HTC PyramidHTC Pyramid
HTC PyramidHTC Pyramid

Well, well, what have we here? More pics of the HTC Pyramid, eh? And indeed it's looking like a sexy beast, with a 4.3-inch qHD touchscreen, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, an 8MP rear camera and VGA front-facing camera, 768MB of usable on-board memory, Android 2.3.2 and the latest version of HTC Sense (that'd be Version 3.0, the same one we saw unveiled at Mobile World Congress).

We're gonna need a moment here, cause that's some sexy hardware.

We're also dying to find out when and where this bad boy is coming. And if it's not coming to the United States, we're going to need to update our passports. More pics at the source, boys and girls. [XDA Developers]


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HTC Pyramid pokes its dual-core head out once again


Forget that! You guys are already getting plenty of good phones. Come on T-mo! This way people could get it before AT&T takes over and raises prices.

This one needs a developing home like Sprint...

A home that will allow it's users to unleash the inner power to its max(true unlimited data)

In plus, Sprint's just a bad ass :)

Ummm, do know that Verizon has unlimited data too, right?

And don't forget Verizon has LTE instead of that sh***y WiMax that Sprint is peddling.

thatd be dumb. its the same specs as E3D minus the 3D. if you had a choice between the 2 which would you buy?

Im sure it wont be enough to sway people from buying 3D. I'm fairly positive it wont end up on Sprint. and for that matter i doubt it'll end up on VZW either. It's just if it were to end up on a CDMA carrier i'd put money on VZW.

Its always been rumored to come out on tmobile...I hope they were right ill buy it even though inspite of the AT&T thing..

Desire 3D/Evo 3D or this...

the hardware is virtually the same,
That will mean that the screen will be the selling point.

I hope both will come to Europe

HTC Sense 3.0???

I thought they just released 2.0?

I got the HTC Incredible and I think my phone is just version 1.0.

2.0 has been out for six months starting with the Desire HD and Desire Z. 2.1 is just rolling out on devices like the Incredible S.

The only questionable part is battery life, and hTC doesn't have a good track record. My Incredible contract is now over and I'm ready to pick up the Bionic, unless something else sways me.

Are you guys being payed by HTC? That isn't sexy hardware at all. The Galaxy S2 and Atrix both have better cpus, more ram, and better batteries. Plus the Galaxy S2 has a much better screen. And 2.3.2? EVEN THE GALAXY S IS ON 2.3.3.

It does have a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. Based on clock speed, it beats all of the other phones, and it's dual-core. Not sure how you think the CPU is not as good as the GS2 or Atrix. As far as memory, we don't know what type of memory it is. If they put DDR2 RAM in it, then it'd might be better than the others (with the possible exception of the Atrix, if it actually uses all of the 1GB RAM that it has when not in the webtop dock). Not sure what the battery is, so I can't make any judgement on that. But, HTC does have a track record of low capacity batteries and poor battery life.

Wow. You know nothing about cpu technology. Higher clocks doesn't mean faster performance.

Both tegra 2, orion and the A5 have better speed:mhz ratios. If you've seen the benchmarks you'll know snapdragon cpus always finish last. It's all the architecture.

Actually, I know quite a bit. Thanks. You're right, higher clock speeds does not mean better performance per se. But, you also can't make blanket statements such as yours about how it's CPU is worse than all of the others without anything on the new CPU other than it's manufacturer.

It isn't a blanket statement. I've used the MSM8660 and the Tegra 2 as well as A5 chips are much faster in real world performance.

Obviously you don't know much about cpus. If you did know "quite a bit" you wouldn't have stated the snapdragon beats the others because it has a higher clock speed. Don't try and sell people swampland.

Please don't question my knowledge. You have no idea. And if you did, you wouldn't be making such outrageous claims.

The reason I made my statement was that it seemed that the only thing you had to go on was the clock speed and manufacturer, and yet claimed that it was already worse than others already out. I just don't know how in the world you can make such a claim. You're experience is with older chipsets, not this one. Will it make a difference? Don't know. That's yet to be determined. I'm just not willing to make a blanket statement that it's already slower than the others without evidence.

Plus, even when it does come out, you also have to consider how the software can take advantage of the CPU, or not. NVIDIA has had theirs out for a while and software is able to take advantage of what their chipset offers (e.g., TegraZone). So, it's even more than just clock speed, number of cores, etc. Although, I suppose this may be a little bit more knowledge than I'm supposed to have.

What is this mystery device you claim to have used with an MSM8660?

And how are you comparing it to the A5? The iPad is a completely different device running a completely different operating system. There's no way you can draw any conclusions based on the feel of an iPad vs. your mystery device.

well considering they all have the same ARM CORTEX A9 architecture and nobody knows how they were tested, what phone they used to test the new snapdragons, whether the benchmarks have been update to accommodate a dual core snapdragon, just like CPU benchmarking tools on a pc, it shows rubbish performance on an older version of the software when testing a brand new CPU

the dual-core CPU in this and the EVO 3D are ARM CORTEX A8. you heard me. A8! they aren't going to be the fastest phones this time around. too bad.

Great specs on this phone. I'd love for it to come to VZW. And let's hope that HTC puts more than a 1400mAh battery in it.

Oh my gooooooood. Haha I honestly have never been so excited for a phone. Holy cow. I'm actually on tmobile right now with my G2, and plan on getting a contract and breaking away from my parents(don't laugh). And this is something I WILL get. Its been almost confirmed for tmobile, eh? I'm pumped.

Don't laugh? Dude!

Why would someone laugh? These carriers charge so much these days for so little offered in return, why not get on an account & split the bill amongst family/friends.

Pricing is almost always better in volumes.

I have 5 lines on my T-Mobile account, and we split the bill. Each of us pay what our lines costs. And $40. per month is better than $80.-$90. per month.

Now, in regards to this phone... it is totally awesome. If Verizon & Sprint can offer 3-8 new phones this summer, why can't T-Mobile? The AT&T/T-Mobile buyout hasn't happened yet, and won't for sometime. And even "if" it gets approval, AT&T would still have to honor the contracts anyway, bc if they don't, we're legally able to walk away bc they would break the contract.

If this is going to be a Sprint phone, I'll get it opening day, just like the EVO. Rooting and ROM goodness will come later, I know.

Damn a merger! This phone will be mine. And stop hating on T-Mobile. EVERY carrier already has beast devices in the pipeline. Let us live. It's almost inconceivable that Sprint heads are asking for this on top of the EVO3D. I thought that the EVO was the creator? The end all, be all?

I was always hearing that T-Mobile was lined up to get this beast...we'll see i suppose, with the G2X, mytouch 4G, G2, and this guy they would have one of the best line-up of phones

Hi there.

I am curious. Is this device usable in Asian countries? I am living in Malaysia and I am seriously targeting this. Planning to buy in like in Q3 or Q4. So if this is usable in my country, damn this phone is mine!

The specs and everything. Looks hot and juicy!


Damn, HTC phones just look so damn sexy. Don't get me wrong, I love my fascinate, but getting a little tired of the black slab.

The way HTC is heading, this phone will likely be locked down and have a 12Mah battery cos they have gotten smaller every iteration. I love the unibody design and phone looks great, I just dont love that these phones wont last half a day with actual use and cant put a bigger battery in them. Samsung is getting my money!

"768MB of usable on-board memory" are you pointing the Atrix ?

The front of the phone looks allot like an Atrix with a big fat silicon case , while the back of it looks like a knock-off HTC Mozart & the camera & the LED area looks like a HTC HD7 with it Kick Stand broken off
the result is one ugly phone & the name ain't helping ether