Samsung Stratosphere 2

The original Samsung Stratosphere on Verizon was released in mid October last year, so given the way Verizon runs its product cycles this makes a whole lot of sense. Consistent leak source @evleaks just put up pictures of what convincingly looks like the Samsung Stratosphere 2 (SCH-I415), complete with Verizon branding. No word on official specs just yet, but we don't expect this one to be a screamer by any means. The original Stratosphere was a decidedly mid-range device, even right at its launch date. Still, it fills a spot as one of the last QWERTY slider devices with LTE available today.

These mid-range devices aren't made for the power users, but still hold an important spot in Verizon's yearly device portfolio.

Source: @evleaks


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Images of the Samsung Stratosphere 2 leak out


Haha yeah conversations like that never go well lol. If your wife is a casual user, then this phone is perfect for her. It'll get the basics done for sure.

Very good news. I had a Strat for a few months before I crushed it by accident. It worked like a charm... no bugs, great signal, and extended battery made it last forever.
The keyboard felt far better than the droids I had tested at the store, but maybe I need to give the newer droids a shot.
Still, I loved the general design of this phone's keyboard which made it possible to use the phone as an on-the-fly computer.
Yes, it's ugly... but kind of curious how we have become concerned with phone prettiness.

"Yes it's ugly... but kind of curious how we have become concerned with phone prettiness."

+9000 to that statement. I don't think the phone is ugly, but I am tired of keyboard phones getting gimped on specs. Why can't it have a bigger and better screen, or a quad-core processor, or more internal storage? Why does every keyboard phone have to be a mid-range device? There is a market for this phone, but those questions are what make this phone DOA to me.

I have a hard time calling the Strat 2 midrange. It's supposed to have a Snapdragon S4, the same as the Galaxy SIII. In fact, this is the first time since the Droid 2 (incidentally, same chip as the first Strat) that a keyboard phone on Verizon has been close to current. The first Strat was 2.5 YEARS out of date... and I bought it anyway and don't consider the Droid 4 an option due to non-removable battery. So the Strat 2 is the first device that is running a top level chip only 5 months old. That's great progress.

looks somewhat similar, the Relay4G has the traditional Samsung home button in the middle.
the keyboard is very similar.

my guess is that they are largely the same phone under the skin.