And now for the latest on Palm's attempt to sell themselves: Huawei, a rather small name in the smartphone space, is reportedly interested in purchasing Palm. Or was interested. Or might be interested Or something. According to Reuters sources, Palm had contacted Huawei's investment bank to begin 'preliminary discussions'. Why do we care about Huawei being interested in Palm? Because they occasionally make Android phones that are mildly interesting and we once pegged them as the next HTC. If they buy Palm, it's a whole different story, now is it? Anyways, back to your regular scheduled program.


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Huawei is the latest company rumored to buy Palm

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And the history of Palm finally comes full circle:

- 3Com buys USR and with them the original Palm Pilot
- 3Com spins-off the Palm devision to a separate company 'Palm'
- Palm heads down hill not long after a successful IPO (3Com shareholders cash in)
- 3Com sells off 90% of it's networking devisions
- 3Com shrinks into oblivion after being the number two networking company in the world
- Years pass...3Com thinks 'hey that networking stuff made us tons of cash'.......buys 48% of Huawei
- Years pass....3Com thinks 'hey that smartphone business was pretty profitble' looks to basically reunite with Palm.

As long as they have 100% new management and a new business plan I say go for it!!!