HTCLast week we reported the rumored arrival of three HTC tablets in the first half of 2011, and now a recent EU trademark filing could offer some insight into the software that may run on these mythical devices.

The filing for "HTC Sensation" is dated Jan. 19 and comes with list of associated goods and services as long as your arm, including "smartphones," "portable wireless devices" and "user interface software."

While a trademark filing is far from proof that a new product or piece of software exists, the HTC Sensation name is interesting because of its similarity to HTC Sense, the UI layer found on most HTC-built Android phones. If HTC were developing a custom UI layer for its Android tablets, then HTC Sensation would at least sound like a plausible name.

Right now, rumors like this are all anyone has to offer when it comes to HTC's tablet plans. However, it's possible the manufacturer may reveal more at next month's Mobile World Congress, so stay tuned. [via]

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Let's hope they will reveal a tablet next month :)

Asterisk says:

If HTC won't beat Motorola and LG flagships I'm getting iPhone 5.

WhitePhone says:

Right.... Because that's the solution...... :p

kinster02 says:

If it will make you happy, go for it!

wingnut89 says:


Please no HTC Tablet Ui, i want a stock android honeycomb expirience on the htc tablet...

Bestphonever says:

I'm assuming this UI is for the 2.3 tablets and not 3.0.


@ WINGNUT89 WELL... root it....

maniac2k says:

If you dont want sense then dont buy htc.

kinster02 says:

You took the words out of my mouth.

BSG75 says:

I'm going stock Android for whatever tablet I get. I'm not waiting for updates on my tablet AND my phone.

kinster02 says:

Don't fool are still going to wait maybe not as long but you'll be waiting. Look at the Nexus 1 they're still "waiting" to get gingerbread.