At HTC's Mobile World Congress press event on Sunday evening in Barcelona, it was a strickly look-but-don't-touch affair for the HTC One V. Disappointing, to say the least. Today at the Google booth we got a chance to muck one up with our grubby fingers, and let us just say this about that:

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

The HTC Legend is reborn.

The iconic form factor that many of us fell in love with two years ago at this very conference has returned. The chin, obviously, is what makes this phone stand out. But It's been updated for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and now sports just three capacitive buttons below the 3.7-inch Super LCD display. It's got the same unibody design as the original Legened. It's got a 1GHz Qualcomm 8255 processor and 512MB RAM. (We'd love to tell you how fast it is, but the software's not yet finished and we've yet to see a working model.)

Put it this way: If you loved the fit and finish of the orignal Legend, you're going to want to check this one out. We've got more pics after the break to hold you over while you wait for this one's release.








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HTC One V hands-on


I don't get what's the big deal with the chin, just because it's different doesn't mean it's better. It seems like it would cause problems fitting into a pocket or tight spaces because of the extra protrusion, unnecessary really & serves no functional purpose.

If the One V and the One X had a baby (keeping the size of the X and the design if the V without the chin) and it wad put on Sprint, I would be all over that shiz. Shoot, just call it the EVO 2X.

Not a big fan of it but I get where people who had it and loved it might want to purchase. The only glaring Item that will hurt it is that it only has 512meg ram. Didn't these guys learn how bad sense was with 512? Now if with ICS they have paired down the bloat of sense more power to them. At this point I'll reserve judgement until a working product is out.

well, for what it's worth, HTC can only go up from here...right? I think they'd be hard pressed to make something even more shitty. I'm aware most people probably couldn't care less about non removable batteries and such but I think its a safe assumption to assume we are going to see a repeat in htc's future earnings reports.

Yes, what is the point of that chin? Does it contain speakers, make it easier to hold, purely cosmetic? I don't get it.

Finger skateboard maybe?

So if HTC produces the same design. They suck.
If they try to change the design. They still suck.

Granted I understand the chin is not the best of designs but in the end it's a phone, how much can they really do? They are small rectangular objects whether they are an iPhone, Windows phone, Android, HTC, Samsung, Moto, etc. What are we expecting these manufacturers to do differently to finally have everyone's approval?

This chin might look weird, but I think it protects the screen. At least my nearly 2 years old Legend has no scratches on it's screen, while couple of weeks old Galaxy Nexus has several (though I guess Galaxy Nexus might just have bad screen).
But why the hell did they still include buttons? ICS has software buttons that work perfectly, the biggest problem that I had with Legend was the buttons that often did not respond.

Why is everyone so angry? I think this phone looks great. The hardware really looks top of the line, as I've come to expect from HTC. I don't get how you guys can make claims about battery life and stuff when you've never even used the phone.
Obviously this is a lower-end phone compared to the X and the S, but it still looks and sounds fairly nice.

Some people are never content but instead go on and on about the hexacore processor, 500 GB storage, 8 GB RAM phone with vanilla Android and 6.5" 1080p screen that every manufacturer surely must be able to see there is a huge demand for.
I think the One V is stunning and I love the S and X designs as well. As for performance there is something for everyone. One of my colleagues has a Wildfire and is quite happy with it. The One V is definitely a big step up from that. I will probably go for the X later this year but I could see a lot of people being very happy with the V.

HTC makes GREAT phones. I've had an EVO and an EVO 3D and love them both. The build quality is great, the hardware and software are wonderful especially the sense UI. performance is fantastic and the dual core processor on my 3D gets the job done very effectively. Granted, battery life isn't the best but you can't have it all. I have had devices from several different companies from Motorola to Samsung. I still have my Samsung nexus S and my tab 10.1. There amazing devices as well but I still favor my EVO. I can't wait to get my hands on some of HTC's latest offerings. In my opinion they make one of the best device lines around. Just my 2 cents.

For the people like unibrow out there, why don't you draw from your vast android knowledge base and build us the "perfect" phone. Obviously you know everything and HTC can't find their ass with both hands. Please do us this monumental favor so we can all buy the right device.

I couldn't care less what phone you get, I'm just stating what I see and how I think it will enfold for htc over the next few months. I think having a battery that is non-removable is a no brainier as far as NOT buying a phone that has one. I also think htc's current downward trend has not been thwarted with their current effort.

issue for HTC One V.
Internal memory of only 95 MB. This is after being said in specs, 4gb.
Problem arrives when i try to get a file greater then 95 mb via bluetooth.
And best of all, it shows "Not enough space in SD Card".
I have 8gb sd memory, out of which 4gb is free.
Anyone wish to update me about the issue.