Instagram 3.0

If you've been itching for a new Instagram update, your wish has been granted. Instagram 3.0 has now landed in the Google Play Store and it brings along plenty of changes. A new feature called photo maps allows you to showcase where you’ve taken your photos and check out where others have taken photos. In addition to that, new profile page changes are in effect and various other bits within the app have changed as well. Nothing drastic but it cleans the app up nicely.

Finally, the most welcome change for me and likely others -- speed. Instagram has been updated to allow for faster, endless scrolling and overall browsing of the app has picked up the pace. Users should notice less jerkiness in the app and images loading relatively faster. Instagram has dropped a new video highlighting the changes; you'll find it down below if you're looking for a walkthrough. Otherwise, go ahead and fire up the Google Play Store and get to downloading Instagram 3.0.

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Instagram 3.0 adds photo maps, new profile pages and speed


Can't get mine to load my photos to the map, keeps saying Try Again, guess their servers are busy.

EXACTLY! I don't understand the point I see it mentioned like once a week. I still have seen no reason to download, no conceivable interest save only why is it so dang popular, seems like another among many of "social media" apps, seems like they are becoming a dime a dozen nowadays. NEWSFLASH I don't really give a damn that you are eating a bowl of Ramen noodles!

I use it to see pics around the world, I don't follow people I don't care for on the things they post, only the ones that capture sights of unique areas around the world, I've also met so many new people around the area that we have become great friends and actually met my current gf on there. To each their own, but there are some nice people in the Instagram community.

Disappointed with the android version, iOS one has more features and my s3 still uploads pics in lower quality compared to other phones, pics have a weird jagged edges look to them.

i have a question, what is the name of the weather app you are using in the notification bar? looks nice