HTC Sensation June 8

We can't read too much into this, but an Android Central forums member with a good eye for detail caught this one on Google.  Seems if you search "HTC Sensation" ( if you haven't already, watch the videos HTC has posted) you just might see a sponsored link from that has the June 8 date there plain as day.  Some of us here around the water cooler can see the sponsored link, some of us can't -- so don't fret if you're not seeing it either.  But trust us, it's there.  Could it be more than just a typo or a placeholder date?  Your guess is as good as ours, but in either case it's worth having a look at.  Take a look, and hit the forums to discuss! Thanks, Captain Marvelous!

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kable#AC says:

I see the date after refreshing my google page a few times. Clear as day 6/8.

MattMJB0188 says:

Let's hope it comes out June 8th. This phone will be so awesome!!!! Anyone concerned about the 1GB of internal storage. This seems to be a theme for T-Mobile, look at the Galaxy S 4G.

Simba501 says:

1GB is plenty

You're welcome! :)
I hope it releases on the 8th it'll be a dream come true!

Check TmoNews they also have a pic of the sensation with the datr June 8th Wed

Aluminum says:

why isn't HTC proving Verizon with a high end phone dual core phone?

Don't think VZW wants one yet. If you notice their only dual core phone Bionic got pushed back to Summer/fall

lafester says:

guess the evo won't be so special this year.
HOPEFULLY this means the e3d will be ready before then.