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For most of us, the best part about having a smartphone is the applications.  From its humble beginnings a year and a half ago, to today's 90,000-odd apps in more than 30 countries, the Android Market is filled with apps that offer just about anything you or I will ever think of.  Sorting through them all looking for the hidden gems can be a daunting task for even the seasoned smartphone vetran.

Sure, tools like AppBrain and our weekly editor picks help, but now we're going one step further with our Member Favorites forum.  It's chock full of polls and posts that feature what you guys think is the cream of the crop in almost every category, and we're counting on you to make it the first stop on the 'net to see what people like ourselves think about apps, which ones are favorites, and why.  Check out the Member Favorites forum, and let the world know what you think today!


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Introducing our 'Member Favorites' forum


Excellent idea! Now we will no longer have to depend on user comments in the Android market when deciding if an app is what we are looking for or even worth downloading.

I appreciate the effort. But hunting through 60+ pages of posts is not a good way of trying to find the best apps. I think I'll stick with AppBrain.

Great Idea. Today I was looking to find the best app for photo editing on my DX, I wound up doing several searches until I found vignette, and bought it. As the great android market grows so does the challenges of navigating it, unlike the other bloated app store here we can find help and resources to find the cream of the crop.

The bird is "angry birds"...which is a really fun game. Don't download it if you have less than 3 hours a day free for games.