Jelly Bean!

A couple of hours ago we mentioned that some Sprint memos mention Jelly Bean for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S 4G are coming, and we just got this tasty nugget to confirm. It's from internal Sprint system pages and tells us just the news we want to hear -- that Jelly Bean will begin rolling out Sep. 6 -- yes, that's tomorrow.

For the Galaxy Nexus the build will be FH05, and for the Nexus S 4G we're talking JRO03R. Both are versions of Android 4.1, untainted by overlays or OEM changes. If you haven't already hacked the living crap out of your Sprint Nexus device, get ready for your upgrade -- you're going to love it.

If you need some help or advice about getting ready (or rolling back to stock) be sure to head into the forums and get on the right path!

Sprint Galaxy Nexus forums | Sprint Nexus S 4G forums

Thanks, anon!


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Tomorrow's rumored Jelly Bean roll out for Sprint Nexus devices gets more confirmation


Downloading it on Sprint's slow network will still assure that it hit's Verizon Galaxy Nexus' first. /not really but yeah, sprint needs LTE

Using the Galaxy Nexus root tool kit I changed my gnexus build from yakjuux to a takju build And have been running jellybean since Google pushed it ota. If you have a galaxy nexus (that isn't Google supported) I very highly reccomend this as it will turn your nexus to what its supposed to be, A Google supported device.

Don't think this is possible for Sprint or Verizon users, but it is great information to know.

Looking forward to this update glad it seems confirmed now. Last update push I didn't get it for a few days, hope it's faster this time around.

The last time we got something like this, it was only for Sprint testers and NOT for customers.

I'm not doubting that this will happen but I do doubt that it'll be for the customers of Sprint, it most likely will be for the testers so that they can get things ready for customers in 2 - 3 weeks.

I seem to recall the ICS date being in the Playbook as well, then it was delayed and Sprint reps on their own forums stated that it was only for Sprint employees to test and not customers.

Grrr, why now of all times lol. I'm eligible for a new phone and will probably get the SIII but this puts a hitch in my decision.

It's a shame that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is getting Jelly Bean before Verizon. Verizon read my virtual lips PLEASE STOP DRAGGING YOUR FEET!

There is a leaked JB build for the VZW GNex... I'm sure an ota is just around the corner.. or just go get it already!

Yeah, I had it loaded on my VZW Gnex for about a week and it randomly started rebooting way too often. Restored my backup of ICS and I am waiting for the official OTA. It needs to get here fast because I got used to using Google Now and voice commands.

Not hating to S users but it is sicking that S and VZN Nexus devices are held back by carriers. Defeats the purpose!!!

Seriously not digging this stupid wait for JB on the Verizon GNex. Why did I get this phone on this network?

Can't even get LTE within spitting distance of Sprint HQ on EVO LTE...and yet my Wimax USB stick gets full signal strength.


Very happy I went with the Sprint Galaxy Nexus a few months ago. This is my first Nexus device, and I'm pretty sure I'm never going back to Sense or Touchwiz.


Just bought a Nexus S 4G off Craigslist for $50, cracked screen GOOD ESN. Activated and ready. hmmmm. Coming from a Epic 4G CM9.1

if this is true, then i'll probably swap my current AOSP 4.1.1 ROM for this one. why? no matter what ROM i try for the Nexus S 4G, Google Now always takes a solid 5-10 seconds to load after staring at a white screen. i imagine something that obvious would be fixed in an official OTA.

Am I reading the screen correctly? "Customers can not initiate the update on their own?" Is that normal for a Google release?