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One thing Google didn't show us when Ice Cream Sandwich was announced in October was Android 4.0 running on a tablet. NVDIA's taken care of that for us and is doing so on the ASUS Transformer Prime, one of the more compelling Android tablets we've seen thus far.

While you're certainly not going to get all the nuance of a quad-core Tegra 3 tablet's graphics watching it on video like this, it's worth pointing out that NVIDIA recorded this video just two days after Google released the Ice Cream Sandwich source code. (And Riptide looks as good as ever.) Point is, we very much want some Tegra 3 action (and will get it in the next few weeks with the Transformer Prime), and we very much want some ICS on our exisitng tablets.

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Ice Cream Sandwich previewed on the ASUS Transformer Prime


wtf does your comment even mean?

It looks bad @ss! Smooth and no lag!

Finally an Android OS version that actually USES all cores and GPU acceleration for the UI.

Great job, Google!

It's ay-soos. One of their products has that very description on the box, I can't remember which one. This guy is saying it wrong.

haha it's funny, Phil usually does a poor job with spelling but I read the articles so fast to get to the video I never notice. I guess I'm as bad of a speller as Phil