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By this point, we're pretty sure that Huawei's CES cat is well and truly out of the bag. We know they're going to unveil a Windows Phone 8 device, but we also know that they're taking 2 super-sized Android phones to Las Vegas with them too -- the 5 inch Ascend D2 and the 6.1 inch Ascend Mate. We're also pretty sure by this point that we know what each device actually looks like. Having executives showing them off in brand stores kind of helps on that front. 

Android Central @ CES

The serial tipsters @evleaks are back with some leaked press renders of each of the devices along with some spec information. They claim that the Ascend Mate's 6.1 inch screen will be at 720p resolution, with the whole device being powered by a 3800mAh battery.

The D2, that we see pictured here, sits well with the leaked photos we've previously seen. Pushing things along is said to be a quad-core 1.5GHz -- likely in house produced -- processor, a 1080p display and a 13MP camera. This backs up specs we've previously heard mentioned, and given @evleaks record there stands a good chance of it checking out. And, while a render isn't exactly a reliable source of software information, it looks here like we'll be seeing Jelly Bean on the D2. We'd expect nothing less from a device to be shown off at CES, but it's reasurring at least.

CES is right around the corner, and we'll be on the ground in Las Vegas throughout, so keep it locked to Android Central for all the best the show has to offer. 

Source: @evleaks (Unwired View) 


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Huawei Ascend Mate and D2 leaked press renders show us more of the same


I just have to remember to change the launcher when I get it.... Oh dang, no US LTE, that's the end of that bright idea.

Still gotta wait for the software man. We're entitled to our opinions without being called names over something as simple as our own opinions based on what's in front of us.

Bigger battery and screen means nothing.. Asswipe....Since it's not on market yet and NO carriers are pegged who cares about this. The Galaxy Note 2 is here and the software and features alone makes this better than any silly Hauwei device. You should broaden your horizon for a change with that 3g Galaxy Nexus you have on sprint. The Hauwei device is pissing all over you just like my Galaxy Note 2 pisses all over you and your crappy ass Galaxy Nexus.

I also have a crappy ass Galaxy Nexus. Best of Google, best of Android! Crappy ass phone, crappy ass Google, crappy ass Android!

"Since it's not on market yet and NO carriers are pegged who cares about this." And yet I've seen you comment on how the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 will be more "boss" or "pimp slapping" than any other phone on the market, and they won't even be released for another 6 months *at least*. Hypocrite.

"You should broaden your horizon for a change with that 3g Galaxy Nexus you have on sprint." Says the (now) Samsung fanboy. Riiiiiight. As if your "horizons" are soooo broad. According to you, anyone who doesn't own a Samsung product is "useless", "shitted on", or an "asswipe". -.-

"The Hauwei device is pissing all over you just like my Galaxy Note 2 pisses all over you and your crappy ass Galaxy Nexus." Do you seriously have some pissing/scat fetish? That's all you ever talk about; how x device is "pissing/shitting on" other x device. Surely you have a larger vocabulary than that? Oh wait, you don't. You constantly talk as if you're stuck in 4th grade and labeled me as a "useless college boy", when college is really the only way to get ahead in this world. What a joke.

1. I think a few other people who have commented on this very page would beg to differ. When will you ever learn?
2. It's quite sad that all you can come up with in any sort of rebuttal, is how me or my phone "sucks ass" or gets "pissed on" or is "useless". Try coming up with something more substantive and then get back to me on that. For God sakes, you're somewhere around 50 years old. Act your age instead of like a little child with these pitiful insults.
3. As I've stated repeatedly to your ignorant ass, you have no clue where I live and therefore have no clue if I have access to Sprint's LTE. The fact that you think I'm stuck on 3G is in itself, a joke. There's also always Wifi. The world does not revolve around mobile networks, and it's sad that you apparently think so.

You think this is YouTube? Because you're writing as if this is YouTube's comment section. No need to name call. Be the better individual.

1. Do you still not know the definition of "opinion", even after I've literally defined it for you a dozen times?
2. How "misguided and pitiful" that you think his *opinion* of you and your thoughts are wrong. Anyone else see the irony?

Did Sammy ever had any legal squabbles with Huawei? Cause that thing looks like a Galaxy S2! Sure it's "big", but that the first thing I thought of when I saw this.

Samsung probably wouldn't go after them unless it sold millions of units. But even then, would it be worth it? Another part of me feels Samsung wouldn't bother. Spread the success around.

As soon as I saw what it looks like I thought the same thing, as well as they better get ready for an Apple lawsuit.

You'd think on the first day of the new year, people could be more civil. This looks like a mashup of an iphone5/G-NoteII

But still, if the price is cheap enough, China's brands can force the premium makers into a corner.

is it just me or doesnt this phone remind you of the iphone 5?
The chamfer looks alot like the one on the new iphone