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Source code is coming and computers will soon be crunching

Google's Ed Heyl has announced on the Android Building Google group that the source code for Android 4.4 in now available from Google. We'll have two branches — one for the open-source contribution and one for the Nexus 5 itself, per Heyl.

  • kitkat-dev for kitkat open source contributions
  • kitkat-release the kitkat release build (KRT16M) for the Nexus 5--which will be tagged with android-4.4_r1. 

The code is available for download, as well as the factory images and proprietary binaries for the Nexus 5. You can find the images here, and grab the binaries if you're going to do a bit of code crunching yourself right here

Prepare for the ROMs.

Source: Android Building

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Grahaman27 says:

Nexus s ROM. Bring it back!

Darth Spock says:

Expecting early ports, go go gadget xda.

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CBanda77 says:

and here they come...loaded with bugs, broken Bluetooth and boot-loops, Nandroid ready!

Johnny Z says:

As developers abandon ship on their previously incomplete 4.3 ROMs to give you the most up to date experience in incompleteness possible!

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I never understood the point of 4.3 to begin with. I also didn't understand all the scrambling to make 4.3 roms when we all knew something else was coming soon

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fuzzylumpkin says:

It did a few things, mainly patched security holes. Just 'cause a change isn't user facing, doesn't mean it isn't important. Though your mostly right on the ROM front, as many of them already had a lot of the fixes in place.

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Anyone gonna work on a build for the Evo lte?

shamatuu says:

Bring it on with less bugs and stable. Rooting my Note 2 (N7100) as soon as the ones are ready and good to go.

yes port to the nexus s still have one would love to drop my sim in it

rupam95 says:

Is it possible to install the 4.4 images on a nexus 4?

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eahinrichsen says:

No, absolutely do not try to flash the Nexus 5 images to a Nexus 4. Wait a couple of weeks, and Google will post Nexus 4 images on the site that's linked in this post. At that point, you can flash the 4.4 images or wait a couple extra days for the OTA rollout.

JonK says:

New hangouts APK posted in 3..2..

barondebxl says:

LG G2 here, let's go!

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The hangouts apk works great! Sms and mms work great with it now. Love the update!