Galaxy S II

Alltel hasn't forgotten the Samsung Galaxy S II, and Jelly Bean is available for download right now

Customers on Alltel using a Galaxy S II will want to check their messaging app this evening, as Jelly Ban has been made available. Users are receiving a text telling them the update is ready to download to their computer:

FREEALLTELMSG: Get the latest update for your Samsung Galaxy SII. Download OS Jelly Bean version 4.1.2 from your computer. Visit

Upon visiting the link, you're then warned that this is only able to be done via a computer (Windows only) using the Simple Upgrade Tool from Samsung. What you'll be downloading is the official SCH-R760 4.1.2 build, and the included package will walk you through getting it installed on your phone.

While we prefer OTA updates whenever possible, the jump from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean requires more than just an update to the system files. Manually flashing it from a computer is probably the best way to go here, though we wish it was a more generic process versus a Windows only executable file.

If you have no access to a compatible Windows computer (Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP) you should visit the closest Alltel dealer and ask for assistance. For everyone else, get to downloading!

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Jelly Bean now available via 'Simple Upgrade Tool' for the Alltel Galaxy S II


me too. If i'm signing a 2 yr contract I expect my phone to stay relatively up to date. I bought an evo 4g about 8 months into the life cycle and saw one major update to gingerbread. my contract was up just as jelly bean 4.2 was released. not to mention that sense is a bit heavy for my taste anyhow.

I agree with the sentiment, but the carriers definitely do not agree; they want you to upgrade hardware and renew a contract to get new features; that's where the incentive is for them.

Buying a phone 8 months in, I'd say it's reasonable to expect that it will likely see 0 or 1 update, because within 2-4 months there will be a refresh that they want you to purchase instead of keeping the one you bought.

The sole exception to this is the Nexus line, and even then expecting fully functional updates past 2-3 years is pushing your luck.

fair enough, i was admittedly disappointed in myself for not doing my homework a little better. still, if OEM's want 'bragging rights,' as far as I'm concerned, being the company that's most efficient with updates would be a big, big factor in purchasing. that said, i'm on sprint atm and sort of stuck here until everyone on my family plan is up unless I want to pay their cancellation fee and roll the dice on coverage. If the nexus line became more widely available with U.S. carriers, it'd be a no-brainer for me and a lot of other folks, I'd bet.

This picture shows exactly the problem I have with how Touchwiz looks. I can't tell what Android version that Touchwiz phone is based on. It might be showing the JB update, it could be Gingerbread; it honestly looks like Froyo did. If you changed the background to a S3 wallpaper, there'd be no difference noticeable.

I like the features that Samsung brings through Touchwiz and definitely appreciate their contribution to the Android user base; but it's time to move on into this decade on the look and feel of devices.

Moto has more or less adopted the minimum standards presented by the Nexus for ICS in 2011, Asus uses very light modifications and adheres closely to the Holo guidlines, HTC has overhauled sense to lighten it up, Sammy is the only one left.

"Simple"??? Gross. A "Simple" upgrade would be one that was over the air or one that you could just copy to the phone with Airdroid or to a USB mass storage mount.

Requiring an MS-Windows computer to perform an upgrade to a Linux phone is annoying, unnecessary, and hostile. At least there is an update, which is a plus.

Wow. Another originally released GB phone gets JB. But yet, the HTC Vivid still sitting at ICS 4.0.3.

Seeing this all the time, is seriously making me not want the HTC One. It is running JB 4.1.2 while there are plenty of devices running 4.2.2.

It also depends on the model and the carrier. The Galaxy S II was a higher profile phone.... the "Vivid" was not.

My old HTC Evo 3D was released with GB and then upgraded to ICS, and then upgraded to JB.

Ha the Evo 4g never saw ICS and it was supposedly the best phone on the market at the time. I hope HTC gets it together with the updates.

I actually just did this for my wife's phone. We're on Sprint, and I stumbled upon an announcement about the update on another android site while googling a problem for a different device.

I agree that the interface for performing this update is klunky, at best... but it worked fine.

I know 3 other people with Samsung GS2 (on several networks) in the UK. A few has seen the JB upgrade, but most have not. Some carriers (specifically Orange) have quite different firmware, with some carrier specific programs included.

Does anyone know when the Euro SIM free unit or Vodafone customers will get the update? Neither Samsung or Vodafone will tell me anything.

I'm surprised I have not heard anything from Android Central about the Sprint version of the galaxy S2 getting Jelly Bean.

I'm surprised I have not heard anything from Android Central about the Sprint version of the galaxy S2 getting Jelly Bean.

So i cant upgrade my galaxy s2 if i dont have a "SD" card. I really dont want to take a chance and lose all of my data. What are some other options I can do for free?


I have downloaded simple upgrade tools to upgrade my Galaxy S2 from Gingerbrad to JB and I am not able to download the sofware because of an error. I am getting fed up now and I don't know what to do. Anyone can help?