HTC has opened its first store-within-a-store in Germany. The Taiwanese retailer is attempting to rebound after lackluster financial results by having a more profound retail presence. Rather than open up separate stores, these are dedicated areas within existing retailers, this one being a Saturn store in Germany.

Samsung has tried this approach in the UK and other European countries, and while it's unknown how much of a direct effect it has had, Samsung has enjoyed record sales of its phones over the past year.

As you'd expect, store staff will be trained by HT, and will have more in-depth knowledge of their products. HTC has also promised to expand this strategy to more cities and stores. We'll likely have to wait quite a while before we see if this helps HTC's financial position, but it seems like a good start.

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HTC tries the store-within-a-store approach in Germany


Ugh...I could destroy sales for HTC in three moves.

1. Fix sense so that after six months of use; weird memory issues don't start to happen. This might have been fixed with Sense +, plus a cache cleaner (found out from successful HTC geeks that wouldn't do without their devices), but is yet to be confirmed.

2. Make sure that EVERY retail member has an HTC in their possession. This is so huge. I can't tell you how many times an uninformed client you demonstrate android capabilities to HAVE to have the exact phone you are rocking. It goes like this

Me: "No this is android. It's not exactly specific to this individual device - ALL these devices can do this"

Client: "No. I want THAT phone. The one you've got".

3. Focus on Apple converts. I have found that the most successful Android device to get Apple jump-shippers is HTC. I don't know why. Maybe it's the really nice camera, or Sense's general feel and ergonomics. But they seem to like it.

And Apple converts is a HUGE market.

Go ahead Mr Chou, gimme a call. I'll kill it. ;)

4. Timely OS updates - I personally think would help a lot

5. Better Advertising:

One X - Guy jumps out of plane taking pictures, while someone talks in the background


S3 - David Beckham, captivating music, various people showing the phones different
capabilities/features, loads of happy faces

Samsung are awesome with advertising. In a way, they have cleverly rebranded themselves as Android itself (ie. "We just got Samsunged!") Like Samsung is the only other option...

At least HTC is profiting would make for an interesting market if Google had to buy HTC in 5 years.

That would be cool...