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We're already starting to see a a fairly large selection of custom ROMs for HTC's new hero device, the One X. And development work is sure to be accelerated with the release of the kernel source for the Tegra 3- powered international variant, as is required under the open source rules. The code, which weighs around 111MB, is available for software version 1.26 and 1.28 on a variety of unlocked and branded versions of the One X.

We've yet to see kernel source appearing for the other three HTC One phones -- the One S, One V and One XL (aka AT&T One X) -- but with the appearance of code for the One X today, we'd expect it to land sooner rather than later.

Hit the source link, then select your version and model of choice to pick up the source code.

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HTC One X kernel source code released


111mb for the source code?!? Is that anywhere near a normal size for kernel source code? I was shocked at how overweight the custom ROM I grabbed for my One X is: 550mb! Most ROMs for non-Sense phones I own weigh in around 100-140mb.

Also, the latest ROM builds are 1.29, so this kernel source isn't up to date yet.