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Remember the Spanish biker HTC was trying to track down after he gave the phone maker's CEO a lift to an important meeting? Today the company has announced that they've tracked down their man — 53-year-old Barcelona resident Obdulio Herrera — who was found through his son following HTC's search late last week. Herrera escorted a traffic-jammed Peter Chou through the busy Barcelona streets on the first day of Mobile World Congress, but refused the money Chou was offering for the favor.

And his reward, now that he's been located? Herrera will be heading to London on March 25 as a guest of HTC to witness the launch of the new HTC One.

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HTC tracks down biker who helped CEO to MWC on time


He's getting the one peter Chou pulls out his pocket. Lol I wonder if this guy actually cares though.

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What kind of sorry state of affairs is going on at HTC corporate headquarters?

They can't even the the bloody CEO to a meeting on-time?

No wonder their financials are not that great.

Sure hope their engineers don't work the same way.

If you manage to get pubic lice while hanging off the edge of a skyscraper, I wouldn't feel any remorse for you if you held on and endured the torment and allowed them to feast in your pubs or let go to scratch your filthy crotch....based on this comment of yours.
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Given the cold weather we've been having where I live, I'll hold off on hugging cold metal for now.

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Hmmm maybe I took a wrong turn in attempting to write this as a form of humor?

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Lmbo... I honestly can't blame auto-correct this time. Yes I meant the other one.

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HTC is a very good company, its just a shame that their marketing team sucks...

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I don't mind publicity stunts when they're at least doing genuinely nice things, anyway. They're doing a nice, classy thing here, and if they want to get some internet love for it, that's fine by me.

Doesn't sound like the guy is into technology, but is simply a nice guy.
If it was me, I can't say I'd be interested in attending a trade show. Just regale me with new devices.

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He better get a phone too. And one for his son

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Should of just asked the NSA. They would of found him in 2 seconds pooping on the toilet.

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I think its very classy of them to do that.
Maybe the guy is not necessarily rich enough to travel so the way i see it he is getting an all expense paid trip to an HTC event.. I also see it as good publicity but frankly i think it shows good character.

It's kinda cool to see someone putting out this much effort in order to extend gratitude to a guy who was just being a good Samaritan. I'm hoping (and choose to believe) that this is simply a show of good character vs a publicity stunt.


Crappy reward. IMHO. I'd rather receive nothing at all. And it's not a brand thing. I wouldn't want to attend the announcement of anything. I don't worship products or the companies that make them.

C'mon now, the guy didn't even want any money to begin with. Now he's getting a free trip to London with a bunch of extra perks that will surely be wrapped up in it all. Will he have to go to some lame announcement where the hold the new One up like Simba? Sure, but I bet he'll have a chance to enjoy a lot of other things. At least give Chou some credit for showing gratitude to a complete stranger.

And it's something when you go to this type of conference for the first time, which is usually for press only.

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Nobody asked u if u worship anything. This is about giving something back to a man who was nice to somebody. Go away.

Awesome. He'll get to live it up for a couple days in a nice hotel all paid and a free device or two. Good for him. :-)