HTC Sense with pinch-to-zoom

Sure, everybody and their mother is getting pinch-to-zoom these days. But here's one you probably haven't seen yet: It's Android 2.1 and HTC's Sense interface on a Hero, and you can pinch-to-zoom within Sense itself. That lets you see all of your home panels at the same time, and it's pretty darn cool, if you ask us. Check out the video after the break, and skip to about 6 minutes in, unless you're really in need of some Poker Face. [HTCSource]


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Anonymous says:

Ooh, that looks handy. Paying attention, Moto?

victoria says:

The Hero is Android perfected and it is an excellent phone. I would recommend it over the Palm Pre and, dare I say it, something like the iPhone 3G. $180 isn’t too much to pay for the best Android phone on the market

Anonymous says:

retard is having problems with it

atrpm says:

Ok nice, now we need a nexus one like phone with this for Sprint!

cj100570 says:

Looks about as useful as a 3rd nut. It is pretty though which seems to be all you need to get by these days.

JNsince1985 says:

i like...

gbhil#AC says:

1. Gestures in the dialer = win
2. Who knows someone who can read Mandarin?
3. Phil, please leave MWC when it's finished and head east. Someone needs some pointers on making good "leak" videos :)

Anonymous says:

YAY!! No more ugly bubbles around icons!

Dan Bock says:

I don't have room on my desk to turn my laptop on its side. Can someone tell me what's going on in this video?

rufflez says:

Sweet. Where can I get the leaked Hero version ;) jk

Anonymous says:

8:41 wasted moments of my life I can never get back. If it takes over 5 minutes to just boot the damn thing screw it.

Default Android is catching up quickly and senseUI has lost a lot of ground to it visually, as well as usability.

Couple that with people running fragmented old versions of Android just for senseUI.


rufflez says:

It was installing the update for 5 minutes. It was the first time it had ever been run on the phone. Its not going to boot slower than the pre (I believe thats impossible).

Anonymous says:

Then for the love of god edit your video to reflect what is relevant.

bunjiweb says:

Who's great idea was it to use a video hosting service half the world can't use? Someone please youtube this so I can watch it!

latorante says:

Fot those in UK, who can't watch it:

Anonymous says:

Handwriting recognition too!!