IFTTT Android wear channel automates things from your wrist

If you own an Android Wear smartwatch, the folks at IFTTT can help make your life simpler by creating automated actions that are triggered based on select criteria. With the new Android Wear channel, IFTTT can "trigger recipes and read notifications right from your wrist."

With the channel, you can use actions to get an email with a map of where you are, follow friends' check-ins in a specific location, or even upload a map of where you are right now to Facebook.

IFTTT Android Wear channel

Are you buying an Android Wear watch from LG, Samsung, or Motorola at this time? Will you be using IFTTT control to help automate certain actions or behaviors to make your mobile life even smarter?

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IFTTT Android wear channel automates things from your wrist


This is great! Hearing this is the deciding factor for getting one now. I really couldn't justify the practicality of it (notifications, great, but not a significant convenience over grabbing your phone from your pocket), but now, with IFTTT, it's worth it!

Can't wait. I'm actually on the fence about the Kairos a it says it will support Android Wear. That actually has me me excited about that than the 360. Even the Kairos will have portion of the bottom blacks because of the sensors.

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Meh, I've tried IFTTT so many times and its capabilities have never quite got there for me. It really needs to be IF THIS AND THIS OR THIS THEN THAT or simply, IFLOGIC. Not sure IFTATOTTT works as a name does it really.