Huawei Ascend P7

Huawei has had a good year, according to the latest market share numbers from IDC. Between the second quarter of 2013 and the second quarter of 2014, Huawei has enjoyed a huge 95.1 percent increase in smartphone shipments, placing them in third place behind Apple and Samsung, and ahead of Lenovo and LG. Previously they were fifth place in the rankings. Huawei's global market share works out to 6.9 percent with more than 20 million in shipments in the second quarter, versus 4.3 percent (10.4 million) last year. Samsung's shipments dipped 3.9 percent in the same period, while Apple's climbed 12.4 percent.

Despite some impressive hardware, Huawei has yet to crack into the North American market, but they're clearly doing just fine focusing on their Asian markets.

Do you guys see a lot of Huawei handsets out in the wild? Can you picture a future where their shipment volume beats out Apple, or even Samsung?

Source: IDC


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Huawei doubles sales from last year, eating into but still far behind Samsung


If Samsung phones looked like that they would be sued to the end of the Earth by you know who. Don't add a physical home button and that's all she wrote.

So the drug dealing pharmacists at Walgreen's count too, right?

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I had the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 for close to 30 days I understood the phone being a budget phone at $299 but my OPINION the phone fell short on that price it should have been sold for a lower price. Jelly Bean out of the box, come on now really!? There are LCD issues that other buyers are experiencing with the screen and allot of features on the phone did not have options to make changes, if I’m charging my phone and I receive a notification the light would not blink it stays on charge light, pop up message would pop up while I was in the conversation it should only pop up when I’m away from messages. Again this is my opinion so I made the decision to return it and get the LG G2. If they want to make a hit here in the US especially if they want to retail the phone in stores they need to make better quality phone.

Correction on a statement in the article...Huawei has a presence in Canada.
Should probably edit it to say they're not in the United States yet.