Find a radio station that's just right for the time of day or mood you're in

Just a couple of months after new features of iHeartRadio were released, the Android app has been updated to integrate the new features of "Perfectly For" and alarm clock. Perfectly For is an interesting idea that aims to automatically select from a curated list of radio stations depending on the time of day or activity you're involved in. For example in the morning you could listen to "A Traffic Jam" or "Drinking Coffee", or on the weekend select "Relaxing".

The alarm clock feature is pretty self explanatory, but makes a lot of sense on mobile devices as more and more people give up the traditional bedside alarm. The iHeartRadio app now makes it easy to set alarms or reminders to wake up to your favorite music or talk radio stations.


Reader comments

iHeartRadio brings "Perfect For" and alarm clock features to Android


Except Songza doesn't have an alarm feature. Which is what I've been waiting for my whole life. Wake up just like my old fm alarm clock, but this time with my android phone paired with 450RMS watts of raw sound power ;) Sorry neighbors.

I've been using tasker to start iheartradio in the morning for a little over a year now. I like the new features though. I just hope it doesn't get to popular like Pandora and start running commercials everywhere. I had to delete that junk.