Android more and more these days seems to be synonymous to the Star Wars Universe. We first saw Verizon name its initial Android phone as the Motorola Droid. A "Droid," is another name for robots in the Star Wars Universe. Since the Droid name and branding is owned by Lucasfilm, Verizon must license the name. Soon after, to celebrate 25 years of "The Empire Strikes Back," Verizon and Motorola created an R2-D2 branded Droid 2. Keeping up?

To add more to the Android and Star Wars camp -- Japanese carrier NTT Docomo is advertising the Samsung Galaxy S along side the Sith Lord, Darth Vader. It's an odd commercial, no doubt. Vader in this ad, isn't the Vader we think we know -- he runs through flocks of birds, dances in the club, enjoys boat rides, and more. Even though the commercial doesn't make any sense, our favorite Sith Lord is welcome to the Android club. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Jonneh says:

Haha, love it. :)
Doesn't even have to make sense; as long as it catches people's eyes.

moosc says:

Makes no since at all.

tonyr4music says:

It makes sense to me. The phone is as powerful as Darth Vader and Darth Vader is the phone hahahaha

Dave17 says:

I like it. Can the Jar Jar Binks Palm Pre be far behind?

ricbon says:


Unicorn56 says:

Makes sense if you think of Darth Vader as a Droid killer...(I still like my DX better) But I wonder if they got permission to use the character...

docas11#AC says:

the force is with android the sith force

TheBronze says:

Woah, there. the word Droid was allowed to be copyrighted? Wow. I'd like to see them try to enforce that one in court.

Tifoso says:

Its perfectly legal and Verizon/Motorola have licensed the name from George Lucas.

strikeback03 says:

Yup apparently back in the day the copyright office was stupid enough to allow that one to go through

jedisrus says:

These ARE the Droids you are looking for!

frozencloud says:

Are they trying to say that android is evil like the Sith Lord? damn, i better not see an iphone commercial with Yoda in it.

dougeetx says:

Somebody needs to make a pr0n of darth vader having sex with a Japanese girl going, "Drooooooid!" as he spews the words MOTO on her stomach. That would be too funny!

NickF227 says:

Japan: Even the people living there don't get it.

NexusNole says:

Doesn't have to make sense, anything with Darth Vader is cool

Johnny_Mac says:

That's awesome! Vader doesn't do any of those things. He watches over them and stands menacingly at their side like a body guard. He represents the power of the Galaxy S in the hands of it's owners and it's superior power over all other phones. Again, awesome commercial!

strikeback03 says: