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Updated: ICS now pushing out to UK Wifi-only Tab 10.1, as well as Italian 3G version.

Good news for anyone living in a country where the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has yet to be banned from sale. Reports from SamMobile​ indicate that the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the venerable Tab 10.1 is now complete, and has started to roll out to customers' devices. Updates have begun on the Wifi-only version in the UK, and the 3G version in Italy. In addition to bumping the 10.1-inch tablet up to the most recent version of Android that's not Jelly Bean, you can also expect some visual changes to the TouchWiz UI, bringing the software experience in line with Samsung's Tab 2 range.

If you've got an Italian Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 3G (GT-P7500) or a UK Wifi-only model (GT-P7510), you can update now by heading to Settings > About Tablet > Software Updates, or by plugging your tablet into a PC running Samsung's Kies desktop software. Alternatively, if you're feeling adventurous, you could flash the firmware directly onto any 3G Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- you'll find an ODIN-flashable version version over at the source link.

We'd recommend most Tab owners outside of Italy and the UK sit tight and wait for the official update to roll out, though. It's been eight months already, what's another few days?

Source: SamMobile


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ICS updates reportedly starting for some Galaxy Tab 10.1 models


That's good news. I've been running CM9 nightlies for a while now. Perhaps an RC or Stable CM9 with camera working will come out soonish since the official code is out there now! :)

It kind of amazes me that the WiFi firmware isn't released first given that the only real difference between it and the 3G version is the lack of modem drivers. But I'm sure the rest of variants won't be too far behind.

I'm a huge android fan, I run a G-nexus for my phone, and I'm typing this on a nexus 7. But...

I'm using a tablet that launched with Jellybean, reading about the xoom getting updated to JB, and the galaxy tab getting upgraded to ICS. Sigh...the android ecosystem really needs to get to the same page. Samsung, Motorola and HTC, if you're going to be the "big 3", you need to get on the same page on when updates are coming. It's ridiculous that we have 4 different very active versions of the OS running right now, Gingerbread is still the predominant OS on phones, with some having moved to ICS, as other phones and tablets move to JB. WTF?

That's the name of the game and it isn't changing anytime soon. Google is developing android at hyper speed. Manufacturers can barely keep their new flagship models up with the latest and greatest. It's not necessarily a bad thing though. The media and ipeople like to hype up fragmentation but in reality there's not much that ics or jelly bean does that gingerbread can't. Most apps are going to run just fine if your phone is less than 2 years old. Plus the best part about android is if you want the latest and greatest just go over to xda and get it or buy a nexus if flashing isn't your thing.

Any chance that the US wi-fi device will get the update? It would be nice if Samsung makes a statement about whether or not the court battles will postpone updates to any devices.

I was going to chime in with the same question. From the sounds of this article that because of the ban in the U.S. we can't even get updates for out Galaxy Tab 10.1. Hope this isn't true. If so, I guess I'll be throwing a custom ROM on it. Was really proud of myself for having left my tab stock for as long as I have. Oh well...

I was a Tab 10.1 WiFi owner since last July. I was going back and forth between the Xoom and the Tab. I knew the Xoom was going to get updates first, and I kept going back and forth. But the gorgeous (in comparison) screen of the Tab, plus the thinness/lightness, and better cameras sealed the deal for the Tab. After all, I thought, Samsung would be better with updating their own flagship tablet than they were with any of the carrier-branded Galaxy S models. Boy was I wrong! They are just getting ICS out the door in the UK (probably another few weeks to a month for US folks), meanwhile JB has been out for nearly a month. What's more is that, the Tab is perfectly capable of running JB, but Samsung will create some canned excuse as to why they aren't updating it past ICS (something along the lines of, the Tab 10.1 is optimal running ICS).

Well, the lack of ICS this entire time was the main driver is me selling my Tab and accessories via craigslist. Sold and picked up a Nexus 7. Couldn't be happier, even despite the smaller form factor.

Just checked and no update on my uk 10.1, will try later on kies however I keep getting a the device doesn't support initializing or something like that.

Anyone else see the update screen and get asked what country you're in? Or am I the only idiot who said "United States" when I should have fibbed and said UK?

I couldn't wait to my P7500 was updated. I installed Italy rom and it's working fine. a few apps stopped working but i just reinstalled them

I'm in the Uk but have a French 10.1 (what can I say, I'm a cheapskate. The 'EU' version was cheaper on Expansys). Nothing showed up OTA and as expected I couldn't connect to KIES (useless POS software!!!). Downloaded the UK firmware from SamMobile and installed it using Odin. Everything went fine with zero problems.

As an added bonus, the French apps (Reader Hub etc.) have now become English! Previuosly they were stuck in Frnech even after changing the language/region etc.

I've been waiting almost a month for the update released for 7 plus in the UK. Now I'm waiting for this update for the 10.1. If you live in the US... don't hold your breath waiting... maybe Sept?