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Kodak isn't really having the best time financially right now, but that hasn't prevented the company from filing patent lawsuits against both HTC and Apple. 

The claims from Kodak are that both smartphone manufacturers are infringing upon some of their digital imaging patents. While they already have an existing lawsuit directed at Apple, this one brings more devices to the table. HTC meanwhile are being targeted through their EVO View 4G, Flyer, Jetstream, Vivid, Amaze 4G, Desire, EVO Design 4G, Hero S, Rezound, Rhyme, Sensation 4G and the Wildfire S devices. That's a lot of Android. Notably missing from the list are any of HTC's Windows Phone devices.

FOSS Patents blogger Florian Mueller speculates that the whole show may well be designed to create attention around Kodak's patent portfolio as they search for a buyer for the company. 

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Kodak filing lawsuits against both HTC and Apple


Which is nothing more than protection from creditors to give them time to get their financials in order. It means they are in trouble definitely, but it does NOT mean they are going anywhere. When people see the word bankruptcy they assume a company is going out of business and that is not always the case. Look at Sears/K-Mart they filed chapter 11 a few years ago and are still around.

And if they are successful in their lawsuits and force Apple and HTC to pay them royalties it could be just the thing they need to get back on track.

I was pointing more towards they are about to file chapter 11, but have the money to waste in litigation. Thats a gamble, especially if they loose!

It is about time Kodak has decided to start suing companies, their position makes me a little sad as a amateur film photographer.

I would love if google or motorola could buy out Kodak for their patents so that the next Nexus device could bring about some really nice cameras that produce killer photos.

There is great technology out there right now for great cameras on mobile phones, there is just no excuse for Google to put that phone out IMO with what I think is lousy hardware. Being an owner of all the Google phones I am very pissed off at what I think is a lousy built phone. The phone has two things going for itself, ICS and the screen. Google puts one freaken phone out a year, I could design a better built device then what they just threw together. I get pissed off when I hear people just sticking up for what is a poor built device. Just my Opinion and there is no bigger supporter of Google and Android then myself.

It's a developer phone, DUUUHHHH!!!
Nexus phones are a standard. They're not meant to be the greatest marketable phone ever.
People enjoy Nexus phones because they are what Google intended Android to be.

Cant feel sorry for Kodak, they had the inside track on digital cameras a long time ago and abandon it as a passing fad .... Oops!