Samsung Galaxy S II event

Just a quick heads up that Samsung has pushed its U.S. Galaxy S II event to Tuesday evening. Originally scheduled for Monday, Hurricane Irene's little jaunt up the coast made the move necessary (and thanks to Samsung for doing so).

We'll see you starting at 6 p.m. EDT Tuesday evening, folks.

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lol more delays!

At least we know better days are ahead.. Let's just get past this weekend.. My blessings to all NEW YORKERS WHO WILL FACE IRENE LIKE ME... SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.. SAFE TRAVELS....

SlimJ87D says:

The Hurricane is already dying down and is weaker than the expected by now. YOu will be fine.

we'll do our best here along the NC/VA coast to take some of the punch outa Irene. ;)
on a more serious note, everyone affected by this storm . . . . stay safe, stay sane, keep your wits about you, think before you act and dont succumb to the mass insanity and we'll all get thru this.

ZDriver says:

Suck me beautiful

Irene, you ignorant slut.

kotoku says:

Prepped for the storm! Drainage ditch dug and reinforced...:X

Let's get past this and on to the Galaxy S II!!

lrn2swim says:

oh man, Samsung sucks!! Always delaying everything!


cheburashka says:

Sometimes feels like by the time it will get here (US) it will be a last years model for the Europeans... :-(