HTC Thunderbolt dummy phone

The good news: It looks like dummy units -- nonworking shells, really -- of the eagerly awaited HTC ThunderBolt are starting to show up. The bad news: Looks like the phone's going to miss that officially non-official Feb. 14 launch date.

Let's start with the picture you see above, which is of said dummy unit. That's a pretty good sign that things are all but ready to go. Only problem is, things aren't ready to go. Droid-Life purloined a screen shot that flat-out says "launch from 2/14 has been delayed. No ETA at this time." It adds that "HTC-created elements WILL arrive this week. Agents are not to display ..."

In other words, things are pretty much ready to go, but something's holding up the works, and word around the campfire is that the new Skype Mobile has something to do with it. That said, Veizon's never publicly announced a launch date -- and now you see why.

Check out the leaked shot after the break if you need the knife to be twisted just a little more. [@v3rdict, Droid-Life via Android Central Forums]

Thunderbolt delay


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HTC Thunderbolt dummy phones arrive, but it looks like the phone is delayed


Give the Verizon guys their EVO 1.1 already. What's the hold up, they don't want ur iPhone they want the bolt! ( cause they are SMART)

I think it's safe to assume that when the iPhone hits more and more networks, Android will take second place on that particular carrier.

Half a million iPhones preordered in a matter of hours and only for existing customers. According to Verizon themselves, RECORD sales of all times for them. How well do you think Thunderbolt will sell? Yeah, not so much.

I'm switching from an AT&T iPhone to the Thunderbolt but please, stop kidding yourselves.

The funny thing i've noticed with these new Evo-like HTC phones is one imporant thing, the battery. It slides into the side.

I have the extended battery, and I don't care how much better they say they improved battery life, if you are a power user you are going to need that extended power.

So, if there is no option for the extended battery, then this phone isn't a good choice -- at least for me.

Still happy with my EVO.


If was going to to sell you a car. And said "Come get the car on the 14th!" Then said "wait, nevermind we have to delay. There are some last minute issues.."

Would you still feel comfortable buying the car? I'm as interested as the next guy about new bleeding edge phones coming out. But all the last minute delays and such make me think that it may be buggy at first.

Which will of course leads to the inevitable "I waited all this time and now I have a buggy phone! Unacceptable!" threads. Followed up by the "Please god! It's been months, just release the update for the fix!" threads. All of which will be peppered by the "it doesn't matter to me because i'm running CYANOGENMOD" threads.

My advice is to wait a couple weeks after it comes out... Worst case you make a more informed purchase.

You all don't get. The Bolt is actually thicker than the Evo by almost 2 millimeters. The battery in the Bolt will most likely be thicker and more Mah than that on the Evo. And of you look at the upcoming Moto Droid Bionic, that is also a few mill thicker than the DX. And there is a reason for that which no one on any of the forums have brought up. LTE is much more power hungry than CDMA. Verizon had been struggling with this issue for a year now on how to get devices not to east up the battery in a few hours. They made some headway and is why LTE phones took so long to arrive to market. This is also why the iPhone could not be released with LTE, cause the darn thing would not last, and then Jobs would be pissed and ATT would prevail.
This is all fact! I have inside sources that have told me this for past 6 months.

My own guess is you won't see even an LTE iPhone til even next year. That's also when ATT is expected to have launched LTE nationwide. So st that point, battery life will have been refined and Apple can release one device for both carriers.