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Users submitted 40 hours of video per minute at its peak

Everyone was quick to say that Instagram was playing catch-up with Vine when it released its new video option yesterday, but apparently it was doing something right. According to a statement given to CNET, Instagram users submitted 5 million unique videos in the first 24 hours of the app update hitting. That's a monumental number, likely made even bigger by the update hitting both Android and iOS at the exact same time -- Instagram on Android shows over 100 million downloads on the Play Store currently.

Now this is no indication of the long-term viability of the video option on Instagram, but it surely doesn't hurt to tout numbers like that. Have you given Instagram video a try? Sing out in the comments.

Source: CNET

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return_0 says:

The world works in weird ways sometimes…

Hreidmardmar says:

If only they'd supported ICS for making vids. -.-"

I prefer vine

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ybcthanerd says:

doesnt work well with tha note 2 myself and a few otha IG'rs i follow found that after a video is shot and uploaded goes into sum kinda slo-mo video for sum odd reason

scotty137 says:

I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that Instagram already had such a huge user base. It's still a really cool deal though. I love it. As a filmmaker I'm trying to find some really cool ways to use it. Any story ideas lol?

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icebike says:

Four Million, Nine Hundred and 99 thousand of them are things the recipients wish they could somehow un-view.

People at the NSA have ordered additional barf bags.

NerdyDarren says:

15 seconds are better

bluesun3030 says:

That's what she said.

DabuXian says:

I have better things to do than uploading pointless videos.

icebike says:

Great if you have grandkids far away, otherwise, yeah, a wasteland.

s2weden2000 says:

"just say no, people"

ToddPsyD says:

Wish it worked on the LG Optimus G, can't save your videos for some buggy reason

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focr6 says:

I love it, it's awesome! My feed is full of videos from friends and the first 3 videos I uploaded were from when I was out at a club and I got some Kool shots! Even my hangover videos came out great! Lol

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Metro1088 says:

I just shot my first video. Works vet well on Nexus 4.

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Synycalwon says:

Just more evidence of the increasingly narcissistic tendencies of the population. :(

natefish says:

Why does it have to be narcissistic? Most of anything I share on any social network is something to do with my kids or something cool to share.

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I know its cool to hate instagram or whatever, but the feature works well, looks and functions much better than vine, and I really like it and have already seen some great content on my fees.

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moosc says:

Just uploaded one while using the bathroom. Awesome sounds

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icebike says:


neonworm says:


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bluesun3030 says:

Bieber's video post were he was allegedly high off his a$$ was a great use of Instagram Video. Choice...

asd216 says:

I haven't seen one come up on my feed.

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JFetch says:

Instagram releases this, and all the sudden Vine fixes their broken app for Android. This is going to be an interesting fight.

richardpandy says:

At least I know that I am not alone that hates all this crap.

Droid_Evo_8 says:

Rip Vine. 2013-2013. LOL

Now instead of 14 year olds posting pic of there coffee, now we have to hear them giggle over it.

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Vine & Cinemagram are done! And the video sharing works perfectly on my Note 2.

andee.b0b says:

Lol I deleted vine as soon as I heard that it would be coming to android

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