HTC Thunderbolt Wireless Charging Back Cover

In documents made available today from the FCC, it's been revealed that HTC has submitted a request to modify the back cover of the Thunderbolt to allow for wireless charging.  Bringing the convenience of this from an OEM could prove to be a great step in the right direction for HTC.  We already know LG plans on implementing this and with the Palm Pre approaching it's 2nd birthday, inductive charging is not something new or revolutionary but it's a budding technology in the smartphone arena that a lot of us would like to see take off.  Let's hope HTC finalizes this soon and gets it to the rest of its line of devices as well!

Source: FCC, thanks Emeterio!


Reader comments

HTC Thunderbolt wireless charging back cover at FCC


It's not the 2450mAh cover, it's a slightly enlarged cover to fit the inductive charging apparatus onto a standard sized battery. The extended battery cover is WAY bigger.

Wireless charging in its current iteration is useless. You still have to have something plugged in. Who cares if you can just drop the phone on a pad that's plugged into the wall instead of quickly pushing in the prongs of a microusb cord? This is a gimmick and nothing more.

This would be great if your usb stopped working, as mine has. I have been trying to figure out what to do for the last week. My battery is working great, just need to charge it. I should be able to charge it using a power mat and this will save me from have to get another phone.

Pres 3rd birthday is coming up not second. old hardware and no plans on changing it.

this doesnt look as well implemented as the palm version though. adds to much bulk, and appearance wise doesnt cut it.

It does look like the implementation of this on the T-Bolt should be great. The metal lead just below the hole for the camera is where the charger has to connect to the battery. Nothing plugged into the USB port. This is how this technology should have been made all along. It dosen't look like it adds a whole lot of extra bulk like Powermat does.