T-Mobile Galaxy S II

There's always one kid who comes to class unprepared, and tonight it's T-Mobile. While AT&T and Sprint let us get our grubby hands all over their merchandise, T-Mobile kept their variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II under wraps (a glass cube, to be specific). Why, you ask? Well we did ask, and it appears that big T hasn't officially released full specs, a release date, or even a name for the device. No knock against T-Mobile, really, as we're firm believers in better late than never, especially when it means putting some final touches on an already stunning device.

And you can put money on it being in the same vein as all the other Galaxy S II devices -- with a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED display, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, TouchWiz, and all that jazz. One more pic to whet your appetite is after the break.

T-Mobile Galaxy S II

Though we couldn't put it though the paces, we did get to see it under the glass, and just like its brethren, it looks fantastic. This one, like Sprint's, has a 4.53 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, which even under protection looks absolutely amazing. We're going to assume that performance is as buttery smooth as the rest of the line with that Exynos processor, though, like we said, we'll have to wait a little bit longer to prove it. T-Mobile says to expect more information in the coming weeks, while a representative told us to expect launch sometime in the Fall. 


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Eyes on the T-Mobile Galaxy S II (updated with eyes-on video)


no qualcomm CPU hurray!!!!! Now im interested again. Maybe if the HD7's succesor doesnt impress me much come Sept 1 announcement, ill get this puppy

What makes you think this? I'd say it is in fact a Qualcomm if they are hiding it from the rest while Samsung hypes up it's Exynos. If it had an Exynos why hide it?

I will buy it only if the radios are set up for AT&T after the buy out goes thru. Will not buy another potential paper weight. I have every new device made from T-Mobile from the Nexus One to the Sensation and all in between, T-Mobile stated earlier in the year they would start building their new devices with AT&T radio in mind. We will see. If they were smart they would have, sell a hell of allot more.

I hear you. I have a T-Mo Nexus S at the moment. Love it.

I'd like to be temped to grab this when it's launched, but if it isn't sporting AT&T 3G I will pass until we see what comes of the merger debacle.

I would imagine it'll then take some time after that until my NS is a paper weight. That'll give me some time to figure out what I want to do.

No they didn't want the press to see it has a Snapdragon processor in it when Samsung is hailing it's Exynos processor that is in the other two devices.

T-Mobile version = fail

classic...phil scratching the glass...its funny ...heard about this phone forever...took too long to release...love my sensation...nexus prime looks to be amazing also...its funny...Bionic still not out...lol

well other 2 companies so they might have it, but if it doesn't they also might over clock to 1.5 ghz , which is the rumor, now it will be amazing exynos clocked at 1.5 ghz