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For someone who loves mobile technology, what took me so long to get a Galaxy Nexus is something you may be wondering. When the Galaxy Nexus was first announced with Ice Cream Sandwich I was more than intrigued, I thought I wanted one, and would grab it as soon as it was available, but that wasn't the case. Upon release I began to think about how future ICS devices may be better, I read some peoples complaints about various parts of the device and unfortunately I let that sway my purchase decision. With more ICS choices on the market, like the new HTC and Samsung Galaxy S III devices, the decision became even harder for me to make, and it wasn't until Google I/O this year that I was really able to make my decision and take a firm stand to make a purchase.

I have always been a huge fan of Sense, I think that it adds quite a bit to the OS that I find useful, and personally up until last week I was holding out for the Droid Incredible 4G LTE to finally become available on Verizon. After going hands-on with it back at CTIA I really thought that would be the best device for me, Sense 4.0, ICS, great camera, nice look, all that I could really want in the device, but then I began thinking again.

Google I/O was huge, it carried quite an obvious underlying message, and it is something that a few have discussed already. Think bad through all the craziness that took place over those few days, think back to what OEM's were there with products, who's products were discussed, and what announcements we saw. Everything that came from Google I/O this year was Nexus related, nothing from Samsung, nothing from HTC, nothing from anyone except Google and their Nexus line. The Nexus 7, the Nexus Q, and then the nearly instant drop of Jellybean for the Galaxy Nexus line, which Google just so happened to make sure every developer at the conference had one of.

This is when it dawned on me, Google's focus is very much so on their own Nexus line. The Nexus line of devices is certainly the first in line for updates, and it was pretty evident that Google plans a lot of support for these devices. Previously we have seen rumors of five OEM's making "Nexus" devices next time around, and while that may still be true I think Google will still pick a favorite. Over the past few months we have seen many OEM's tone down the number of devices they are bringing to the table, and instead of flooding the market with devices they are releasing fewer number of devices, and spending extra time and money to make sure they are extremely competitive, and ultimately what the users really want.

So, why lock into a two year contract now with a device that could be replaced in only a few months. For me Google has shown enough commitment to the device that I feel it will continue to be kept current, and developers will continue to support it. Look back at the Nexus S, it is updated to ICS, and will likely receive Jellybean as well. In the past it wasn't extremely important to me when the manufacturers brought the official update to the devices since I knew the development community would likely do the same job, if not better, but now I am more of a stock kind of person.

I was feeling pretty content on my iPhone 4 -- yes, I used one and actually enjoyed it -- and I never felt the need to even contemplate getting the 4S. As soon as an update was available from Apple I could grab it on my device, I knew it was going to be supported, and I didn't feel like I was spending money on something that would be out of date the next month. Up until recently I didn't feel the same way about Android devices, I was always afraid of buying what would quickly become outdated, and that always scared my wallet away from the purchases.

Here's to hoping that I am not wrong about this, and that Google will continue to better support their older devices, continue to roll updates, and make me realize this was the smartest purchase I could make at this time. 


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Why I waited to get a Galaxy Nexus ...


I, too, hope for continued support for this phone, for a couple of years. I am also hoping VZW gets their act together and get updates out when others (GSM devices) get it. Like JB. Supposed to drop mid-July, hoping VZW gets it out in a timely manner after that. Not 6 months down the road.

I an hopeful for one reason. When I had my Fascinate, purchased in Sept 2010, it took them until mid-2011 for VZW let FroYo out. But then, a couple of months later, we received GB. Two major updates within a few months of each other. That's why my hope is high that we (VZW customers) will get our JB sooner, rather than later.

I decided to root my Verizon Gnex this weekend so I could get JB. If Verizon updates that's great, but I like knowing I'll get my updates either way.

Did exact same thing. I was tired of waiting on verizon. Now I can always get the latest and greatest right away. Really is the whole point of owning a nexus

If you had the iphone 4 then you got screwed with the update if you didn't already know that. My wife has one that I spent good money on. It is the exact same as the iphone 4s except for siri.... Which wasn't in the update. Apple has no ethics. When updates drop from Google they're fully baked. You don't get watered down crap. Do people have to go out and buy a nexus 7 to get the new search or Google now? No. That would be ridiculous and greedy...... Apple

The iPhone 4S had a faster CPU and better camera...hardly a worthy hardware upgrade, but they decided it was could handle software so much better.
Now the Galaxy Nexus is leaps and bounds ahead of the Nexus S, yet the Nexus S gets ICS, it's getting JB, and I'm sure that it could handle the next update afterwards.
Apple is trying to sell devices, Google is trying to keep more people on their operating system because it allows them to make more money through advertising.

Actually it had a faster processor, better camera, newer radios and antenna designs, various other internals and various and sundry other changes.
But it's easier to believe the lie that it was a trivial change so you can feel better about something else.

One thing to remember is that while Google may be in it for the ad dollars their OEM's need people to buy new hardware and the carriers need something to churn phones and hopefully (for them) to switch carriers.

Well that was just a 4.0.4 update. So I guess Verizon figured, " Eh it's just tweakage to the OS."

Now we have a update that actually brings significiant changes and now Verizon gonna say, "alright now listen up A-Holes, we have a deadline for a serious update here. Let's get it it out and not d!¢k around with this."

So yes I'm confident that Verizon will restore hope in the device and show Google that they care not D-Bags(well they are still) and get a chance at the next Nexus device.

The problem with that line of thinking is that Verizon's goal is to ultimately make money on people buying new subsidized phones and being locked into contracts. From a profit standpoint, why would they bother updating "older" phones?

Now given that it is a significant update like you mentioned, they could see updating their GNex to 4.1 as a selling point for new contracts, which would benefit those of you with existing GNex's.

Can anyone say Jelly Bean and not know that their ASUS tablets (old and new) will get updated in the near future.


Dear Richard,

PLEASE take a grammar course and focus on polishing your writing. You have great things to say, but it is truly painful to read your work! I genuinely mean no offense and this request brings no spite. I simply believe that if your writing is to be read by so many people, it should be good.

Very much the same reasons I am considering walking away from Verizon, picking up an unlocked directly from Google, and going with AT&T or T-Mobile. Good to know I'm not alone.

No. LTE is only for 4G data. Voice and 3G data are still transmitted on either CDMA or GSM. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA which is propritary and requires the carriers to be heavily involved in the update process which slows everything down. Also GSM phones have a SIM card that is easily swapped or replaced. It makes it easier to leave a carrier and take your phone to a different carrier. CDMA phones don't have SIM cards that can be swapped or replaced, so you phones is lock to the carrier that you bought it from.

With Verizon's 4G LTE, they are now using SIM cards. To my understanding, you will be able to remove this card from any verizon 4G LTE phone and swap it to a new verizon phone and it will automatically activate that device for you. Now this will not allow you to swap carriers, but will allow you to easily swap devices. I could be wrong on all of this, but that is what I have understood with their new network.

You're correct up to the part about taking your phone to another GSM carrier.

Until the advent of pentaband phones this was really not possible, for anything except voice, unless you were willing to settle for edge speed data. (And even today most phones are not pentaband).

The upshot is you end up being data-crippled, or locked to a carrier even for phones purchased from other than carriers.

Most regional GSM carriers follow AT&T standards as do the Canadian GSM carriers, so an AT&T phone is still the best choice of a portable handset.

But it gets worse going forward. The FCC is going to continue to allow carriers to perpetrate these inconsistent frequency fiefdoms in the LTE world, and that means there will probably be phones unable to serve in some LTE markets. Unless the FCC mandates that all phones must work on all LTE frequencies these walled gardens will persist.

Except you're still waiting for the LTE deployment. 2 More weeks, if you live in Atlanta or Texas...beyond that, could be sooner or later, not sure what the plan is.

When I read about the goog commitment, and saw jelly bean, I cancelled my S3 order on verizon and bought the nexus through the gplay. two days later i had the phone and a contract with at&t. Now I'm going to sit back and luv nexus life again......its a joke that verizon doesnt automatically allow updates that goog sends out....btw jelly bean is the beeeeez neeeez

Congrats. You finally came to the conclusion I came to 2 1/2 years ago. I was one of the people that didn't listen to the smear campaigns against the Nexus One. Bought it, and it treated me right until it couldn't handle ICS. I've got a Galaxy Nexus now.

No Nexus, no care.

Correction: "Look back at the Nexus S, it is updated to ICS, and will likely receive Jellybean as well." should be "Look back at the Nexus S, it is updated to ICS, and will receive Jelly Bean nearly as soon as its newer, faster cousin." Google announced official support for JB on the NS during the keynote.

I'm Nexus only, off-contract with AT&T and will never look back. I would rather save and pay full price for my Nexus phone than get a contract for something that is not certain to be updated.

My only argument is that of COURSE Google I/O was huge and it focused on the Nexus line of products... cuz it was GOOGLE I/O, so they're going to showcase their own stuff! That doesn't mean that the Sammy S3 or any other handset isn't going to be supported for a while.

I to was/am in the same boat as you. Contemplating what phone to get/wait for at the moment. Been leaning towards the S3 but thinking about the Nexus for that exact reason, it gets updates quickly. But that phone has been out a while now and the specs, while respectable, aren't getting any better... that's my only worry.

I'm with you.

If it wasn't for Samsung's less than optimal upgrade support, I'd get the S3 in a heartbeat. As it stands, I'm a little leery as to when they'll support JB, although I'm sure they will eventually (probably).


you guys give samsung the benefit of the doubt too much as did I. I have a galaxy s 2 it is sitting on my shop right now and still does not have ice cream sandwich. thank god I came to my senses and bought a galaxy nexus a few months back.

on an unrelated note does anyone want to buy a slightly used in perfect condition samsung galaxy s 2 epic 4 g touch?

Ha, I did the same, but was a little later. I am rocking my new Jellybean flavored Galaxy Nexus, and it's awesome.

Surprisingly, I got it the same day Sprint released the source codes for my Epic Touch. :-) I feel like my Nexus ran a circle around the E4GT.


I felt the same way but when I weighed out the options I opted to try and get a GS3 32GB with 2GB RAM and root it instead of having outdated technology. No disrespect to Nexus users. I understand. But the SGS3 should be able to handle Klondike Bar or Kandi Kane or (if Google is ready for their big boy pants) A5 = Android 5. No more names. We'll see.

Apple would sue and file an injunction for the use of a number in the naming scheme. Just saying. I kinda like the desert flavored names btw.

That was one of my other hesitations about getting the Nexus now as opposed to something else.

For some people, the camera doesnt matter. For me it did which is why i didnt grab a GN. Though, the next nexus... im all over it. Eff the carriers.

I have a real camera so I really dont ever use what the phone has in it. Maybe one day they will be equal but now they are not even close no matter what phone you buy.

This was one thing that made me hesitate before finally pulling the trigger on the VGnex, but it's actually worked out as a good shooter as well. From my friends that follow Android news, they're often surprised when they see my pictures asking, "and that was with your Nexus?". No camera issues to date, although, I am not a professional photographer either.

I actually find the camera to be pretty great in most situations. Don't really see what the fuss is about. But then again, like you said, I'm not a pro.

I just ordered my own Galaxy Nexus last week from Google. The thing that drove me to it was this stupid injunction that an even stupider judge granted Apple. That action alone made the decision easy. Did I mention Apple will never see a penny from me or my family again? In fact I'd advocate piracy of their stuff just to stick it to them.

Fedex should be at my door tomorrow with my unlocked GSM Nexus. Now to find a prepay option I'm comfortable with. Straight Talk is looking good.

T-Mo has some good prepaid plans and very reliable service in most places. Plus their hspa+ is blazing fast if you live in the right areas.

Your iPhone 4 never got upgraded to have Siri. You can always get an updated ROM for your non nexus phone.

You can even get an ICS ROM on the Nexus One. Still a great phone. Try running iOS 5 on the original iPhone.

The Original iPhone was debuted on Jan 9, 2007. The Nexus One was released on Jan 5, 2010. Try making a comparison that makes sense. The iPhone 3GS fully supports IOS 5 and it was launched on June 8, 2009.....

That said, the day I saw the Jelly Bean demo at I/O I knew I wanted to try it out. The day I saw the ridiculous injunction come about I ordered an HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus. I'm gonna swap sims from my iPhone 4S and give it a try.

As I posted in another thread I think my next phone will be a Nexus bought through Google Play. I'm looking for info on going without a traditional plan, though, maybe using a hotspot instead with Google Voice. Anyone tried this or have other ideas?

Prepaid or contractless are options as well, not sure which is the best way to go, but I definitely want to get on a pure Android instant update path without being locked into a 2-year contract.

Get grooveIP to let you make gvoice calls without using minutes. I haven't needed to use a carrier minute or text for over a year now. Fair warning tho, gvoice phone calls can suck data pretty fast. I'm glad I still have my vzw unlimited <3

I ordered my unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus yesterday. It was an easy decision to make after Google I/O and the injunction ruling by the court. I'm hoping that they still can ship it out to me.

I'll never buy an Apple product again.

I used the upgrade from a family member who wants to stay on a dumb phone...fter the same wait that appears you made, I just purchased my nexus. I have the chance to see if I will go to T-mobile or AT&T and if so if i will use the non verizon version from the play store.

Was great to see that I am not alone!

I just bought a Verzion Galaxy Nexus. Switched from a 4S. I need to say, at this point, I can never go back. Yet, the battery life of this thing is just dismal. I'm not a heavy user. I'm an office sitter and have wifi here and at home, so that helps. The official samsung extended battery is in the mail. I did research on other, more powerful batteries, and adding the bulk and the ugly wasn't something I wanted to do. But as far as it goes, when the next Nexus comes now, I'll have it.

Are you not deterred by battery life? I need the battery to go one day without battery, and it seems like the stock battery cannot do that. Or am I encountering a universal "feature" for android that I need to carry two batteries with me?

I tried the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, but couldn't deal with the battery life and returned it. The battery on the GSM version is supposed to be much better than the CDMA version for whatever reason. My GSM Nexus was just ordered though, so I'm hoping this is the case as I switch to T-Mobile.

I wonder if that's a Verizon/CDMA-specific issue - my GSM Galaxy Nexus has fantastic battery life, easily the best of any smartphone I've owned in the last two years. CDMA can be a real battery killer when it's hunting for signal (which is turning out to be one of the many deal-breakers for me with my Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE which is going on ebay soon...).

I love Sense, especially version 4 on the EVO 4G LTE, but after two weeks I went back the Galaxy Nexus (using T-Mobile) as my daily driver due to (a) terrible 3G data (b) too many bugs in the EVO 4G LTE software (c) poor battery live (and that was before all the Google I/O news!).

The GNEX has a replacable battery and fantastic accessories (I love the car and desk docks). The only thing it's missing that would make it perfect is a microSD slot - hopefully this year's Nexus incarnation brings that back.

I get about 20 hours on my Gnex and that is with LTE on at all times and a couple hours screen time. What are you running your brightness at 100% of something? Gnex has incredible battery life.

LTE? So I'm assuming you're on Verizon as well. Granted, I might not have gotten the full charge on the device since it is very new (a few days old). I bought it on craigslist (fingers crossed that it wasn't stolen) and the dude didn't open anything on it--seems like he just opened the box and looked at it. So it is a "brand new" device.

20-hours seems like legitimate battery time for me. Waking up around 8AM and having it last 'til about 11PM at night seems reasonable (that's sort of the goal I'm trying to meet, which is less than 20-hours). What are you doing with it? I have mine soaking through battery with LTE off.

To answer your screen question directly: I'm running it on half brightness. The battery settings says 49%. I'm running the preliminary build of JB 4.1 right now too. This is also something for me to consider.

Are you using the extended battery?

As a heads up some of the JB 4.1 roms have a deep sleep issue, but a fix has been released that can be flashed. Download cpuspy and see if the deep sleep slot is being used, and try badass battery monitor to see if any apps are going crazy. If you are not getting into deep sleep then you can find the fix at rootzwiki or xda. I have a vzw LTE nexus and get about 20-25 hours on the stock battery with about 2 hours of screen on time, using 4g with no wifi all day. I have the extended as well, but havent used it with 4.1

Deep sleep appears to be working fine. 68% it is used. Doesn't seem to be any issue using BA Battery monitor. Do I just need to break my battery in?

Thanks for your help by the way.

Battery life does improve a small amount after about 10-15 charges, but I don't know if it will be a noticeable difference for you. A new rom or kernel may be able to help. I wish I had more answers for you, good luck.

20 hours???, I set my radio to CDMA only and turn off BT, and WiFi when not in use.
and with a 3800mAh super extended battery I can go 19 to 20 hours before reaching about 10% charge.
If your saying you can go that long on the 1850 or even the 2100mAh battery without recharging you are flat out lying.

I can vouch for him on that time. I have 4g (no wifi), bt, auto brightness, gps enabled on my stock 1850mah battery and can get 20-25 hours with 1.5-2 hours of screen on time. If I had a 3800 I would go for 2 days no problem

I'm using an extended 2100 mAh battery and I can get about 16-18 hours with moderate use (2 - 3 hours of screen time), LTE on all the time, screen at 50%. I use wifi at home. That was when I was running AOKP. I've been Vicous Jelly Bean Rom for a few days now and I've noticed I don't get the same results. Granted I've been playing with JB a whole lot more :)

I have the extended battery (2100mAh) and get about 17 to 18 hrs of battery life with a bad signal, which means I lose signal go from 4G to 3G. I use about 90-120 minutes of screen time a day. If i use wi-fi its a great 20-24 hrs. And if i use less then an hour of screen time i get over a day.

I am stock 4.0.4. If you would like screenshots I would be willing to share.

I guess everyone is lying about their battery life then???? I can vouch as well. Similar usage to the guys above and 20-21 hrs. of life on the 1850mAh battery.

I'm about the same. Bad-ass Battery says I average 19hrs and change. That's with LTE on all the time, and 2-2.5hrs of screen on-time. Now, does that mean I won't toss it on the charger during the day to top it off? No, of course I will......but I don't have to unless I'm using it really heavy.

You must be gods gift to androidkind lol....5-6 hours for me and thats if i'm lucky.....I dont know anyone on verizon getting more than 12 with moderate use and stock battery

I'm outside all day. You can't even see the screen unless it's 100 percent brightness. And then even then it's really hard

I carry a spare battery with me at all times. It fits nicely into my wallet as a matter of fact. So if the battery goes low I just swap it out. I still don't quite understand why the battery issue stymies folks. If the phone was sealed like an iPhone, sure...but a phone with a replaceable battery...?

+1 on the battery in the wallet. Being bored in an airport with everyone fighting for an outlet it's just nice to have.

Because in 2012 you should be able to get several hours off of a battery or its considered a fail. Having to carry around extra batteries is just stupid.

Everyone hopes to get latest softwares update and continue support for their device. But getting Nexus device just because you want to have fastest and latest softwares update and continue to live with its outdated hardwares? How about considering getting the best hardwares and wait for a few months for the softwares updates (faster if you rooted)? I think I choose the latter.

No thanks. Will stick to the Nexus that I have overclocked to 1.8 and can't tell any difference in performance versus SIII. Not to mention the dev support, roms, mods etc... is 100 fold of any other phones

I got a Verizon Gnex a couple of weeks ago. I was able to update to jelly bean easily this week. Having the latest os that quickly made the decision to go with this phone very worthwhile.

"Upon release I began to think about how future ICS devices may be better"

I hope you learned your lesson.

"I have always been a huge fan of Sense"

I'm sorry to hear that. I guess there is another lesson that needs to be learned here.

"I was feeling pretty content on my iPhone 4 -- yes, I used one and actually enjoyed it -- and I never felt the need to even contemplate getting the 4S. As soon as an update was available from Apple I could grab it on my device, I knew it was going to be supported, and I didn't feel like I was spending money on something that would be out of date the next month."

Except it is outdated because it will be missing nearly all of the key features of the new iOS update.

But hey, it has the same "version number"...so there's that?

It lacks the Siri updates, the rest it got.

That was to be expected since it never had Siri to begin with. It still receives an update at the same time as the other devices, and it may be scaled down, but it happens.

This was a great article made really bad by the fact that no one seems to have copy edited it. The typos and grammar are horrible, and it degrades your credibility. Tell your editors that someone needs to read this again and post the edit.

ehhh he's writing shorthand for mobile. I understood what he meant and had to read a sentence or two over again, but I see more and more writing like this on the i-net. Specific thoughts don't get conveyed, but overall generalization of the subject does.

You mirrored my sentiments exactly! This is why I sold my rezound and got the Gnex. I am assured of getting the newest update in a matter of weeks instead of months. Am tired of having too cross my fingers everytime I hear about updates from OEMs. Yes I loved sense...was running a custom sense4 ROM but I finally see its not worth the wait. HTC made me feel like a second hand citizen after they refused to release sense4 for the rezound. Even more is that an official ICS update is yet to come!!!!
With my new Gnex, am sure I will be getting the JB by end of this month. Frankly, I couldn't care less about HTC and sense now

If you're a phone person (and if you're not, what the heck are you doing on a phone geek site?), then the OS running on your phone is your choice to make, assuming you didn't opt for some oddball phone with little or no developer support. That's advise we give the muggles - buy a phone that will be well-supported by the manufacturer and carrier, not the advise we should follow ourselves. I'll have JB on my S3 within a few weeks. I guess I'm an old enough phone geek that I have the patience to not have the newest toy for my phone the instant it's announced. Compared to the sacrifice of going to AT&T, that's a pretty small problem.

I'm an AT&T customer with an available upgrade and own an iPhone 3G, which as you know, is very outdated, slow but reliable. When looking at the available Android options, I would agree that the Nexus seems like a good choice, though the GS3 is very attractive. However, I cannot justify spending $350 for a phone whose hardware is outdated nor do I wish to jump to Verizon or Sprint. So in some ways I feel frustrated since Samsung does indeed take forever to push updates out. Am just not sure spending an additional $200 on an unlocked Nexus makes good fiscal sense since there will likely be a new one out soon which will cost double. UGH! I'm NOT someone who lives by their phone either, so it's a tool that has it's uses, but doesn't run my life.

In all fairness, if you're still somewhat content with your 3G, then having a 8 month old phone shouldn't phase you... Esp. with Jellybean available on it 1st...

I agree with the content of the article. But you're saying you just now came to the conclusion that nexus devices are going to get new versions of the OS available first? That's kind of the idea of the whole nexus line...isn't it? It's not really a deep revelation. Just sayin...

The bad camera really put me off from getting the GN. Otherwise I probably should have taken a chill pill for a couple months, paid for a used one about $350, and likely have been happier than I am with the EVO LTE that I ended up paying $315 for (115 early contract + 200 phone). Plus now I'm stuck with 2 more years before I can upgrade again.

If your phone is just a tool and dose not run your life, why the need to upgrade if your current phone is 'reliable'?

Thanks man for writing this valuable post, and breaking my long (2 week) dilemma, which device should I chose between all new and turbo boosted HTC one X and Galaxy Fun Google baby sweet Jelly Bean! ;);););)

Answer is on Top!

Yep, it seems that Sprint and will soon be parting ways due to their inability to offer timely updates for the Nexus line. I'll miss having unlimited data, but I've come to realize that this is relatively underutilized perk of my current plan. Plus, it'll be a good while before Sprint is able to match the LTE speeds that AT&T and Verizon are currently posting.

So I think I'll head over to AT&T and pick up a ONE X until the next Nexus phone hits the Play Store.

Sprint just gave me a Galaxy Nexus when my Evo 3D broke (week before I/O). I'm very excited about it. With Jelly Bean coming and LTE coming, this phone will serve me well.

I want the Galaxy Nexus too. I need to break my EVO 3D! I'm thinking about buying a galaxy nexus outright and leaving for AT&T next year. From what I hear their LTE won't be as fast as Verizon's’s.

just out of curiosity, how fast is fast. if I download a movie on at@t and i download movie on vz, how much faster will vz be? I use both at&t and vz, but just for the usual stuff...web, calls, text, etc and honestly i cant tell the difference

I just ordered a Galaxy Nexus HSPA+. Very excited to get it and replace my Galaxy Note. Love the Note but the size of it is just unruly. Very hard to get a comfortable grip on the thing. And typing on it is at times challenging.
Even if Google does come out with new devices this fall, it's not like a Jellybean-loaded, 1.2 ghz dual core suddenly becomes a dinosaur. It should serve me well until an upgrade becomes obvious. I think jumping on every other or every third upgrade is perfectly fine, and it saves a lot of wasted money of spec improvements to do the same tasks that my current device does just fine.

The Nexus line is the way to go. ICS/Jelly Bean is just perfect on stock. I'm a little over a week with my GN and it's the best mobile experience ever. This is the line I'm rocking with. Not too long ago I created a thread about going with Nexus devices from now on. I'm sticking with that.

I've just bought a new galaxy nexus to replace nexus s. Where you buy a nexus phone, you think that google will always give you updates first.
Let give you the update history for the nexus s:
2.3.1 and 2.3.2 left the phone makink restarts during calls
2.3.3 fixed the restarts but killed the GPS
Only 2.3.4 fixed the phone
Than cane ICS - 4.0.2 about 2 months after its releace. It came out with a battery drain bug that made the phone last only 6 hours on a full charge. Google stopped this update. It took about 3 month until the fixed 4.0.4 came out.

Now I have the galaxy nexus GSM. Apparently there are 7 versions of this phone. You can tell the differance only by looking into a file hidden in the file system. The differace is that google updates only one model while samsung updates the rest. This is why my new phone doesn't get any updates is stuck in 4.0.2 while the other phone got 4.0.4 that fixed a lot of issues.

My coclusions are:
1. Buying a nexus doesn't say you get the latest version of Android.
2. Even when google releasing a new version, it can take month until you get the ota update
3. Getting updates by google mean you'll have to deal with bugs that can prevent you from using your phone normally

Why so much hate on the GN camera? Sure it's not the best camera out there right now, but sheesh, it's still a nice shooter. It takes some pretty great pictures, while not being the best, I think it is a really nice phone camera t have some photos of an event or something.

I agree. If people were actually that concerned about the cameras then they should be walking around with a DSLR or at the least a P&S. I just finished an art show and half of the images I had on display were taken with my GN. And going one step further, the only time the images touched PS was when I sized them down to print the size I wanted. Everyone who heard I used a cell phone to take the pics were shocked (and some even were typing in their iPhone what type of phone I used so they could do the same). The camera on the phone is a tool, learn how to use the tool properly and it will perform wonderfully.

This is one of the reasons I bought the Nexus 7. Similar realization that it would likely get the best support for future updates and support from the development community.

I want a Gnex. Badly.. I've wanted a Nexus phone since the Nexus S. I caved and bought an Atrix 4G last June after my Aria croaked. One month later, AT&T announces the Nexus S. A few months ago I hard bricked my Atrix. Got the Atrix 2 to replace it and I'm on the fence about being hopeful for ICS. I'm jumping ship from AT&T to either VZW or Sprint as soon as my contract is up and grabbing a Gnex. It'll be the best decision I ever make.

I went from the Nexus One to the Atrix myself and have regretted it ever since. Definitely want to go back to Nexus phone's this fall.

FYI........only gsm version of galaxy nexus is getting the goog luv so if youre jumping ship think tmobile

I personally really want to buy a Nexus as my next phone (already pre-ordered the tablet) but I do kinda have reservations because I don't think it will support LTE. LTE is definitely the future and I want to be able to support the next generation of mobile networks. Maybe this fall the Nexus phones on the play store will support some bands of LTE so I can get service from AT&T with it. A dream would be if some of the MVNO's that use AT&T's bands would get LTE support, then I could go pre-paid and have LTE, not too likely though.

As of now I'm staying with the GSM Gnex I got a few months ago. I now have a good inexpensive plan and decent service. I to was in the "What version of ICS do I have to be updated?" Group. Sadly I was in the Update by Samsung group. So I decided root and load the factory image from google. Haven't looked back since.

Got JB and sitting pretty. Next year I'll get the new Nexus and be even happier.:D

I got tired of waiting for Verizon, so I gave them the finger and rooted my Gnex. Best decision I ever made, I was running Jelly Bean in less than 24 hours after it was announced at Google I/O.

I would have a Galaxy Nexus right now if they made a 32GB GSM version. Im really hopefull Moto makes the next Nexus. I'll be all over that.

Quick question..those of you that ordered yours since the price dropped. When did you place your order? I ordered mines on saturday, but i have yet to receive any confirmation that it's been shipped..my card has already been charged though.

The Nexus devices are becoming more attractive to me all the time. I switched to a Windows Phone (still have my Iconia Tab though) because it was running smoother than my old hacked HD2 with CM7, and my son's Amaze 4g because I don't have the time or desire to root and flash a new ROM anymore. That and the dirty looks and lectures from my lovely wife about potentially bricking my phone. Some days I miss the flexibility of my old android phone. I used it yesterday at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg because there was not a WP7 app. I miss using Beyondpod for podcasts and having my phone be seen as a thumb drive when I plug it in to a computer. But, I also like how smooth my Radar 4g works. I'm stuck in my 2 year contract. The Galaxy Nexus has me truly inspired to save my pennies for the next Nexus phone and be done with the darn contracts. Especially knowing (for the most part) that it will get software updates for a while. When my Iconia Tab A500 gets really long in the tooth, I like the idea of a reasonably priced Nexus tablet that will get updates too. I think Google is gonna finally get it right with selling phones outside of the carriers, and they got me convinced. Bring on the next Nexus!

I am glad to see this post, I have been thinking of getting the Galaxy Nexus in recent days and more so with the news about JB. But I can not see why I should get the GN on AT&T where it does not support LTE, has a "bad" camera, has outdated specs when compared to GSIII. Friday when the GSIII finally comes to the store, I am picking one out off-contract. I am sure some JB ROMs will be coming out soon.

I got the GS3. While I really like it, I figured I'll wait for the next Nexus phone to come out and if I like it I'll sell the GS3. Come Oct - Nov I should still be able to get top dollar.

I saw this commitment also with the I/O conference. I'd love to get a Galaxy Nexus if they had one that worked with AT&T's LTE network. I'm going to wait and see if they release a new Nexus device this Fall and hopefully will be on AT&T and work with their LTE network.

I went with the GS3, not a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus no matter how much I told myself it will get a few updates(I give it at most 2 maybe 3 more after Jelly Bean). Like LouieO357, I'll feel better getting the next Nexus. Plan on starting the fund now, $25 a week should do the trick. Whether I get that depends on the design and how Samsung handles updates on the GS3.

what an idiot. I've owned the pos nexus since launch day. For someone to buy one of these over hyped, joke of a phone this late.. Is beyond dumb

This was my exchange with my buddy who got an EVO 4G LTE, while I (happily) chose the GNex on Sprint:

"To Alan:

Why I waited to get a Galaxy Nexus ...


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From Alan
6:57 PM (2 hours ago)

To me:

I got it. You like old technology, poor battery life, mediocre camera. BUT, you get the latest software!


From: Andrew
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 6:02 PM
To: Alan
Subject: Why I waited to get a Galaxy Nexus ...

to Alan:

That's pretty much it.


And, I love my GNEx. :)

I just got my GNex and im loving it, i wanted this phone so bad, but i was using a GSII. So i got one from Google, contract free, very fast shipping, got my GNex 2 day later i placed the order.

It works really fast and with all the carrier fat trimmed out, its a very very good phone. I fully recommend it to anyone,

The only thing i notice is the extreme ghosting. Im scared that the keyboard burns in the screen, since im a heavy texter. :S
Does anyone else has this issue? Is normal? I am being to parandroid? :P

My Samsung fascinate got quicker updates then the nexus. The nexus had had one update since launch

Anyone complaining about lack of support from manufacturers and carriers about slow updates need to nut up and root your phones.

STFU. It isn't about balls, it's about having a fully functional phone that you don't have to dick around with all the time. If you don't understand that, then please get a real life.

Thanks Jared for your great blog post, I can say that I feel 100% the way you do! Before reading your article I just had a look at the current pricing of the Galaxy Nexus and here in Austria it's about 350€ which is an excellent dealt for a high-end phone like.

Despite the Nexus doesn't have any SDCard support, it wont stop me to buy it, just knowing that this is a google branded phone is enough for me, i will pick mine this month on @ClaroRD for the father's specials..

PD: ICS/JellyBean looks better in Galaxy Nexus than any other phone..