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OK, show of hands: Who's having (more) problems (than usual) with the Android Market tonight? Go ahead and sound off in the comments, and then leave our inbox alone.

P.S.: We've got an e-mail in to Google on this one. We'd like to think it's pre-Gingerbread shenanigans. We'll just have to see.


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Late-night Market woes? You're not alone


The last few days I've been having trouble here and there, but persistence has got me in after two or three retrys. Same tonight so far.


shows I have 4 updates and they all quit once started, funny thing is it just shows them as being available to install the program it forgot I already have the apps!

Can't download a damn thing. Been trying to download kayak for 2 damn hours. My cousin got her EVO yesterday and hers can download fine.

...and here I am going crazy thinking it was my phone. I even flashed back to 2.1 stock with no luck... What's going on???

Every time I try to download an app (for the past few hours), it says the app will be downloaded.....then nothing happens.

Currently I am able to get downloads to work (temporarily) by uninstalling Market Updates. The problem is it last only until it re-updates itself again.

WOW, im glad i read this. I thought something was wrong with my phone. I cant download nothing.

LG Optimus S.

Bah! I was trying to download a wintry live wallpaper and it's stuck on the gray barber's pole, won't even start the download.

The problems seem to be global, with all phones. Updates don't work either.

I think I am going to bed and seeing how this turns out tomorrow.

I had many problems this evening. I had just gotten a new EVO today and switched to Sprint, so I thought it was my phone. I'm glad it's not just me. All my downloads start for a split second and then my downloading notification icon just disappears and nothing ever starts to download.

I had a Nexus One for awhile that I hadn't seen this problem on. AT&T actually managed to piss me off enough to switch. I was willing to pay an ETF and get rid of my Nexus One I paid all that money for (unsubsidized) just to get rid of AT&T.

EDIT: I'm working fine now as well.

I was just able to download a few apps consecutively, individually (not via update all), and they all worked. Perhaps issue is now resolved? (1:10am EST)

I had this same problem and figured a hard reset would work. It did work for about 10 minutes. UNTIL MARKET AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED ITSELF TO 2.12! Sorry for yelling. I went under applications and uninstalled the updates to Market and it started downloading again. Only until Market updated itself back to 2.12. Ugh. I think the problem is with 2.12. Droid X here.

Also, I think this may be what happens when they merge the new features/code into the web programs/api that the market is built upon. They can't obviously make changes on a read/write system. They turn it for a while onto read only so the market database is accessible/readable but not writable. When you attempt to download a request is sent and a download key is generated. This key is generated by the market system the key into a table which then verifies the download and bunch of other stuff. Complicated.

But; Like i said before, this happened before. And i know a little or two how the market works.

Haven't noticed anything unusual today. Running a T-Mobile Nexus one with FRG83D, which I just received the update for this morning.

Here's some speculation, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong; Perhaps all these market woes are related to pre-Gingerbread updates that will be revealed when the new OS is released. But to prevent this maybe this is why the recent 83D updated was released 5 days ago, to address the upcoming changes to the Gingerbread market and bridge any gaps in compatibility of phones running pre Gingerbread OS's with the new market changes.

End rant

been having problems all day with market not getting the network error though i was trying to download and it would not start but stop

I get "install unsuccessful" on certain apps while others install just fine. Been happening for about three weeks now. DROID2

My Evo has done this for 2 month now. For games like pocket legends I have to unmount my SD card....every time. Quite frustrating and I've had it since mid July so I doubt I can exchange it.

What was odd, this kept happening on my Captivate, starts to download then stopped. But when I tossed the sim in the Nexus One, no problems. And no problems with the Galaxy Tab.

Several times the Markets TOA came up as well.

Samsung Epic 4g

I had the Download Unsuccessful problem for hours, and after trying every "fix" I ran across online without success, I signed out of the Talk app (which I don't even use) and was able to download apps again. Hopefully this helps someone. I also notified Google of what resolved it for me.

I know this sounds strange and counter to every thing we know but..... every time this has happened to me I have hit retry repeatedly and every time my phone will log in some where around a dozen times. I have an EVO 4g stock 2.2

83D nexus and i have been using the market all night and morning... i have no problems. I'm in canada with the at&t version. Strange

Every time I try to update an app the market force closes. I've been having lots of problems with it. I just hope they fix it soon because it's very frustrating. EVO 2.2