T-Mobile has long since confirmed the HTC One S would be coming to their network and we've gone hands-on with the device plenty of times already. However, there hasn't been a whole lot of video popping up with the device actually running T-Mobile software. A new video found on YouTube gives us all a good look at it though if you're into teasing yourself with devices you can't yet have. No telling how old the software is though given the device is still lacking any T-Mobile branding. And yes, we did giggle at the "Mobile World Convention" comment.

Source: YouTube; via: TmoNews

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Luger718 says:

This just makes me mad :( i want the HTC One X :'(

FreudSlipped says:


I still can't see why I would get this if I'm using a t989 already. I rather have the OneX

dcdttu says:

Love that phone, almost more than the One X because of its color, metal body and AMOLED screen (despite not being HD).

Same camera, processor as the AT&T One X... And I am digging that camera over my GSM Nexus a LOT.