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GS5 sales averaging 7,000 per day in Korea, report states

The unexpected early launch of the Galaxy S5 in Samsung's home country of Korea doesn't appear to have dampened Koeans' enthusiasm for the device. According to the Yonhap news agency, the Korean GS5 is selling at a rate of around 7,000 units per day, a figure described as "robust" by the outlet's sources.

The number is below the 8,000 per day figure given for the Galaxy S4 during its launch period, as well as the 10,000 per day achieved by the later Galaxy S4 LTE-A model. However the GS5 only has widespread availability on one of the country's three carriers, and government sanctions mean carriers can't offer subsidized phones at present. The Galaxy S5's lower launch price — 866,800 ($820) won compared to the GS4's 899,000 ($850) — is also likely to have contributed to early sales.

The Galaxy S5 went on sale in Korea last Friday, two weeks ahead of the planned global launch date, as local carriers sought to bypass government-imposed sales bans that would've prevented them from selling the phone on launch day.

Source: Yonhap (GlobalPost)


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Korean Galaxy S5 sales said to be 'robust' following early launch


I'd be curious to know what device people are upgrading to. I upgraded to the S4 from the Samsung Droid Charge, I've had my S4 for nearly a full year, still happy.

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Why not? Better screen, better camera, faster WiFi, Faster CPU, faster GPU, longer Battery life, AND IP 67? Why the hell NOT?

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Big deal

Posted via Android Central App using my Moto x while standing outside looking up at the stars on a moon lit night with a cascading con descent light shining down in the background. this message brought to you by dingle berries. can't get rid of your single berries? cut them off with a knife.

the same S4 with a slightly improved camera and screen , more gimmicks ( heart sensor , fingerprint ..) and finally a back that looks like a band-aid , such a let down

Your wrong dude..This phone has a lot to offer..spend more time with it next time and you will see..

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Wow just came from the at&t store and they had the GS5 on I gotta say I was blown away with the way the phone looks and feels in person..I was wrong in the beginning when I didn't think this phone was all that..This phone blows all the galaxy phones away..The screen is beautiful and more crispier. .touchwiz looks's faster more tone. .put it like this I can't wait for april.11 to come already. .my Galaxy Note 3 is hot. .but the Galaxy S5 it's even hotter..I love it!

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