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Indian has been around since 1901, and they're getting ready for a re-launch of the Indian Motorcycle brand in 2013 by releasing the Indian Rides app. While the app is branded by Indian, you don't have to be an active motorcycle rider to take a look at this app though, as it has a little something to offer for travelers of any type.

Read on past the break for a few quick highlights and screenshots of the app's interface.

The Indian Rides app is meant for people who need quick access to travel information -- whether they're walking, riding or driving -- around them. It's basically a Google Maps interface with different layers, but they're focused on only the travel-related ones. You can select to view gas, food and lodging locations as well as weather layers. When it comes to weather, you can view satellite, radar, temperatures and severe weather advisories. You can also of course view simple information like traffic, and run multiple layers at once if you want an information-dense map.

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Where this could come in handy for motorcycle riders is the "My Routes" function, which lets you quickly start/stop routes to track your rides. You can also use it to set GPS location waypoints to save for later. Some of the functions are far from useful and are basically just novelties, but there's nothing keeping you from just using specific functions that work for you. The functions that do have real-world application are decently implemented and seem to be backed up by a good data set.

There are certainly a few issues (and design quirks) to be had -- like the not-so-subtle banner ads -- with the Indian Rides app, but there's nothing here that should keep you from taking a look. And it's free to boot, so you can give it a try at the Play Store link at the top of this post with no strings attached.


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Indian Rides: get ready for the return of Indian Motorcycle


So is the Victory app also not how to make an App? It's the same app with Indian branding since Victory (Polaris) bought Indian. Sounds like you didn't even download it and don't even OWN an Indian. tsk tsk. Ya troll.

As much as I was hopeful of an "Indian return", it hasn't worked the last two times, don't expect it to again this time.

Their pricing on the name alone is ridiculous. Over 30k for a touring bike that you can get a comparable Harley or Honda for less than 20k, there's no way they'll stay up again. They need a serious overhaul of the pricing. Then maybe......

Yeah, my first reaction was surprise that the reborn Indian from King's Mountain, NC, failed long enough ago for there to be yet another Indiana return.

Maybe it'll happen since Victory bought them and Victory has been selling a lot of bike for a lot cheaper then HD for while. :)

There's a lot of wasted screen it seems with the banner and the two rows of soft buttons. Of course it doesn't help that these screen shots are off a Nexus 4, it looks like, with the nav bar shrinking the screen that much more. Still, I'd rather use Maps and get more map on the screen.

Too much wasted space. The remaining space on my S3 is tiny.
The POI data is oddly WAY out of date.
I'll keep looking for a good app for motorcycle travel.

As for Indian, I wish them luck. My father owned a 1948 Scout. But I wouldn't invest any money. Sorry.