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We heard a bit of talk about Hulu this morning in all the Google TV hooplah. And it was reiterated later that the usual rule applies: Google TV has all the Flash it needs to watch Hulu. The question is will Hulu -- and any other only provider for that matter -- want to make itself available on Google TV. It's the exact same situation we're in with the Skyfire browser. Skyfire will play Hulu just fine, but Hulu doesn't want to be available on Skyfire, and so it blocks it.

There's still plenty of time for things to be worked out, and plenty of content providers that hopefully be lined up around the block to get on board.


Reader comments

Hulu on Google TV? Only if Hulu wants it


First Hulu cannot block due to it running chrome, and to block chrome would be to block every chrome browser everywhere. Hulu blocks Skyfire for the simple fact that they render the video server side and send it to your phone without the protection in place. This makes it possible to copy the video, and Hulu doesn't own the rights to the content they only provide it and if the content providers become worried about there content being rippable by any end user, not just savy users then they will pull it. Also since Skyfire goes through a server, anyone overseas can see the shows on the site with Skyfires server being the proxy.

I simply do not see how Hulu will block their site with the chrome browser pulling it up.

You really don't understand how User agents work do you? It will be very easy for Hulu to block a Chrome Browser on the Google TV platform.

And if the Google TV version of Chrome allows users to change the User agent (doubtful) It's still eaasy to detect the Google TV using Javascript.

"Hulu doesn't own the rights to the content they only provide it "

Another WRONG assumption. Hulu is OWNED by the content providers. Please do some research on the topic before you comment next time. k-thanks.

I guess I don't understand what the big deal is for the reason why hulu is blocking content on phones. What's the difference if I watch a TV show from hulu for free on my phone or from my computer??!! Although I can see the cell phone carriers having an issue with it.

Great article Phil. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your Google TV by using UnoTelly or similar tools.