&t One X and that phone is fast as F***. Don't most android programs only take advantage of a single core anyhow? making the S4 actually superior in most cases?

nope im still disappointed, sticking with my s2 for at least one year more, unless someone put out something that impress me

I LOVED IT SINCE I SAW THE FIRST PICTURES, i still think that my S2 is one of the best phones on the marquet, the S2 is the next evolution of it, better in every area, so yes, i will replace my s2 only for the S3.

...this is just nonsense! Nobody thats bitching about it has even had it in their hands yet!

Its like saying a movie sucks that hasnt been released!

Very excited at first, then found the display was skimped on. Disappointed at that. Not sure about the case, but it looks nice. Will know more when I can get my hands on one.

I will be getting this to compliment my GNote. I will wait a few weeks after launch, sell my skyrocket and spring for the New SGSIII. Downloaded ICS on my GT-N7000 yesterday, so far so good.

I don't care for the design at all, I much prefer that of my GS2. And I was also hoping they would ditch the physical button, not just for aesthetic purposes, but also because I don't feel it has any place with ICS.

I'd say it's quite likely my next phone won't be a Samsung, although it's probably unlikely I'm going to replace my GS2 until next year anyway (a tablet is next on the list), so perhaps by then I'll be on board with the GS4 :).

I used to base everything on specs and specs alone. When I first got the captivate I was blown away coming from blackberry . I loved the captivate but hated the GPS and constant reboots I started to get. We then went to the infuse and that was sexy as hell but seem to be kind of sluggish but performed better than the captivate . Finally we got the atrix and It was a huge difference. Realword performance and everything seemed to work . Finally now we just went to the HTC vivid and I could not believe the fluidity that this phone has but it's not the newest most speced out phone but everything just works together. The point I'm trying to make is that while the gs3 is very nice and seems to have some really nice things under the hood it will come down to Realword performance. To many people base everything on benchmarks and specs. Talk about judging a book by its cover . I've seen some phones with lower specs and benchmarks work better than higher end phones when using them for the day . I guess I just didn't really have a wow face when I saw the gs3 but that's just me. I love my vivid and its more than a capable phone while not having the newest but ics is pretty nice. :)

funny how everyone's experiences are different. The gps in my sgs2 works perfect right now (epic touch) although others have issues. The gps in my Evo, no so much. Usually would cause it to reboot if god forbid I was using gps and listening to pandora radio. Evo randomly restarts from time to time also but over all not nearly as bad as before with the latest update. Trying rooting and roming the Evo, just was worse with the restarts. My Epic touch, it just works and does it quite fast. I'm running the latest leaked ics build and it's just fantastic. couldn't be happier with the device.

Actually no, my view on the GS3 is the same as it was when it was announced. I like the design not into the shiney aspect of it but ok no biggie because I would put a case on it anyway. My issue is software related and this dates back from when Sammy 1st jumped into the phone industry. THEY SUCK AT UPDATES!!!!! Plus I hate touch wiz with a passion it is to cartoonish and takes away from everything that android is, it doesn't even look like a android device software wise. I love Samsung products have a few of their TV's in my house thats where they shine at TV's but the mobile department nah i'll pass on that. Gimme my Evo 4G LTE on the 18th thank you very much.

nope still think they could have done better with the gs3 but it is still a great pkone just not the best.

Opinion hasn't changed: I still don't get it. New TouchWiz looks silly. Device looks plasticky. Also questions about Samsung build quality (ie very poor GPS performance) that were not addressed with the GSII so I'm skeptical they will be addressed with the GSIII.

I say all of this as someone who thinks the Galaxy Nexus is a sexy device. Overall, though, I'm firmly in HTC's camp and looking at the HTC Evo 4G LTE gives me extreme device envy.

NOPE! This is more like a Galaxy SII-S instead of a SIII.
Touchwiz looks like Gingerbread still.
I'll stick with the Galaxy Nexus.

It kills me when people talk about it being cheap plastic. I have dropped my Samsungs a bunch of times and it never broke into a million "plastic" pieces?? Never had a problem with my HTC's either. If the plastic is so "cheap" why don't we hear all the complaints that wow I dropped my phone and it shattered?? You don't because its not cheap plastic. HTC and Samsung both make great phones and they keep one upping each other and thats what "WE" want so we always have something bigger and better around the corner. Does every like TW or but we live with it. The internals on this phone will be the best when it comes out but there will be something around the corner that will compete with it.

I actually like how light the plastic phones are, the bigger they are (ie: heavier) the harder they fall. I hardly notice my Epic Touch in my jeans pocket and that's because it's light as a feather, seemingly.

True that. I drop my phone onto hard concrete every other day. I work in a mechanic shop so it falls out of my uniform constantly when I'm setting up a lift. The phone maybe chipped and scratched the hell up but it still works and nothing shattered. The phone was also dropped into a sink once as well. The Moto phones are made of metal but the battery cover always gets warped, and the cover won't sit flush with the body on the OG droid. The droid X's physical buttons always fades, and get loose. So its not like those phones are much more tougher either. The whole phone gets all dented up.

My Iphone wielding friend was insulting my friends GS2 saying its too light and it feels flimsy and how his heavy Iphone feels more durable. He cracked his iphone 3 days later. People often confuse heft with durability.

True that. I drop my phone onto hard concrete every other day. I work in a mechanic shop so it falls out of my uniform constantly when I'm setting up a lift. The phone maybe chipped and scratched the hell up but it still works and nothing shattered. The phone was also dropped into a sink once as well. The Moto phones are made of metal but the battery cover always gets warped, and the cover won't sit flush with the body on the OG droid. The droid X's physical buttons always fades, and get loose. So its not like those phones are much more tougher either. The whole phone gets all dented up.

My Iphone wielding friend was insulting my friends GS2 saying its too light and it feels flimsy and how his heavy Iphone feels more durable. He cracked his iphone 3 days later. People often confuse heft with durability.

PhilR8 I'm with you on this. I love my OG Evo and the fact that HTC and Sprint supported it with new software fast and as long as they could (limitations of phone kept it from being updated to ICS). Evo 4G LTE for me, I'm not going to wait for the SIII to come to Sprint and then have to wait and wait and wait for software upgrades. Not a big fan of the design of the SIII either. Looks like they are trying to copy the iphone but with a larger sized phone.

I dont know why pplz are complaining about plastic ?? Its actuelly makes phone lighter to carry n not too heavy . Even apple use plastic on back plates . Every1 uses . I dont know wts the big deal

This phone is stunning! I saw the phone personally at CTI in New Orleans Louisiana. Unfortunately pictures are not doing this device must justice. The HTC One X is a nice phone, but in person the SGS3 just looks more sleek and sexy. It really has a bit more wow factor and presence when you seem them side by side in person. The pebble blue color, looks more like a dark grey and gives the allusion of brushed metal and it's not as shinny, as the white. It looks kind of industrial. The marble white is very shiny, glossy and comes across more to me as a look at me device. More fashion forward for the styles crowd. The USA version of the SGS devices always differ from the euro version. Jusk like the USA T Mobile, Sprint and AT&T versions all look diffrent from one another. With all the extra bells and whistles under the hood the SGS3 will hold it's title and reign supreme as the #1 android device and hold it's lead!

Where is the poll? Clicking on the link just reloads the main page. Funny that a tech-centric site like AC can't get a hyperlink right.

More unboxing videos i see, more impressive the packaging actually looks

It may have something to do with numerous complaints from few prominent tech writers or endless whining in the comment section or maybe the unpacked event's lighting choice was poor but GSMarena and few other's unboxing video in proper setting made it look amazing even with the glossy finish

Before i get flamed for the comment above, i hate glassy phones. It's usually too slippery and i will wait til my pre-order arrives

i was thinking to sell my SGS2 for this. but after they unveiled SGS3 i changed my mind.
design and size pissed me off.
nothing so special in SGS3.

If the HTC 4G LTE wasn't coming for Sprint I'd say that this phone would be my choice. It has everything a phone could pack in it this year, top specs, huge gorgeous screen, and awesome software features. But I want something different because I have had a SGS Epic 4G for the last 2 years and HTC blew my mind this year. I also don't want to have to wait for the S III to make it's way to the US

Do some of you idiots want your phones to be useful tools or fashion statements? Reading you people argue about aesthetics is like hearing a bunch of women argue about Coach purses or something.

+1 :-)

But Phone fashion is important to some! Also, an ugly phone is always ugly and catches attention.

I was in Asia a few years back when a fellow pulled out the ugliest, brick-like phone I had ever seen. It was a new, designer smart phone, and he was proud to show it off. But I still wonder whether waving a designer phone around was in any way positive....

Without a camera button, what is the point? Why does Samsung desire its customers to miss photos because it takes extra time to load the camera via on-screen buttons? Any argument against "pocket photos" is complete BS, since that would only use a trivial amount of space, and anyway you could just disable or remap the button if you don't want it. A camera button would be worth at least a few hundred extra $$$, yet Samsung just doesn't seem to want more customers.

And the editorial team here is egregiously shirking its duty. You consistently fail to call out phone makers on the lack of camera buttons. This feature is extremely important to many people, and you either completely ignore it or barely mention it, and almost always downplay it.

The hype for this phone was unreal and the features that people claimed would be in the GSIII were wild at best but we can't help wanting a phone that really takes the crown as the next big thing.

Instead we have an improved phone with up to date features and tech which isn't a bad thing but there doesn't seem to be anything special about this new phone.

Don't get me wrong the camera will be great and it will have zero lag for a while but I guess most people are left unsurprised by the phone and maybe Samsung lack the ability to truly wow us.

Alex's article on the reaction to s3 was great and while I too hoped for a bit more in specs, the S3 does seem very nice.. Because of timing it is being directly compared to the HTC 1, and that's not so bad for consumers.

. I will always love HTC phones at least a little since my first Android was an Aria that could do everything (well, almost :-) . And since then I have used the Evo, but also an Aria2. These days I have an excellent (rooted, ICS ROM'd )Galaxy S2 (sgh-i777), which is super.

I like that the S3 focus is shifting from hardware to features; and not just more widgets, but features that appear to be fixed on improving vice increasing use. It's fun to tweak Android but more fun to use it seamlessly in daily life.Samsung is ahead in that aspect.

I also like that it still has a replaceable battery, and expanded memory card slot.

I like the look of the phone. Of course, you never actually know until you've held and used it for about a week. The one thing I do not like is TouchWiz. I wish OEMs would provide the choice of either using vanilla Android or their customer UI.