Leaked images provide clear look at what is claimed to be the next Galaxy Note

How's this for a Monday morning, then? GSMArena has obtained some pretty clear images of what they're claiming is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As ever with leaks we'll hedge it a little, but from what we see here it looks extremely likely that this is the real deal. The form factor resembles that of the – still unreleased – Galaxy Alpha seen in its own leaks, and there's a very definite S Pen.

That Galaxy Alpha like form factor also looks like meaning metal edges for the Note 4, and it looks to be retaining a leather effect battery door. Also visible is a speaker on the bottom edge of the phone and what looks like the same heart rate sensor arrangement up top as we've already seen this year on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

While it looks extremely credible, we won't know the full story until September 3 at Samsung Unpacked. We'll be live from both New York City and Berlin, Germany to bring you absolutely everything you'll need to know. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this.

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Is this the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?


Looks pretty sexy to me. For me, the Note 3 was so good we don't need any revolutionary overhaul, just the updates we expect. Any fancy new redesign would just be icing on the cake.


i feel the same way , my note 3 is the first phone that i feel like am not in a rush to upgrade it like the other phones that there was always something missing

For the life of me I can't figure out why they won't pump more money into developing the speaker on this thing. My Note 3 is pretty good but, improve on the speaker, maybe add another for true stereo sound, then I'd upgrade. I've owned an Android powered phone since 5 years and I'm really thinking of trying out an iOS device if there's a screen size bigger than 4" (rumors don't count).

The speaker on my Note 3 is adequate for what I use it for, but yes, it could stand an upgrade to stereo.

Please don't give Apple any of your money. Please. :(

You all are talking about the Note 3 but I'm still rocking the Note 2 and really don't find any need to upgrade to anything else. Maybe in a year or two I'll feel like I need to.

kcsween and techngro, if you don't mind a platform switch and are looking for a phone with great speakers, you may want to check out the BlackBerry Z30. It has awesome stereo speakers. With the new 10.3 OS coming in the fall, you'll be able to run your Android apps smoothly too. So far as screen size goes, it's the largest BlackBerry. You'll have to get used to no home button though, but I found it easy to adapt. Food for thought.

You say that like iOS devices have better speakers? If that's what you're wanting go get an M8

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Yeah, my son has an m8, the sound is fantastic. His ringtone is Breaking Bad, and it sounds like the TV is on when his phone rings!

Same boat here but I think it's time. I'm either getting the Note 4 or the G Flex 2. I wish there were more leaks for that phone!

I actually bought the G3 and returned it to go back to the Note 2. it's a really nice phone, but it gets pretty hot doing basic tasks. The screen is also not that much better. I actually prefer the AMOLED over the higher pixel density. The bezels were super nice tho and the camera...omg never used such a good camera.

I have spent a lot of time with one in hand in various stores, and it just feels so much better in hand than my Note 2 for supposedly same size screen (although it looks slightly smaller to me). Thanks for the info.

The screen on the G3 isn't much better than the Note 2?

Are you sure you used the G3? The screen on the G3 is far better than the screen on the Note 2.

I didn't say that. I said I liked the Note 2 better because of AMOLED. The resolution is higher. I know because I read about it on some android blogs. But I still liked the Note 2 screen better for every scenario besides reading.

I own the Note 3 and I've actually had extensive play with the G3, twice. Yes, the screen really isn't that much better, which shocked me. I honestly prefer the AMOLED screen on the Note 3. And when Samsung combined the awesomeness of AMOLED technology with 4K on the Note 3, the G3 will be a complete after-thought.

Mine never got hot. Only gets warm when charging, but thats normal for every phone.

You could also try the huawei honor 6, xiaomi 4, meizu mx4 etc etc. There is so much choise even out of our regins.

Btw, as ive owned the note 2 myself aswell. I have to say the pixel density sucks big time on the note 2!

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Really? I honestly can't tell the different between the the Note 2's screen and Note 3 in terms of sharpness. The Note 3 has a much better color reproduction (i.e. less greenish) but in terms of sharpness, I think it gets hard for the human eye to detect over 260ppi.

I can see a teeny tiny bit of difference when there are very very fine color gradients. Otherwise, I feel it's just marketing.

Because it is currently available, the list is ever changing. We'll see what the form factor is on the note 4, i would like to downsize a little and the G3 is about the perfect size.. For me at least.

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Just got my wife the G3... i love my nexus 5 but damn.. that G3 is really beautiful. If the N6 isn't amazing i'll end up with a N4 or G3 most likely... i just hate touchwiz...

I just upgraded to the Note 3 from the Note 2...but only because I found it on sale for $99 and received a $200 gift card for the upgrade. I also got $99 to trade in the Note 2....FREE UPGRADE!!!!

Your right, I am loving how my Note 3 looks. All I really want now is an Android L CM port and I'm good. Even though I'm on T-Mobile I think this will be a two year phone for me. Just keep the updates coming!

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Another day one purchase as usual just like the original Note, Note 2, and current Note 3 was.

This time I will get the Galaxy Gear Solo along with the Galaxy Note 4 on day one when they launch for T-Mobile.

It's pretty much plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products they are Android nothing else matters.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

How much do they pay you at Samsung and TMobile? Sounds like a great gig to have. Judging by the quality of your comments (erm.. I mean endorsements) you hardly need to work at all!

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Edit: also it's great to see you back in the comment section, your rabid endorsements bring some serious entertainment here

Alright, so you like the Note series. Cool, glad it fits your needs. Not sure I need to know your buying habits, but whatever....but enlighten me: how are the Note and Samsung all that matters? Futhermore, since when are they the be all, end all of Android? Listen, I had a Note 2. I liked it, but call quality was spotty just like the other Samsungs I've owned, and the pixel count on the display was a joke for a screen that size. Don't get me started on TouchWiz and the insane lag it caused. So I moved on to the Moto X, and then the M8, which is far superior than the S5. I'm no fanboy for any brand. I've had Samsung, Moto, HTC, all with varying success. LG is next on my list. But until Samsung starts offering something new as opposed to more of the same, I'm avoiding them like the plague. Not worth my hard earned money. Only thing Sammy has over the others is marketing dollars. But certainly not quality. If you need further proof, this very site posted an article ranking the M8 and G3 as the 2 best phones of the year. Not the S4, I mean 5.....

Let's see, out of 5 iPhone designs, one has had chamfered metal edges. We've had two designs from HTC with them.

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I think his point is (and this is a point you often have to make to Apple fans) that Apple didn't invent chamfered metal edges, and doesn't own the concept.

THE point is Apple innovated and did it first. everyone else is just shamelessly and sheepishly following whatever apple does.
Watch to see what apple does with the iphone 6.
whatever they do new, you know Samsuck and HTCrap will blindly follow with their next phones.
got it?

Ugh...it's both annoying and entertaining to see you Apple fanboys get all bunched up about something as simple as a chamfer. Something that has been used in everything from street corners to chip designs and has been around for many, many decades.

But Apple did it first. LOL. Do you even understand how silly you sound?

Yeah, Samsung will follow Apple by increasing the size of their phones...oh wait. ROFL. What about the supposed split-screen multitasking that Apple is going to unveil with the new iOS? Is Samsung going to follow that too? ...Oh wait. LOL

You're so silly, you can't even see that Apple hasn't led anything since the second or third version of the iPhone. Since then, every major manufacturer has surpassed Apple.

Think of it this way. In 2014, Apple sold you a phone with a 4" screen and a crap resolution of 1136x640...when every other flagship had a 5"+ screen with a resolution of 1080p or higher. AND they charged you a premium price for it.

LOL. You want to talk about being a sheep? Pot, meet kettle.

No, if you look at the comments below, he's just a troll. I didn't know before I initially responded to him but, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say... :)

Thats probably the reason why the iphone lacks so much great hardware. If some1 is a sheep its you. You pay €800 for a phone thats worth around €200 max if it was a windows, android or whatever os.

Ive owned so many phones in my life and most used to be highend, but i never owned an iphone and there is a reason why.

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Posting from my Nexus 5...not an apple fanboy. iPhone pretty much always is at the top for benchmarks with every phone that they release. In fact, their year old iPhone 5S still beats the benchmarks for most (not all) current Android phones. They are very good devices despite what some people spew. That said, I am interested in the Note 4 or the iPhone 6 (if there is a 5.5 inch screen). However I will wait to see how reviews are and will want to test each device prior to making a purchase.

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What good is having a phone at the top of the benchmarks if you're staring at a 4" screen with a resolution of 1136x640?

Sure... I wanna see apple fan boy's face when they release that bigger screen iphone. Oh and I'm gonna make sooo much fun of them when i see them with the big ass screen on their faces while making calls... Just like they did when they see people on pretty much every phone out there. Now who's following who? And knowing apple they're gonna proclaim that they are going to "revolutionize" big screen phones.... They must have big balls! Next thing you know they're gonna release an iphone with a stylus... Watch! Apple is so overrated beyond any reason. And if anything they're the ones copying everyone else.

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The backlash against flagships only being big has already begun. Apple's gonna join the big flagship trend just as it ends and the hit devices keep getting smaller

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Bud, if you look at the leaked renders and images for the iPhone 6 you'll see that it's more of an iPhone M8 than anything else LOL

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THE point is Apple innovated and did it first. everyone else is just shamelessly and sheepishly following whatever apple does.
Watch to see what apple does with the iphone 6.
whatever they do new, you know Samsuck and HTCrap will blindly follow with their next phones.

Oh please. Innovative and Apple don't belong in the same sentence ...and you talk about chamfered edges like it's something revolutionary. If anything, it's a pretty obvious design decision for metal phones and I'd say HTC has done a much better job creating metal phones. Remember Apple's first metal phone couldn't hold a phone signal, which led to the infamous statement from Steve Jobs, "You're holding it wrong."

Bud, if you look at the leaked renders and images for the iPhone 6 you'll see that it's more of an iPhone M8 than anything else LOL

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It does look really nice. I may just consider a Samsung phone if this becomes the new design language for the GS6, but then again they'll probably change it like they did between the note 3 and the GS5.

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Back cover texture looks to be the same as the OnePlus One's sandpaper-like sandstone.

Android and Blackberry fan

Edit: never mind, look like faux leather...

Lochness monster ... Bigfoot ... truthful politician ... OnePlusOne ...

Like the idea, but I've never seen so much hype over a phone that is vaporware for all intents and purposes.

Yeah, it's pretty darn thin! I'll be passing my Note 3 on to the wife [She got the Note 2 when the 3 came out]. Come on Sammy! We need more leaks!

where's the sexy device? all i see is the crappy cheap plastic samsuck device.
where is the iPhone you saw???

I wish they'd get rid of the physical home button on the note lines.
What's the point if you have to use your finger for the home button but the s pen for the others.
Why can't they figure that out?

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Why not? It sets them apart from all the other Android phones.

Like the back buttons on the LG. the top power(and speakers) on the HTC.

Brand recognition is important.

Not to mention it is very functional and useful. Once and awhile I catch myself trying to use it on the G3 I am carrying.

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I know you think you're being clever and making everyone feel bad, but really we're all just laughing at how ridiculous you look. Samsung had phones with a physical center button before the iPhone existed. Look it up, if you like. But either way, you can drop the troll routine. These are not the droids you're looking for.

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Hahaha! TenshiNo ... that is a smackdown. For some sick reason, I love seeing this happen to ignorant people with no doubt of their opinions. LOL

I like the physical buttons. A major annoyance of my Nexus7 tablet is its the only mobile device I've had in YEARS that I can't simply tap a button on the front face to wake it for checking time/notifications/etc.

MotoX tilt is nice - but being able to reach over and touch a tactile button is highly under-rated IMO. With my phone sitting on my desk half the day I reach over and tap that home button numerous times a day. I think what it needs is S-pen recognition on the home button similar to what they did with the menu and back buttons (which I also like.)

You don't HAVE to use the s-pen for the other buttons. You can use your finger(s) to operate the entire device without the s-pen. The S-pen is simply added functionality. The device recognizes the difference between finger and pen inputs. I guess what I am saying is that the s-pen is not meant to be the principal means for operating this device.

Plus, that home button may contain the fingerprint reader like the Galaxy S5.

I think his point is if you're already using the S Pen and you need to press the home button for some reason, it's dumb you gave to use your physical finger and not the S Pen you're already using. That made me nearly never use the S Pen on my Note 2.

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Well, after reading your response, I just physically did this with my note 3, in two different ways.

#1 While using my s-pen in my text messaging app, I effortlessly used another finger on the hand I was writing with to press the home button. This is NOT an issue if you actually use the device. In fact, this is a maneuver you have to do anyway when switching between writing and scrolling. Its not a problem to do.

#2 For shits and giggles, while doing the same this as above, I used my s-pen to press the home button. Worked like charm. non-problem = solved. :-)

Wouldn't be awesome if you were to press on the spen's button off screen and it would act as a push on home button... I hope that happens.

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I'm hoping for a full qwerty with number row on the S-pen.

JK. :-) To be of some value here, the S-pen can operate the home button. Slightly clumsy physically pushing it, but works fine. Capacitive additional operation of the home button would be welcomed. Since this could have a FP reader, then that could be the case.

I've grown so used to having that home button I can't see not having it.

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Yup. So would all of the iPhone users Sammy wanted to, and largely did acquire from Apple. I don't care either way but that's one thing in the Apple vs. Sammy debate you cannot argue. It's there because the iPhone had it. Smart move I'd have to say even though I personally dislike any physical buttons on the face of a device.

Not sure, but you could be right. The "fat middle" of the market (where the $$$ is) may very well get nervous about a phone that had no button in the middle. Most of us geeks on here tend to forget how much in the minority we are.

That "home" button does a lot more than just going to the home screen. I can't stand on screen buttons. I'd rather have something I can touch and get fed back from. If they stop making a Note without the home button, I stop buying Notes.

Play Plants Vs. Zombies 2 and watch it go to a Black Screen when it tries to pull up an advertisement and fails. The only way to get OUT of it is to use the Home Button or Power it off. I prefer the Home button method.

The physical home button is very useful, and can be used for several functions, and reprogrammed. I would have it if Samsung got rid of it. Clearly you've never owned a Samsung device lol.

What's this? no 3-sided display? Awwwww. Still has a home button? Hmmmm? Does anyone realize that if this IS the Note 4, it would have been very breathtaking WITHOUT that damn HOME BUTTON?

the button was one of the things that made me buy a note 3 instead of other brand , i use it specially when launching an application with wave launcher ,ooooooooooh how i miss the old times with my palm pre.....

Gosh, how I wish that WebOS could be ported to this. Let's see, it would be like version 8 or so by now. LOL.

My son's HTC phone got drowned the other day and we dusted off the Pre +. Tinkered with that tiny thing and forgot how much I like the OS. Hardware was mostly garbage. Have not bought an HP product since. Still bitter.

I'm not sure you realize how convenient it is to have in order to wake the device. Being such a large phone, waking with the power button that's all the way near the top is extremely annoying to do one-handed.

It's called knock-on :p LG and HTC are doing it, it won't be long before Samsung jumps on the train.

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I'm not sure they can at this point, due to patenting. I know that it's a better alternative, it's just not currently feasible/legal. So until then, i disagree that the button should go. Get a KnockOn feature available first, before getting rid of this. It's common sense...

Does it work with thick gloves on? I live in chicago and when it gets cold i always have gloves on... Physical button is awesome to wake the device up.. Knock knock wake up would be cool but I'd still want my physical button on top of the knock knock feature... Maybe in a future uodate.

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I really prefer a physical home button. I like being able to wake the screen with a home button press instead of reaching up for the power button.

If you dont want a home button Go get an lg... Leave the button alone! That's a good reason a lot of people have notes. Myself included.

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I don't get why people keep saying this. This is a pinnacle of Samsung and how they differentiate themselves from almost every other Android manufacturer. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.


Having the home button is OK for phones... but on tablets it's terrible. I keep hitting the recent apps button when playing games, which it keeps exiting from.

It is terrible on tablets. I have two Samsung and a nexus. On screen buttons are much better on the tablet.

Maybe we should reverse it all. Physical Buttons on phones, on screen for tablets.

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I thought there is "Samsung" clearly labelled on the front, probably Samsung wants to differentiate their phone from 1+1? the home button is not making the phone any easier to use, personal opinion as a note 3 owner.

Why would they need to differentiate themselves from that scam, the 1- ? There might be 12 of them in the world and none of are what was promised

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I hate that damn phone. Can it just cease to exist already?
... Implying it exists at all actually is a bit of a stretch
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How? I have a note 3 and i cant see myself using it without the physical hb... Besides even if it had the onscreen only hb it would still be located at the bottom so i dont see how it's more convenient... You would still have to reach down. Also... With the physical hb you have extra screen because you use the whole thing and not waste that space to put those on screen hb. Capice?

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I'd be okay with the physical home button if it didn't turn the screen on in my pocket. That is no bueno.

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I agree. I don't like the physical home button, but I understand Samsung's reason for keeping it on the phones. It's important to have a style that lets you know what brand it is the second you look at it, even if you've never seen the particular model before. Samsung and HTC have that. LG and Moto don't, really.

I'm not sure you realize how convenient it is to have in order to wake the device. Being such a large phone, waking with the power button that's all the way near the top is extremely annoying to do one-handed.

I realize LG's KnockOn feature is even more convenient then pressing a physical button, which it is fixed at one location on the phone. If using it one-handed, i suppose on screen cap wake up is even more convenient.

Having both of sitting here... They are the same thing essentially. It comes down to preference.

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So u are saying Samsung should turn to knock on then u will come back around and say they copied LG? Nice

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While I agree that KnockOn is a better alternative, it's also patented and thus not an option. So the original point remains that getting rid of the button is unwanted by at least one Note user! :)

The M8 is a very tall phone with the power button all the way up top. I would love it if they would implement something like the double tap feature to wake up the the note and get rid of the ugly ass Apple ripoff button. I mean home button.

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You realize that at one point every Android device had one right? Samsung just kept it

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Agreed the home button is something that they should lose its clearly started as an apple thing when it is not needed. Moto and LG have shown that simple software such as the tap to wake up the phone is much better. Imagine how much smaller that bottom bezel would be if that home button was gone. And people still talk about the finger print reader, it sucks and again is not needed, it just looked really bad that after Apple came out with it they went and came out with it as well. I love Samsung but their design language as well as Touchwiz is getting long in the tooth.

Manufacturers have proven that no home button does not equal smaller bottom bezels. Although that should be the case ... Name one phone that does that?

Heeeell no.... Everyone loves the physical home button! Do you have any idea how many customers would rethink about getting a note if that physical hb didn't exist? A LOT.

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Disagree. When I see devices without physical buttons I think they look cheap, and not thought out very well.
Waking a device in the dark, on the desk, etc. is easy with a tactile button... no knocking, tilting, etc... its just elegant.

To go with it, I like the physical menu and back buttons. Nice having buttons like that work even in immersive mode without having to swipe from top of screen. Plus, it means more screen real estate ALL the time. Or the long press of the home button that will bring up recent apps.

Now this looks GREAT! The thinness of the bezels are GS3 - class! If this thing is waterproof, it will seal the deal. This is what I've always liked about Note devices. The Note series are improved Galaxy S phones with more bang. They give Samsung the opportunity to correct some flaws with the tech in the latest Galaxy S version while adding a little more finesse. I also like the fact that Galaxy Note phones represent nearly no compromises. You get the all-inclusive package with these phones....

That being said, My current Galaxy Note 3 is the second Samsung Android device I've owned, with my first being the Galaxy Note 2. I really wanted my next device to be either HTC - made, or LG made as Samsung devices are growing a bit stale in terms of UI. I did get to spend quite a bit of time with the GS5, and even though Samsung definitely made some improvements there, it's still bulky and pales in comparison the HTC One M8.

But the problem is these companies are either not competing with the Note, or putting out half-assed attempts at competing. The HTC One Max is a f&*king joke (slower processor than its little brother, no stylus). I did get very excited when I saw the headlines and pictures for the LG stylus. I even patted myself on the back for waiting. And then, all of that excitement died when I read the article. A capacitive stylus? So all the owners of an LG 3 have to do is go spend about 10 bucks on a stylus and voila!! A smaller LG Stylus minus the stylus slot and software (with the software problem being very possibly solvable) Also, No laser autofocus? To be fair on the laser thing, the Note does not have laser autofocus either, but that is not the point. These companies simply don't get it. The Galaxy Note II had EVERY FEATURE of the Galaxy S3 plus MORE in a beefier hardware package and a better looking body. The Galaxy Note III had EVERY FEATURE of the Galaxy S4 plus MORE in a beefier hardware package (First US phone with 3 GB of RAM) in a better looking body. The competition's lame attempts always seem to make dumb compromises somewhere.

So, it looks like this year, my next device will once again be the tried and true Samsung offering in the Note 4 flavor. I expect it to be a beefier Galaxy S5 -- (I hope that it also brings the fingerprint reader and Water proofing as well). I was really hoping that I could give my cash to another company to help give them a bigger leg up. BUT THEY HAVE TO PUT FORTH A COMPETITIVE OFFERING!!!

No Wacom (Or equivalent) stylus = no competition! The ability to write on a big screen device with very innovative pen software without having to worry about resting your hands on the glass is a key feature. You can use the pen to write and your finger to scroll up.


This is a huge + for me. Cannot believe nobody else is even trying while Samsung keeps running away with the money. Missed drawing and writing since my last Treo. Got it improved on the Note.

No way the Nexus 6 is 6'' like that moto leak.

I hope there is not even a Nexus 6 phone. Let them die or have a developer only program. Nexus phones so far are not consumer friendly and give Android a bad name.

Keep the tablets though.

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You're a joke whenever you mention Nexus. Or just a very successful troll on that particular subject. We know you don't like the program for some pathetic reason, enough to have NoNexus be your screen name, just leave it alone already. Not consumer friendly said no one with half a brain...ever. You use a Note 3 for Pete's sake. Nice device to those who like its size, value a stylus, and can stomach Touchwiz. Average Joe consumer friendly? Um, no way. Even after the 55 tutorials Sammy has to bloat it up with most people are surprised at the features I've shown them it's capable of that they had no clue existed. I do agree with your first sentence, however, it's not happening. Google value's a "compact" device with as much real estate as possible. Hence the Nexus 5 and Moto X. If the N6 is based on the G3 and its size remains exactly the same I may change my screen name to NoNexusIsGenius and commit seppuku. The G3 is my absolute max being a small/big phone but I don't see them going over 5.2 for the N6 in the same or less footprint of the N5.

The only thing that might be competitive is the LG stylus. If they follow the Samsung pattern, which they have been doing for awhile, and make it a beefier G3 with s-pen like function.

G3 is a damn good device. We fortunately will have them both in the same time frame which is good

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And the G3 camera sucks... at least in terms of photo filters and picture taking modes. Was shocked when I found that out. Those two reasons, alone, make that G3 completely useless to me.

S5 mini is IP67 certified with open USB port. Many other Japanese phones also have open ports and IPxx certified.
It’s very much possible to water proof without flaps.

Looks OK. Nothing game changing though. I was going to wait for the Note 4 but my Nexus died on me and I went with the LG G3, looking at this I am not sure I would have gone for the Note 4 over the G3 on looks alone. I'll wait until I see the specs before I feel disappointed.

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It looks almost identical to my old Note 3. I'm disappointed about the lack of design changes. I love my G3 and I was hoping the Note 4 would be better looking if this is it, but nope I was wrong. Maybe Samsung should change the physical design and software if they want to sell more phones.

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LG needed to change its design bc no one was buying it... samsung doesnt need to since everyone was buying it.

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Lol that looks different than the note 3... Assuming this is the note 4. And remember that the changes are always going to be subtle... Otherwise it's just gonna be another phone and not a note 3...phones are like cars... You always see subtle changes year to year. Unless it's an iPhone... Those look the same year after year.

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I like the look of this supposed Note 4 and understand subtle changes to a winning design (in regards to sales) but your car analogy doesn't fit here. Cars tend to have minor visual and performance/handling improvements each year and a major overhaul of the design every 4 or 5 years. Lookup "planned obsolescence." Japanese auto makers basically forced American auto makers to quit their attempt to force sales by having yearly significant changes.

Well, this is a leaked image, so there is no way to know that for sure... I was hoping for waterproofing but I'm not sure if that is possible with the s-pen slot...

That blue looking piece of tape at the port may have something to do with a cover. This is not a retail device, so here's hoping it's just a pre-production issue for testing etc. If I were testing a device constantly, I could see ripping that cover off. Just guessing here.

I doubt it won't be... Notes are characterized by always imitating the recent S line but beefing it up even more... So I'm pretry sure waterproof is going to be on board.

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Am I the only one here who is unimpressed with the aesthetics of it? Looks kinda ugly to be honest. Sure, the thin bezels are pretty snazzy, but the rest looks just, I dunno, ugly/cheap/not nice.

No way... Samsung has even said that notes are for people that want to shed a few extra dollars on a premium device... 700 sounds about right.

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I still have yet to find a phone that makes me want to get rid of my M8. Usually it would have happened by now...lol

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LOL. That's funny. I have told the story on many occasions that if someone offered to give me an M8 for free, I would easily turn them down! Got to be one of the most boring phones I've used in a while! I'd easily take the Note 3, Note 4, S5, LG Flex, and G3 over the M8.

I know this is trivial to some, but I love the symmetry of the Note 3's camera/flash configuration. the asymmetrical layout shown here looks amateur-ish in an otherwise beautiful design. I would have to keep my Note 3...I'm details like that drive me mad.

Yeah, I have to agree. Splitting hairs but they can be split. One + is that flush mounted cam. That's a welcome change IMO.

How do you upgrade the total awesomeness that is the Galaxy Note 3? I really don't think you can. Other than upgrading the internals to the latest tech, the Note 3 has everything I could ever ask for. Waterproofing would be nice but the finger print scanner is really just a gimmick. I have used my phone a total of once to make an NFC payment for something. Its not my go to method because I don't find it hard to pull out my wallet to use my debit card. Using it to wave at an NFC payment scanner is just another opportunity to drop the phone and have the screen shatter. And to me, the physical size of the GNIII is perfect. It fits my sweet spot perfectly. Heck, I even like the "heinous" (as others have called it) faux leather look of the back cover (plastic stitches and all) No, what I want in the next Note, well, just upgrade the internals, maybe add an FM tuner, make the screen brighter in direct sunlight, maybe dual stereo speakers (who was the tool who designed the speaker as a downward firing mono in the first place. Note to Samsung, fire the idiot). The Note 3 has plenty of real estate that they could have put 2 forward firing speakers on the front glass (heck, they could fit 4 speakers in the top and bottom of the bezel. humor me for a second, look at the speaker that is currently sitting at the bottom of the of the phone near the USB3 port. Now look at the space between the home button and each of the on screen back and menu buttons. Scooch the menu and back buttons away from the home button like 2 hairs each and you would have plenty of room for 2 speakers down there. and don't tell me the glass is a problem because the home button and the ear speaker up top already introduce holes in the glass). Cut back on some of the garbage apps (heck, make them removable) and maybe thin out the overlay software they build on top of Android and that would be the perfect phone.

The only thing I don't like about the physical home button is it makes one handed use more difficult.

That's why it has the one handed operation option... The one that makes the whole screen smaller and adjustable ... I use it everyday.... Coolest feature on a big screen phone... U oughtta try it.

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Two things I wish are changed about this device are the camera and buttons. Firstly, I think the camera should look a little like the note 3's. If Aaple can get away with keeping the same design for two years, I think Samsung should keep the camera design the same. And lastly, I think the physical and capacative buttons should be changed to onscreen. Let's face it, we want moar bezel!

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As was stated above, removing the home button does not equal more bezel. There's a lot of tech behind that bezel. Besides, on screen buttons suck donkey nuts.

Somethings not right with these pics. Look at the pen in the second pic, it looks like it's protruding out of the bottom of the phone. Plus looking at the bezel in the same pic under the pen, the pen appears to be very thin itself and no slot or way to pull it out. Plus there's no mic hole anywhere in the bottom ( or speaker ). I have had the Note 3 since since they dropped last year and the Note 2,S4 and S3 and these pics don't look right to me at all. Sorry.

Looks like a small hole to left of charging port for mic, speaker to right and the pen has the same groove around as N3 for a finger nail to grab. Design is to hide it better from the looks of it.

If it surely comes with the IP67 rating this could be a great "yearly" upgrade. Love my Note 3 but this looks beautiful!

VZW NOTE 3 via AC app


I am being serious. I will stick with the Note 3 or go with LG if there is not a YOUM variant.

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That was very unlikely and very recent rumor. All of the leaks of the Note 4 that have been out for months, only did very recently someone start introducing the curved display... and that phone was teased WAY last year before the Note 3 came out, as a phone Samsung was looking to producing. There was nothing ever officially said or hinted by Samsung, that the Note 4 could be that device.

Digging my 4 week old Craigslist bought Note 3. Just moved from the iPhone legacy and I'm not going back. See no reason to upgrade any time soon.

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Good to see it following the design of the leaks of the Alpha. I don't mind plastic, but the chrome trim around the edges of the Note 3 and the S5 felt really, really bad.

Not entirely sure how one could have an "issue" with an aesthetic trim piece. It just feels really thin and cheap. Much more so than previous Samsung devices. Especially the S5.

Sigh... this is a pre-production LEAK. We don't even know if this is the actual phone. Too early to be making these sort of statements.

lets hope the signal is as good as the note 2 . the note 3 was a step down in the reception department. I sold my note3 and have been using my trusty droid maxx till something better comes along.

Might just be my next phone if there is no decent small size Android phone. Not including sony, never liked there phones.

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Would be interested in a Note Mini. 5" screen, micro bezels, full specs, thicker by 10-20% would be no problem (for me) to pack everything in.

No thanks! I love the squared off look. I hated Samsung went from squarish to round between the Note 1 and 2. So glad they went square with the Note 3, and this Note 4 leak is even better!

Cant wait for this phone. Its being announced on my birthday too-almost like its calling to me. Although I love my Note 3 (and my note 2 which is now a wifi device at home) I will most likely buy this one too.

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I really hope it's waterproof. I don't see a usb flap in any of the pics. Otherwise, it looks pretty nice.

S5 mini is IP67 certified with open USB port. Many other Japanese phones also have open ports and IPxx certified.
It’s very much possible to water proof without flaps.

I'm gonna call it a fake. It's a really good photo shop of the note3, alpha, and S5.

Spen looks wonky at best, has the charging port bezel of the S5, with no cover. Which makes sense, because how do you waterproof the spen? The corners look square like the alpha, along with its metal edges. I hope I'm wrong, or I'll be keeping my note 3. L here I come

Really good photoshop? lol it looks like a poor rendering to me. The top earpiece is so jacked up. And I agree with you how the S pen placement doesn't match from top view and back view.

O-ring built on the pen or in phone is possible... Plus the S-pen requires no charge correct? Just a place to stay when not in use so that could be completely sealed from the phone internals. If I'm missing something, let me know...

VZW NOTE 3 via AC app

I think the o - ring would not be the answer, as what if the spen is out of the phone? And correct, no charging needed. After thinking about it, I'm not sure if the button on the spen would need to be waterproofed as well. But they could just make the spen chamber separate from the rest of the phone and allow water to enter without any problems.

Truly loving my Note 3, don't really see the need to upgrade, even to the Note 4 so they would have to give me a serious reason to upgrade. Nice look, hope it feels the same.

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Looks like a bad rendering to me actually. The Note 4 will definitely come with a heart beat sensor but I do not see it here, or is that right below the LED flash?

Finally someone who agrees with me! LOL! This is one ugly device in my eyes gah I could never see myself owning a Samsung phone just cause I hate all they're designs. But to each his own and if others are happy with the device they choose, AWESOME! :)

Knock yourself out. As far as form and functionally, the Note 3 will beat a G3 any day of the week. No one what the Note 4 actually looks like up close yet but I'm willing to bet it'll make the G3 cry and wish it were never born... G3. Yeah right. [LOL. To each his own. The G3 is a capable device... Too bad its a G3]

I am not a fan of physical buttons either. It made no sense to have one on the Note 3. One of the reasons why I love the G3 so much is that it doesn't have a physical home button.

Easy to turn on when phone is laying on a surface. Never obscures screen real estate in any way. Just a couple of pluses to ponder. Had a Nexus before and appreciated the quicker multitask selection of the virtual buttons, and the clean look.
I can see both sides

I have a nexus phone and note 2 nexus gets annoying in order to open the screen, I have to push the power button with note the I jusy hit the home button. So I hope they just keep it I've gotten use to it and yes I can't wait till note 4 comes, out I love the note series.

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As with most posts on this or any other similar site, the comments are just as informational and interesting as the post itself.

As I read this article and now write my comments on my note lll, while I'll reserve my final thoughts for the actual release of the note lV, aside from the waterproof feature which is nice but something we've all lived without on our notes l, ll & lll, I'm not seeing and truly beneficial, groundbreaking upgrade to what my note lll already has or does.

To be sure the new lV will have some nice features but in day to day real world use, most are gimmickry and not features that truly change how we all use our phones day in and day out.

With the same size and small incremental gains in software and internals I'm waiting for the "Real" next big thing. This is just a little better than the lll, I want a major generational change with significant gains to drop $650.

Sorry to disappoint any of you out there... And in the interest of full disclosure I'm a fan of most of Samsung's high end products but this time around.... Nah...

If we see a 6 inch, vanilla android device with specs close to a note lll or lV I'm moving over..... While touch wiz worked and served its purpose I want a non bloat phone with note quality specs.

All I want is a good quality, competent device, no bloat, no gimmicks..... Keep it simple and reliable please!

You're not going to see anything "Groundbreaking" unless some sort of new technology is released, or if Samsung actually produces that bezeless phone with the screens on the side. There was nothing "groundbreaking" about the HTC M7-to-M8, nothing "groundbreaking" about the Galaxy S4-to-S5, nothing "groundbreaking" about any of the last several versions of the iPhone, and nothing "groundbreaking about the Note 2-to-Note 3. Honestly, the Note 4 looks like a much bigger upgrade, as compared to the Note 3, than what we got from the Note 2 to the 3.

As many others around here, I'd be all over this if it would be available in vanilla Android + pen functionality. TW slows down the device and makes the overall experience lethargic on what is an otherwise awesome phone.

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Damn, so this is officially on the top of my list of phones to consider this Fall. I'll try to wait and see what Moto has coming.

Yah, have to add my voice to the "I really don't like it" chorus. I'm sure the device is killer but the look is going in the wrong direction for me, personally.

Qualifier: I'm using an LG G3 which I prefer aesthetically. Still the Note, overall, is still one of the best phones out there.

The G3 looks like a poor Chinese knockoff of the Galaxy S4 and existing Note's. I'd definitely take my Note 3 and definitely the Note 4 over anything LG has out.