Gmail is one of Google's best products for many of us.  Personally, if my computer or smartphone is on, Gmail is running either in a browser window or through a mail client, and while using an Android device it's the first app I set up.  It's very well done on Android, and overall it's the best and most reliable way I've found to get my mail.

But not everybody is like I am.  During the Mobile Nations Podcast this afternoon, a question was posed about what percentage of Android users used the Gmail app, and this is the perfect way to find out -- we're a bunch of Android users, and we all love to answer polls.  So let us know, do you use the Gmail application?


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Late-night poll: Do you use the Gmail app?


While I wish it was as full featured as the web version is, I couldn't imagine not using gmail. I started when it was first available as an invote only, and haven't used anything else since.

no pinch to zoom is quite annoying and there is no reason why it shouldn't be built into the app. Hell, any kind of zoom would be appreciated.

That is my biggest complaint as well. No zoom in and out or pinch
I use it on Galaxy s4 and the positive thing is that I can browse for emails up in the server.

Galaxy s4 built in email doesn't search for emails on the server but user can pinch and zoom in and out nicely

Why GMAIL can't do that?

I don't use it simply because it doesn't handle anything but gmail. It's just easier for me to use the regular Email app and add my gmail account to it (along with my Yahoo and Exchange emails).

It makes the regular Email app a "one app for all my email." Yeah, I get a little more functionality with the gmail app, but it would require me to open up two apps just to check my email. No thanks.

Actually, a little known trick -

You can actually set up your gmail account to poll your IMAP or pop3 email accounts in the web browser. So I have my gmail checking all 5 of my other email accounts, and they all aggregate into my gmail app... which doesn't waste my battery checking servers every 15 minutes, and I never have to set up an email app again. Just sign into gmail and all my emails are in one place. Also like you mentioned, the gmail app is a litle more functional than the stock app.

Once you set up your email like this you'll wonder why you messed around with anything else at all.

It's not necessary to use THEIR app to do gmail. What I can't stand is the fact that you have to pull up the menu to get to your other folders as opposed to having that built into the interface. It's awkward and the label view that does come up is aesthetically unpleasing to the eye. Oh, and +1 to pinch-to-zoom.

Yes I do. But why can't I zoom in or out (pinch or buttons) in Gmail? It bothers me so much!

100% agree. I own an iPod Touch/iPad alongside an android phone/tablet. The email experience through gmail is 100x better on android...except no pinch to zoom in email. It's not bad at all on a tablet, but on a phone it's painful sometimes.

Please add this google!

I'm not entirely sure Android Central readers are a representative sample of Android users, but I can't resist a good poll.

I hate the Gmail app, I prefer the regular Email app. But ever since I enabled 2-factor authentication, I can't login with the regular Email app, so I am forced to use Gmail. :(

This poll is kinda like going to a Prince concert and polling those in attendance if they like his music.... But hey what ever!

Some of you are as thick as a rock. The poll was posted to find out: "what percentage of Android users used the Gmail app"?

Android Central is the exact place to determine this as it is made up almost entirely of Android users. Nobody asked anyone if they like the app, just if they use it. Try reading next time or take a class in reading comprehension for god's sake.

Ah yes, surely Android Central is the place to get a representative sample of Android users. Normal people who use their phone to text and to check Facebook really give a shit about whether Samsung's next tablet that isn't coming out for 5 months will have a dual core or quad core processor. Dope.

Before switching to Android I heard so many good things about the gmail app. I haven't found it to be special at all. It's a basic email app for an amazing email provider.

The biggest flaw is that if it's an HTML-based email, 99% of the time it shows up full size and cannot be zoomed out on. So you have to scroll it, even the text. It's ridiculous.

So yes, I use the gmail app. No, I don't like it.

k-9 isn't perfect either and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have pinch to zoom which is what he is complaining about...

K-9 DOES have pinch to zoom - and it will let you specify "always show images" for ALL emails, which is what killed Gmail for me.

Goodbye conversation mode with K-9, it's just a dumb pop/smtp client. Welcome to 1980. I think I'll try a nice android version of pine while I'm at it. /s

All email providers and clients pail in comparison to gmail.It's the only place you'll get proper conversation mode, cloud synced auto saved drafts and instant search results. It's also the only one that won't chew your battery to death with polling if you have multiple accounts. My wife insists on using yahoo, so I was forced to set up the yahoo app, K9, and the native email app for her to evaluate.. the three combined couldn't even hold a candle.

I 100% agree with ^^ mcclifford32 (is he related to mclovin?). ALL of my html mail on my Pre displayed perfectly, now I have to scroll and zoom *everything* which almost makes one hand use impossible. Don't get me started that for six accounts I have to use two apps! AND the fact that gchat only syncs with the first gmail account. Man I miss webOS synergy...

You know, it's not like the operating system disintegrated when HP gave up on webOS... you can still use your Pre. I say this because everybody I know who used webOS used to b*tch and complain (every single one of them) constantly about the phone, but after HP threw in the towel now everybody's all melancholy about it, like their girlfriend left 'em at the altar or something. Personally I didn't use it enough to establish a personal relationship but if it was so great why don't you stay with it?

Just a pet peeve.
...Joe K.

FYI: If you use the Yahoo mail app try removing it and use the standard email client or browser. I had dramatic battery improvement by uninstalling Yahoo mail.

There was no DOH of course option in the poll or I would have selected it. Gmail app is a must unless you don't use gmail. And if you use another email provider besides gmail then you need to be switching to gmail.

I use my Gmail app not as much as my yahoo because everything is sent there and I'm too lazy too resign everything you but I do agree its a good app

I use the main email client instead if the gmail app mainly because I have other mail accounts besides gmail. Though it might be hard to believe for all the Google fanboys here, I still prefer to use yahoo as my main email account....

This feels like one of those Geico commercials... "Do dogs chase cats?"
Since I only use gmail, I don't even bother w/ the included email client.

I never use it cause its a battery sucker and it does not support pinch zoom I use K-9 instead

i seriously never took the time to consider why someone using an android device wouldn't use the Gmail app....
but i guess there are logical reasons... i think.

I used it when I was on my android phone. I wish blackberry still had it. I have to go back to android in November because the carrier I am switching to does not support BIS.

I use gmail but yahoo mail is also very well done on android. There should be a "yes - but I also use another mail client" category.

No it's not, it doesn't even save attachments properly. It saves attachments to the root of the sd card, which is about the worst place possible for adding confusion and clutter, and on top of that it doesn't run a media scan or update the catalog, which means most people can't find downloaded images in their gallery.. amateur hour.

Here's a question @AndroidCentral: Why is the mobile version of this site a second-class citizen? For instance, we can't vote or even view the polls when the site is browsed on my Android smartphone. Kinda ironic isn't it, when an Android site itself isn't well designed for Android phones, and yet we fume to no end when third-party sites like ZDNet/CNet do a poor job..

But, really now, how hard is it to make a cross-platform poll? And make images resize according to screen resolution...

I was able to view & vote using the mobile site. I'm running ICS alpha for the Bionic and using ICS Browser+.

Your phone must have an old browser, because on my EVO 3D I can browse the mobile site, view, and vote in polls... And even watch the live podcasts. Works perfectly. Stock browser.

To both of you, I ask, are you visiting the mobile version of the site, or the full site? Because the polls work just fine on the full site. (I'm on Android 2.3.6 btw, and I tried this with the stock browser as well as Opera Mobile)

The Gmail aop does NOT work properly with me, even though I've tried it on 3 different android phones

I like the Motorola Email App (especially the one in Gingerbread) , its the best Email App I've used on a phone (better than Symbian's & iOS's)

To be honest, I don't use Gmail anymore & the reasons I've one (2 actually), because you can't an Android phone without it & YouTube requires a Gmail

Personally, I can't stand any other email client for some reason, I guess it's just because I used gmail for so long. The only problem I have with gmail app is it's ability to handle attachments. Sometimes it just doesn't work.

I used it in the past but haven't used it in several months. There were just some little quirks about the GMAIL app I couldn't deal with. I've been using MailDroid on S2 for the last several months & it fits all my email needs perfectly; offers push functionality & no noticeable hit to my battery life..

I've been using the Gmail app on my phone since 2006 - years before the first Android phone was released. It was a java applet on my Nextel phone, and I had to use WebJAL to install it from my PC.

I can't imagine using anything else. Well, actually I can, but it's not a pretty sight.

I use Gmail but no Gmail app, i need my emails to be pushed to my phone as soon as they arrive, with the Gmail app i can't get that (Don't know if it's just me). Even the Hotmail app is almost instant, so i use the K-9 mail app for my Gmail account and so far is working great.

You might want to look into that because my Gmail hits my phone before Gnotifier alerts me on my desktop. I haven't had any push problems.

...Joe K.

When I first got my Inspire, I was not happy with the way my POP3 Comcast email came to my phone. I set Comcast to forward everything to Gmail, so all my email gets pushed instantly to my phone. A few tests showed that from appearing on Comcast to forwarding to Gmail to pushing to my phone took about a second. I even set up Gmail to use my Comcast address, so emails coming from me still look like they're through Comcast.

I'm in the minority that said NO. Two reasons: 1) I have other non-gmail accounts and I don't want to pull them all into my gmail account. 2) no pinch to zoom... this is just pathetic and unacceptable. It's just the principle: every other mobile OS out there seems to have zooming in their native email apps... but billions of $$ and plenty of smart people and google still can't seem to figure it out?? Sad.

Not using the gmail app on an android phone is like going to Hershey Chocolate World and eating a salad.

I +1 the Gmail app, but also share the annoyance with lack of pinch to zoom. I'm also annoyed that once ICS was released Google couldn't care less about pre-ICS apps. It sounds like the ICS version of Gmail is nice but most of us won't see it for quite some time.

...Joe K.

I use the regular email app since it handles all of my email accounts (including gmail, Yahoo, and my company's Exchange).

I tried using the gmail app for my gmail and the regular email account for the rest of them, but didn't really like having to open two apps just to check my email.

I also used Enhanced Email because of Gmails lack of zoom. I though I was the only one who couldn't read html on a 4.3" screen with text the height of 2 pixels.

I use regular email app because of pinch to zoom doesn't work in gmail app and all email is to large for the screen.

i use it because i have no choice... the native email sucks at pushing emails.. takes 15-20mins to arrive... and K9 when i downloaded it sent out a spam email to my entire contact list.. i dunno if it was K9 or something else that just happened to hack my email at the same time as installing K9, but i deleted it..

so now i forward my email to gmail .. and i wish they had simple features like

1) mark all read
2) get rid of threading emails! i HATE IT!

If you use the stock email app on your phone, try setting it up through Exchange instead of instantly for me now.

K9 is malware IMO.

As for your complains for gmail, it's not for you. If you don't like conversation mode, which it's pretty much built around, my guess is you're stuck using outlook half the time and used to it's rigid model. You might as well use the generic email client, or something from the market, though I'd be careful with email apps.. it's not hard for them to mask a piggybacked spam bot.

The gmail update for ICS is great - too bad the gmail in 99% of all ANdroid phones (which don't have ICS) is still stuck in the 19th century. It is so basic and primitive. I use it daily, btw. But I'm not too much of fanboy to admit it is extremely basic and pretty, well, bad.

I don't use it...can't stand the threaded conversations. Why isn't there an option to turn it off like on the website?

Hate it.

I loathe threaded/conversation views, and this app forces you to use that. And half the time it doesn't even work correctly, and brings up an old message in the thread when you tap into a thread.

Plus, attachments are flaky as all hell.

But, I use it (and curse it).

May I ask why you don't like the threaded/conversation views? That was the biggest reason I dropped the address I had in the early 2000s and switched completely to Gmail (and why I won't use any sort of desktop mail client like outlook or thunderbird). It is such a pain to have to go search through your inbox/folders to read the rest of a the exchange of emails, and I absolutely hate the way email used to solve that problem by just including the previous email at the bottom but with ugly "indentation" using >. I would much rather have a threaded email conversation with all previously read emails collapsed instead of something that looks like this:

This is the third email.
>Hey, nice to here from you, this is
>second email and the first response.
>>How are you doing?
>>This is the first email in the thread.

I used Titanium Plus to freeze the Gmail app altogether. I use K-9 to check all my email accounts. It's kind of no frills. Works without any drama.

One thing better about the stock android email is the dark theme. I also dislike the threaded conversations in gmail but deal with it since I can have my old hotmail account forwarded to it and I can send emails from gmail as if I sent them through hotmail.

The worst thing about those threaded conversations to me is it places similar bills into one conversation. My wife and I both have multiple credit cards with statements that get emailed to the same address and the app puts them into one.

Don't speak unfavorably about anything made by google here though, even justified criticism is quickly shot down by fanboys on sites like this. Just look at the Chrome browser threads... feels a lot fresher and quicker to use!! :) Isn't it about time for a major Gmail app overhaul????

I use it. I found it is less of a battery drainer than K9. I loved K9 other wise. In fact the Gmail mobile app devs need to look at K9 and crib like crazy. Why? Pinch zooming, selecting all emails, folder navigation and no I'm not a fan of the conversation view.

I thought I'd find more love for K-9 in this thread. I tried it out reluctantly six months or so ago. Love it. It just makes handling multiple accounts easy. Enough options to make managing mail easy, but not so many that it gets confusing.

Yes, I use the GMail app on my Droid. Not so much from the desktop. There, I use Thunderbird using IMAP to GMail. The only reason I go to GMail on the desktop is if I'm at work, or I need/want to create a mail filter.

I use it but I sure wish that there was a Gmail WIDGET!!! I also wish that you could disable the threaded conversation view like you can on the web version!

Just wanted to add my 2 cents

There is no reason this shouldnt be a useful app but isnt

So Imagine getting a Top of the Line android (GS2)

And to your amazement you attempt to use the gmail app

Only to find out there are tons of bugs

Email doesnt sync properly

Dont receive notifications on time (only after deleting emails on the Desktop)

This is a joke

has anyone at Google read the Customer Reviews?

And why are Google apps so poorly updated?

Do they care about the user Performance of their apps?

To me it looks like they dont care

google Listen?

I spent all of 5 mins installing K9 Mail and all my email syncing issues have been fixed

and yes yes i know.... I have a Gmail account

There's no reason why this app cant perform with the same desktop client

google needs to get their ish together and start fixing these apps

All the time. I use Priority box all the time so it's a must. Never had a problem with syncing, receiving, sending, or notifications. All thing I don't get is why pinch to zoom isn't supported. I get by that by viewing emails landscape wise so it's a lot less scrolling side to side.

I'm using it and don't want to miss it. Runs perfectly, notifications are almost instant and the UI is a charme - especially the ICS one.